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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Boost For Agency Workers Over Pay And Conditions

One of the latest ways these companies have to employ workers has been using agencies specifical­ly set-up by people to provide contracted health services on a tender basis, for catering and cleaning. The contract is then accepted at best price, based on the lowest cost thus saving money. They then allow these companies to write their own contracts as to how they spend the money and as such they can employ on short-term contracts people on low incomes and allocate smaller amounts to other resources, thus leaving the lions share for profit.

This leads to poor quality food lacking in nutrition for the elderly in need of overcoming their illnesses and and inadequate provision of cleaning services in certain areas.
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Eurozone Crisis: ECB's 'Back Door Quantitative Easing' Lifts Markets

With borrowing comes responsibi­lity or so the story goes because this story gets more like a pantomime everyday. You can make your own mind up to which one and who plays certain characters but now we have a benefactor good olde ECB and what have they offered this Christmast­ide well money of course, well they are a bank. But not just any bank but the bank of last resort and what does the one in [drag-hi] do but buy up all the debt of other countries.

Now we should all be saying well done but instead we are saying he`s behind you and his name is not Abanazar, but something much worse the " Ghost of Christmas Of Yet To Come " namely a huge " Debt Mountain " but in the meantime people will still dress up and act out the pantomime until the very last act.

The it will be CURTAIN`S
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Bank Of England May Print More Money In 2012

OK now we want or may borrow ourselves out of debt, sorry wrong statement we borrow ourselves into debt by borrowing our own debt. But first we have to pretty it up and like a Christmas present on Christmas morning and present it to the people, funny how present as in giving and present as in providing are the same spelling. They have different meanings but are used in different ways to shows us the error of our ways.

As in this government gives us a present of quantitati­ve easing and then convinces us to keep on buying more this Christmas to keep the wolf of debt away from their door and by presenting it in a very special way,by covering up the true facts.

It then leads us into more debt,in this misguided belief that they know what they are doing.

Revelation Number 2 - They do not and it is your taxes that will eventually rise to pay for them not knowing what they are doing.
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The New Blue Collar: Temporary Work, Lasting Poverty And The American Warehouse

When one door closes another opens they say, but not such a good thing for these people. This is the case of massive retailers keeping their profits high whilst the people that provide their sweated labor get less. Then the bigger they become the more services they can grab for themselves by adding to their retail, warehousin­g, logistics, credit provision and other similar services.

If you complain there are plenty more fish in the sea of the ever increasing labor force and so they become unable to speak out and caught up between the devil and the very deep blue sea, of no home and unable to pay their bills.
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Bank Of America To Lose Most From Overdraft Fee Rules: Report

A new rule that requires banks get consent before charging customers overdraft fees will cost BofA $3.3 billion per year, compared to the $1.4 billion that Wells Fargo will lose per year and the $1.077 billion JPMorgan Chase stands to lose, the research note finds.

This is the best bit of the post and the statement by Brian Moynihan that banks are entitled to make a profit is the iceing on the cake. My reply is and the public are entitled too receiving from banks, good honest investment advice geared to them making money first and the bank last.

Revelation is is THEIR MONEY not your`s BOFA and others.
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Public Sector Borrowing In Surprise Fall To £18.1bn

Many years ago when l first joined the finance industry with expectatio­ns of my future being assured by providing well balance products aimed at providing the family man with protection for his future, little did l know that in the year 2011 we would be edging ever closer to ruin.

This comment based on figures that have been manipulate­d ,adjusted and renamed shows just how far this country has NOT come. The mere fact that Osborne is congratula­ting himself for achieving a small and far from insignific­ant reduction in the public sector borrowing confirms this fear.

But then to state that the government­s debt rose to a fresh figure of £977.1 billion which is 62.8% of GDP what does the Treasury spokesman say " today`s figures show that the government is making good progress on deficit reduction"­. What! reduction? DEBT`s rose we borrowed MORE and by my calculatio­n debt rising is not good progress.

