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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ace News Digest - Mysterious Dancing Lights In Afghanistan - Plus 4 More Stories

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Date: 4 August 2013 12:18
Subject: Mysterious Dancing Lights In Afghanistan Plus 4 More Stories
To: Ian Draper Newsdesk
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Krulwich Wonders...

Mysterious Dancing Lights In Afghanistan

On certain nights, as helicopters settle on the sandy ground in Afghanistan, the air mysteriously bursts into loops of light that trace the path of the helicopter blades; no one's sure what causes this; no one knows what to call these dazzling light displays — but a war photographer has given them a name — and thereby hangs a tale.
The Two-Way

Book News: Outrage After Fox News Interview With 'Zealot' Author

Also: Stephen King on the subtle art of opening lines; the best books coming out this week.
The Salt

Two-Day Diets: How Mini Fasts Can Help Maximize Weight Loss

The idea of intermittent mini-fasting seems to be gaining traction. The appeal: Dieters have to restrict calories for only two days a week. Research suggests this approach is more effective than trying to cut back on calories 24/7.
Shots - Health News

Hating On Fat People Just Makes Them Fatter

Some people rationalize that it's all right to shame or blame someone who's overweight because it will motivate the victim to lose pounds. News for the slim and smug: It doesn't work, and it's not OK.
Shots - Health News

Cyclo-What? A Nasty Stomach Bug Spreads In The Midwest

A rare parasite has sickened at least 315 people across 14 states, health officials said. The culprit is cyclospora, a food-borne bug that causes wicked diarrhea. People typically catch the parasite from contaminated produce, but the source of this outbreak is still unknown.

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