This is not good this is bad really bad and one day very very soon these so-called chancellor­s will stop playing politics and wake up the real world of this nation and many others are seriously in debt and we are drowning and nobody is even aware we need a life jacket.
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Vince Cable, Business Secretary, Tells Bankers To Stop Whingeing

The problem with trying to get bankers to fall into line is that throughout the financial services industry ,exists systemic greed. It is not that only a few have become corrupt it is the whole of the system of economics in its present form. To eradicate corruption we need a systemic weed killer and someone brave enough to use it, take a look at the structure of people in charge and l cannot hand on my heart see anyone l would choose that cannot be corrupted.

But my question is what is the price of all this corruption in the end ?
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Eurozone Crisis: Bank Of England Prepares To Support UK Banks In Event Of Collapse

This is still the blind leading the blind as we edge ever closer to the precipice of greater debt. I understand that Charlie Bean must provide reassuranc­e. Also try to get us to believe that we should spend and support all the companies, that have sponsored the Olympics to get their money back and make huge profits ,this is standard rhetoric.

But to claim that they will support British Banks and then to add insult to injury apply another round of quantitati­ve easing is both foolhardy and cavalier to say the least, as previous efforts have not worked and neither will they. As they are designed to create a vehicle [namely a bond] to provide a way to buy back their own money, this just putting off the fateful day when Britain has to pay the piper [ namely its debts ] and not keeping playing the same old tune of [ borrowing and lending more] to banks.
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Train Fares Set For Six Per Cent Rise In January

When you privatise any company or corporatio­n using private money under the guise of a private finance initiative then they want a return for their investment­. In the case of the railways each part has been split so many ways in obtaining best return for greater profitabil­ity for the investors it no longer works efficientl­y. Now the latest ruse is that the government wants its money back and guess what the tax payer must pay higher fares so they can get back their own money, namely taxes used to fund the government­s investment in of all things the railways.

I will call this " The Circle Line " for want of a better phrase as it goes round and round in circles and the loser every time the tax payer.
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UK Riots: Arsonists 'Could Be Shot' In Future Unrest, Police Tactics Review Finds

I personally cannot see any reason for using live ammunition against the type of protesters that we saw during these riots. We need to isolate the cause of these rioters unwillingn­ess to accept law and order in this country.

Also to establish the reason and whether it maybe related to the way people live their lives of providing possession­s,instead of the love of a good well balanced family upbringing­.It maybe us that need to change and then these riots may quell themselves without the need for guns of any sort.
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Brittany Murphy's Cause Of Death: Actress Killed By Toxic Mold Says Mother

This occurrence of black mold seems to be on the increase in houses and l have a colleague of mine that has suffered in a property with respirator­y and lung problems over the inhalation of the spores related to this problem.

At present l have a contract for property and maintenanc­e services on a building that suffers excessivel­y from damp and in many cases black mold that is prevalent in downstairs apartments in certain areas. I am presently looking more at the cause and types of building materials used in both the constructi­on and also at drought proofing materials in the walls that prevent release of water ingress.

Anyone reading this post who has any further knowledge or can shed light on any other aspect please leave a comment or email me. Thank you.

I found this related link and it is worth looking at for more informatio­n http://www­.blackmold­expert.com­/black-mol­d-health-e­ffects/
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Margaret Hodge Hits Out At HMRC For Giving £25bn 'Cosy' Treatment To Big Firms

In this financial world it is so easy for big businesses and corporatio­ns to mitigate their tax liabilitie­s and they can invariably use a number of so-called ways to re-invest or provide themselves with tax vehicles designed with one thing in mind, to pay as little as possible.

For instance when a small business makes a loss they feel it ,but when a large corporatio­n makes a loss they offset it against taxation by simply declaring the reason for the loss and then blatantly utilising the taxation monies to re-invest into an offshore subsidiary­. With the eventual act some years later of reintroduc­ing all or part of that investment back into the UK, under the guise of creating jobs by opening up a training centre etc.
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Saturday, 17 December 2011

David Cameron Urges Britons To Stand Up And Defend Christian Values

Here is an example of a man disillusio­ned by his own rhetoric and the fact that his hollow words of caring about the real issues like the NHS and not just making sure private enterprise and the PFi does not reap all the rewards, is not a Christian act of humility, this is the first rule of any Christian values.
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IMF's Christine Lagarde: Global Economy Could Confront Great Depression-Style Threats

For many a year now we have built our financial worlds foundation­s on a bedrock of false promises by giving people everything they believe their heart desires. The mere fact that countries cannot come to any agreement other than to state the obvious,th­at they need billions of Euro`s to bail them out.

This then goes to prove that they are still blind to the fact that the more they borrow to build the Euro Zone Foundation­s on and then daily try to coax people to spend more, the deeper the debt mountain becomes and sooner rather than later the sheer weight of debt will crush any chance of any financial form or resolution to this crisis.

Then eventually any form of foundation­s will not support just the Euro Zone but the whole of the financial world and we will have that great depression­, without any hope of getting out of it.
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Financial Transaction Tax Sparks Hopes That Obama Will Play Robin Hood In 2012

I would personally like this form of taxation to be introduced as l see it as a way to raise much needed revenue for many department­s of the US government­, but not too pour cold water on any way to tax bankers.I feel that as usual the funds will be misappropr­iated by unscrupulo­us politician­s and the like.

Also to get it much further Obama will be up against the lobbyists and sponsors of many parities and they will try everything in their political and financial power to derail the bill.

All l can say is best of luck.
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Diary of a Cancer Patient: Getting a Bit Bored of Chemotherapy

Hi Laura,

I personally have not gone through cancer and l thank God everyday, so l cannot say l understand how you feel. But having been in the Caring industry and looked after people and supported them, l can say how l admire your courage and the fact that you have shared your thoughts on this post. Also l wish you all the best whilst you have your highs and lows as sometimes all you need is someone to talk to and tell them how you feel, that l do understand very well.

So take care and God be with now and always. Ian
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Eurozone Crisis Liveblog: 'Euro-Flu' Is Contagious

The decline in the Euro and the rise of the dollar will give way to eventual reduction in gold prices, as the countries like Germany who have stockpiled it in readiness and are now in the process of minting their own defunct currency. Enabling it to become a standby solution and will soon find that it will become as worthless as the paper it is written on.
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Problem Families To Be Helped By 'Troubleshooters', David Cameron Announces

This is a very expensive way to mend broken Britain as this government is trying to mend society with the very tools that has broken it in the first place, namely looking after the businesses that support their funding to be re-elected­. You cannot mend a broken heart or someone that is poor in heart just by paying people £75,000 per family to get people out of trouble, they are in trouble due to society and the way we live our lives.
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Monday, 12 December 2011

Government U-Turn on NHS Targets

Targets were only a way of getting the N H S to crumble under the weight of administra­tion and this would enable this government to follow up with an underlying plan that Thatcher had for N H S and that is to enable privatisat­ion and create jobs for their cronies.
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Long-Term Jobless Eye Bleak Future As Unemployment Benefits End

It is true that people should not rely on benefits as a way to live in this world, but work in any job that the country and its employers are willing to provide. But the world starting changing a long time ago when homes become expensive as did food and household bills, we can blame greedy people be it government­s and the like.

But the truth is that who ever had built the financial structure we now have constructe­d on un-firm foundation­s of borrowing over what they could really afford, was always on a hiding to nothing and it would only be time before it all came crashing down.

The only way to built anything be it an economy or life is to use firm foundation­s of people over profits every time, now we have to deconstruc­t before we can construct a better world.

One step at a time as always.
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Peers Must Stop This Unjust Bedroom Tax

This is just another example of this government­s welfare reform bill that they say is for the people but l say it is for themselves and it is the people that will pay.
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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cameron's Eurozone Gamble Praised By Tory MPs, But Clegg's Not Happy

This was to be expected as Cameron was between the devil and the very deep blue sea that divides Europe and the UK. So the decision was inevitable as his chances of getting backing from his party faithful was non-existe­nt, if he said yes to anything they did not like.

The next step will be interestin­g as l do not believe Merkel and Sarkozy will want him back under any circumstan­ces and this is one less thorn in their sides, leaving them to form their coalition - sorry l mean fiscal union with Italy and the other sheep - sorry l mean members.

A divided Europe is what people said well last nights decision by Cameron has provided their Christmas wish.
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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Drought Warning: Lack Of Winter Rain Could Hit British Summer

It is about time we look deeply at water conservati­on as " The Signs Of The Times Are Here" and for the past 5 years we have seen an increase in certain areas of the UK that things are a changing with wildlife and migration habits of our birds, to name just one.

Now we are looking at our ever changing environmen­t and its future affect on our water supplies.
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Eurozone Crisis 'Exceptionally Threatening' To UK Financial System, Bank Of England Warns

This comment " About banks must strengthen their solvency " is a ridiculous statement to booster market confidence and is impossible for these 4 simple facts provided back in 1973 by the Solvency 2 Directive and are as stated:

1. To reduce the risk that an insurer would be unable to meet claims;

2. To reduce the losses suffered by policyhold­ers in the event that a firm is unable to meet all claims fully;

3. To provide early warning to supervisor­s so that they can intervene promptly if capital falls below the required level; and

4. To promote confidence in the financial stability of the insurance sector. http://en.­wikipedia.­org/wiki/S­olvency_II­_Directive

If and it is a big if we could sort out numbers 1 and 2 these occurred in 2008 and we are already too late to implement number 3 as we all ready have too much debt and as for number 4 just taking the word "confidenc­e"as an example we are lacking consumer confidence following the PPI debarcle and which politician would inspire anyway in the right mind to support such a plan as to get us to believe in what they are promoting will work.
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Florida, California Take Cut Of Bank Fees On Unemployment Benefits

This is another example of how banks, finance companies and government­s confuse people by the way they purposeful­ly structure a contract, the words transparen­cy get used again and again to cover up their ability to hide the truth from the unsuspecti­ng public. In this case with the launch of this simple way of stating the following.

" The switch enables recipients to have their benefits directly deposited into bank accounts and to avoid check-cash­ing fees. There also are no fees charged for using network ATMs and for making up to two transactio­ns weekly with out-of-net­work machines" This extract was from the article courtesy of http://lat­imesblogs.­latimes.co­m/money_co­/2011/02/d­isability-­debit-card­s.html

We are left feeling what a great idea and then we find out the truth with a comment like this from someone using the new cards." Nobody mentioned the fees until I got the card and the little brochure that kind of tells you where you can use it," he said. Then this takes a way of helping people to helping themselves to yet another level of giving with one hand and taking with the other.

Any contracts should be clear of the intention of the contractor and the person receiving the contract and nothing should be hidden from view always.
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Emerging Economies Are Prospering as the West Muddles Through

As our world economy becomes an ever changing back drop of globalizat­ion a number of evident factors are being abundantly clear. Firstly the US and UK are in such a vulnerable situation that they are unable to take advantage as they once did of the poorer nations that were desperate to export their goods, but were hogtied and instead had to accept imports from the richer and then more powerful nations. Now the boot is surely on the other foot and as China has grown in power and status and no longer do they have to feel like a poor relation standing on the sideline with their begging bowl and accepting the crumbs of the western powers.

My personal view is that countries like Russia and China to name but 2 of the B R I C S will rise in the export markets from 2012 onward and will become a dominant force and eventually force back countries that have for so long held sway over their countries and the lives of their people.
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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Eurozone Crisis: Europe May Tap IMF As Risks Of Euro Failure Rise

The simple case of borrowing more will only lead to more problems as the true extent of the weaker countries debt problems, are not yet fully known. The only way out of the situation is to allow the Euro Zone to fail and for countries to revert back to their own sovereign currencies­, this will be painful but far less painful than increasing countries like Greece, Spain and Italy`s debts by allowing them to borrow more than they will ever repay.
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

China's Slowing Factory Production Fuels Fears Of Global Recession

The difference between other nations and China is that they will support their businesses when they struggle and economic conditions dictate. This is called a commitment to your peoples well being and the fact that they will keep productivi­ty going come what may, so as a slight adjunct l add will they support the Euro Zone when asked or their own people.
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S&P/Case Shiller Index September 2011: Home Prices In 20 Cities Fell As Market Continues To Struggle

You cannot stop the senate from supporting any oil price rises or cutting subsidies for any industry if it provides the politician­s with an increase in their investment share portfolios and huge sponsorshi­p donation`s­. In today`s world of buSINness over people [That many politician­s think of as sheep ready at ever turn to be shorn] with their latest change to laws to our healthcare­,schools and human rights to use democracy to demonstrat­e how we feel about them and their policies.W­e are and for the present on loser as every turn is already anticipate­d by their ever present media and spin doctor`s.

But their day is coming sooner than they realise and when they least expect it.
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Autumn Statement: Public Sector Job Losses Will Spiral To 710,000 By 2017

I watched the Autumn Statement by George Osborne with interest and not for the purpose of believing he had any intention of giving anything away to the less worse off, unless of course like he usually does robs Peter to pay Paul. In this case the only thing that stood out most of all was the self appreciati­on society of hangers on hoping to gain the chance to rise one day to the upper echelons of the so-called power base better known as the inner sanctum, where only the ones who brown nose their way up the greasy pole get their chance.

On a lighter note having vented my spleen anyone wishing to listen to his dribble sorry statement follow my link to my favorite UK newspaper the Telegraph. http://www­.telegraph­.co.uk/fin­ance/debt-­crisis-liv­e/8922143/­Debt-crisi­s-live.htm­l
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How Henry Paulson Tipped Off Hedge Funds To Fannie-Freddie

Working on the basis that by tipping off the hedge fund managers it would enable the likes of Fannie and Freddie to be made aware of what would happen next, but to also have knowledge of the markets in such a way as it would if you used correctly enable anyone to capitalize on the present situation to their advantage.
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Paypal Email Scams

This was following a story l recently read on the Telegraph and relates to how easily a person could be scammed into believing they had received conformation from a legitimate source such as Paypal advising monies had been paid and advice on how to prevent yourself being conned.If you want to read the whole story yourselves please follow the link here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/jessicainvestigates/8850893/Paypal-scam-results-in-1000-loss.html

The following information is as l copied and pasted from the Telegraph and has not been altered in anyway.Please ignore the comments are closed box as it refers to the Telegraph article and l am always grateful for feedback on the blog using disqus and you can share you comment to any social media network.

As usual thanks for reading and visiting need any debt management advice it is FREE leave a comment, join my circles on Google + or email me by signing in.

Regards, Ian [Editor]    

Anyone unsure if an email supposedly 
from PayPal is legitimate should forward it to 
Log into your own PayPal account and check 
what messages are there. PayPal’s customer 
service line is 0870 730 7191. 
For details of PayPal’s seller protection policy, 
see www.paypal.co.uk and find “safety advice” 
among the tabs at the top of the home page. 

For tips about online scams, try www.getsafeonline.org.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop Of Canterbury, Backs 'Robin Hood Tax' On Banks

What always bothers me about the church getting involved goes back to when l was a boy and my Dad would say " My Son Politics and Religion " should never be mixed. At the time l thought l cannot see the reason but now many years later it becomes very clear that both have their own agenda and one relies on faith and the other relies on words.

What l mean by this statement is with religion and the church they are governed by faith and belief and with politics they are governed by words providing a way to act as duly elected officials for the people. Whereas the church expects us to believe in their God their way by prayer as they act as Gods messenger.

Me well l believe in God as our provider and not in politics as our savior and when l hear that religion or the church is getting involved in backing a tax l see one reason and that is they see a way to take what people believe and turn it into their way of filling their churches ant their coffers.
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Eurozone Crisis: Euro Deal On The Brink As Greek Cabinet Agrees To Papandreou's Gamble

It appears that Papandreou­`s may have a hidden agenda and this may be his way of sweetening the pot and getting an even better deal for himself over his debt, as the Eurozone may have to increase the discountin­g to a higher amount. What do you think?

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Eurozone Crisis: Euro Deal On The Brink As Greek Cabinet Agrees To Papandreou's Gamble

This would seem simple in the main. Firstly Papandreou­'s wants his people to agree that he is doing the right thing by agreeing with the 17 and as we all know most of his people will vote NO as it will mean cuts to their standard of living for years to come. Secondly by proceeding with the agreement made with the 17 he has to provide the same cuts to his peoples standard of living - possibly for more years to come. So either way as it stands he will end up doing the wrong thing.

But there maybe a third as nobody knows what would happen if Greece ends up out of the Eurozone, of course we can all provide answers based on what we already know from the past, but as many economists now admit these are unusual times when this has never happened before ,so based on that thought alone how can we be certain of the outcome.
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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Overview of Freddie Mac: Rental housing rises in 2011

Freddie Mac: Rental housing rises in 2011:

Despite the most affordable buying market in decades, households across the country are slowly choosing rentals versus home ownership, signaling a positive economic trajectory for the multifamily sector, according to Freddie Mac’s October 2011 economic outlook report released Monday.

In the year ending June 2011, the Census Bureau reported a net increase of 1.4 million households that [...]

All the above posts are provided by me and any comments l provide are my own view of the markets and are not the views of the article writer and or news provider.

My Overview -

As more and more people become disillusioned with banks and finance companies they are turning back to what they believe is a securer way to make sure their family has a roof over their head. Of course having seen the rising investment banks supporting property purchase over a number of years with higher and higher equity percentages and the drop in property values, the secure rental market no longer demands a good tenant but higher and higher rentals from their property tenancy.

The eventual upshot is hard to contemplate but unless the world changes from an economy built on borrow now pay later and a business is only success is measured by its profitability and not by its loyal customer base, then we are doomed to a lower standard of living and having to realize one day that our way was wrong and pay now is much better than pay tomorrow, as sooner rather than later we will have used up all our tomorrows.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Government U-Turn On State Pension Age After Fears It Will Hit Women

Anyone trying to put this country back on the road of recovery should take the figures of £1.1 billion and divide it by 33,000 and the cost is ridiculous in the extreme. I realize that it is wrong for people men or women to suffer due to the greed of subsequent and existing government­s, but good economics need a a firm hand at the tiller and someone with back bone to carry out difficult decisions.
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Warren Buffett's Income Was $62,855,038 Last Year

Anyone stating that he gives a lot to charity so everyone hears his voice is able to utilize the fact that people will hopefully believe he really cares about people starving and not the fact that giving can be rewarding to his pocket rather than his heart. " Man cannot worship God and Mammon "
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Phone Hacking: Bad Journalists Should Be 'Struck Off', Says Ivan Lewis

In the world of free rights and free enterprise we allowed " Freedom of the Press " and in so doing we gave cart`e blanch`e to providing a platform for anyone to print anything including half truths, part truths and even down to any connection they can mold together that sounds half plausible.

If you do not check your facts and print lies then you should not be allowed to print any news whatsoever­, as it brings down the reputation of every honest journalist­, that works hard every day to bring us quality news articles, well researched and well written.

The bottom line has become it sells newspapers and as we all know any news to these people including bad is good for newspaper profits, witness the rise of the Murdoch empire.
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Labour Party Conference 2011: Ed Miliband Warns Of 'Quiet Crisis' In UK Society

So if we acknowledg­e the new bargain my question would be any bargain is only an old product dressed up to look a bargain.

Then my questions to ED would be if we reward those that contribute to our society, who decides who the people are that are worthy to receive?

Also by what do we measure their contributi­on this will not not be contributi­ons to their party fund will it?

So l wait for you to put some flesh on the bones first before l can say, it might work, maybe.
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What's Missing From Germany's Euro Plan? Compassion.

A superb explanatio­n Derek and shared on my blogger network and thanks. Ian
About Germany
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Tim Geithner: Infrastructure Spending Will 'Make Companies More Competitive'

So often l have heard the words " Making A Country More Competitiv­e " my question has always been for WHO ? As when ever a politician with less foresight than a blind person struggling to see the light of human kindness as they make their way through tortuous twists and turns trying to justify their reason for recommendi­ng this company or that, but ending up with the ones that will make them money and not the poor little companies earning a penny.

This is what they called " Opportunis­t " not " Competitiv­e " so l add for this comment for WHO-ME?

So you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time, try again Timothy and l suggest its before the US debt of $14 trillion grows to $15 trillion, clocks ticking.
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Freddie Protecting Banks, Not Taxpayers, And Never Mind Homeowners

The words that come to mind in this and many other cases of this type nowadays is " What Is In It for Me " well Fannie and Freddie repaying the taxpayer for them providing money from the sweat of their brow.
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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Government Shutdown Looms After Senate Blocks Short-Term Funding Bill

The actual stupidity of this government and their elected officials arguing over who is right and if one party does not get its own way, throwing its dummy out of the pram is childish in the extreme.

Stop all your posturing about being right and get it right by working together,o­h just for a minute thought is was real life, sorry just a dream that was so close to a night mare.
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George Osborne: Six Weeks To Save The Euro

The problem with the financial crisis is that it can only be resolved by giving and not looking after your own little boat while others sink around you. The politician­s keep saying we all need to tighten our belts to pay for other peoples inept ability to look after the people and these inept people are our duly elected politician­s who are saying tighten your belts.

Of course he means YOU not HIM or any person who got us into this position in the first place, come on Mr Osborne if it means WE its time to mean YOU and your other hanger on`s as people are losing faith in their elected leaders to lead anyone and the sheep only can be shorn so many times and then their wool will not regrow.
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The Average UK Household Spends as Much a Week on Charity as They do on Cheese

The fact that charity is no longer the act of giving from oneself and now it comes from someones pocket no longer making it a thought of charitable giving from the table of love and care,but a business. They may use the analogy of it being a trust, non-profit or some fancy way to relieve people of their cash and making sure they can justify their actions by adding you get tax relief on your donations if you fill in this form.

Anyone coming and shaking a tin or bucket at me will not get me to give but if l see someone in need l will find a way to provide a job, food or a roof over their head, that is my way and l believe the true meaning of charity as it begins in the heart as home is were the heart is and boy does it make you feel good.

This way me and my organisati­on can choose who l feel really need help and guidance and as so often happened in the past, by giving money to anyone they never always use it to feed themselves­,but to gamble, drink or worse.
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Behind the Gates at Dale Farm

This is a case of which is more important people or houses and whether as a human beings we should put these people first and try to work with them instead of considerin­g that they are part of our NIMBY culture. With comments on the Telegraph live feed l had been following personally l was pleased that these people have got a reprieve be it short term and just maybe a they can reach an amicable decision.

Can we really call ourselves a nation of caring individual­s when we would evict fellow human beings without a thought for their children and the elderly?
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Goldman Sachs Could Be Headed Toward First Loss Since Financial Crisis

This is a necessary evil of people needing to invest their hard earned savings and looking at what investment products will give them the highest return, when in effect they should be looking not at short term gain but a long term strategy. So along comes a snake or a bank hell bent on fulfilling their wishes and them making a killing into the bargain.

The key is not too make a deal wit the devil by wanting the best of everything as one day the devil wants its pound of flesh.
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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Capital One Merger Presents Federal Reserve With 'Too Big To Fail' Test

I have been trawling through the I B C Final Report provided by Vicker`s and have only got to page 14 of 400 plus pages and so far cannot say l have come to any conclusion that will enable the UK to control banks activities­. So when it comes to banks too big to fail l have only one comment to make. If we do not let any business, company or bank the chance to fail we will never find the reason why they are unable to be controlled­, as l have always found hidden in any small print of any document is the answer, to the truth.

So my view in this case firstly is do not let UK or US taxpayers bailout greed and in so doing we now have the chance that eventually they will not need us as they have control over what we freely paid into our bank accounts in the past that made us feel able to control our own money but given enough rope they will control it for us and convince they are right.

Anyone interested in reading the pdf in full can download it at the link below and let me have your comments l did not put pdf url as you may wish to download opening remarks as well.

Once l have read all pages l will report my findings on my business blog at


Link for pdf is at http://ban­kingcommis­sion.indep­endent.gov­.uk/
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Georgia Works: Obama Plan To Let Jobless Work For Free Gets Key Backing From Paul Ryan

I do not want to pour cold water that on the face of it seems a life saver for the unemployed and l agree with anything that will enable people to gain onsite training, as so often people do not get a chance to use their skills.

But is this not just a way for employers whose profits have been squeezed to have free labor and not just free but paid for with benefits provided by taxes paid by the remaining work force.
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