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Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Seeds of Rebellion Are Taking Root, and Protests Against Injustices Are Blooming Across the Country

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  • This week in press freedoms and privacy rights
  • The Seeds of Rebellion Are Taking Root, and Protests Against Injustices Are Blooming Across the Country
  • Why Can't We Call A Whistleblower a Truth Teller?
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Daily Headlines

In the utter travesty known as "the Bradley Manning court-martial proceeding," the military judge presiding over the proceeding yet again showed her virtually unbreakable loyalty to the US government's case by refusing to dismiss the most serious charge against the 25-year-old Army Private, one that carries a term of life in prison: "aiding and abetting the enemy."
As these movements grow, they become a power unto themselves that can reshape nations. The roots of rebellion are in social movements and governments should pay heed because "With technological advancements and opportune conjunctures, the underdogs of yesterday can quickly turn into the makers of tomorrow."
By Kenneth Kendrick
Why Can't We Call A Whistleblower a Truth Teller?
Why is the word Whsitleblower seen as such a negative term. Can we be renamed?
One may wish to point to the Executive Branch or Congress for what former President Jimmy Carter calls our currently nonfunctioning democracy, but the ultimate villain is the rugged individualism, anti-intellectualism and racism among generations of the American people.
Benjamin Netanyahu said his two principal goals in the negotiations would be maintaining a Jewish majority in Israel and avoiding creation of an Iran-backed "terrorist state" on its borders. "Our negotiating partners will have to make concessions that enable us to preserve our security and crucial national interests," he explained to his cabinet at a Sunday morning meeting.
As the Obama administration dials back the number of drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, the U.S. military is shifting its huge fleet of unmanned aircraft to other hot spots around the world. This next phase of drone warfare is focused more on spying than killing and will extend the Pentagon's robust surveillance networks far beyond traditional, declared combat zones.
Soon after President Obama appointed him director of national intelligence in 2009, Dennis C. Blair called for a tally of the number of government officials or employees who had been prosecuted for leaking national security secrets. He was dismayed by what he found. In the previous four years, the record showed, 153 cases had been referred to the Justice Department. Not one had led to an indictment.
I grew up in the Boston area, spent my whole early life there. To this day I'm a maniacal fan of Boston sports teams ndash; in fact, I was moved to
Brandon Toy, an Iraq War veteran and a mid-level project manager at General Dynamics, concluded that what he had done and was doing went against the best principles of the United States -- and so resigned with a declaration that if "every foot soldier threw down his rifle," things might change.
Photo caption: 'New York Times reporter James Risen has said in previous comments that he would rather go to prison than reveal the identity of his source.
French scientists have found what they believe to be the world's biggest virus. Dubbed Pandoravirus, only six per cent of its genes resemble anything else on Earth.
Some New York City home sellers seem determined to keep bidding alive even after there appears to be a winner: a process dubbed goalpost-shifting. "Sellers are constantly shifting the bar higher, and in some cases, rightfully so," a longtime Manhattan broker who asked to remain anonymous, said. "There's a lapse between the time when a listing is priced and activity on that listing, and prices are climbing in that period -- that's why this market is setting a new bar." The process leaves even brokers, who in theory take the same tack as their clients, shaking their heads.
By Susan Strong
Say: "True Public Safety Means Prevention!"
This article calls attention to the dangerous new conservative frame, "public safety" linked to "crime," provides extensive documentation for the success of cost-saving prevention,and argues that we should tweak their frame as suggested now.
There's no back sports page where I get much of my news today, on the Internet. But on Tuesday night, July 16, I found myself, figuratively speaking, turning to the back page of Facebook. I needed relief from the front pages of this social media site, which screamed with anger, hatred, bigotry and ignorance over the not-guilty verdict on George Zimmerman. On the back page I found the oasis of inspiration called Mariano Rivera.
A brief reminiscence of a privileged two hours I spent dining with Helen Thomas and a friend, etched into my memory always.
By Sandra Lindberg
My Uncle Gunshot
Detroit is bankrupt and I'm thinking about Uncle Gunshot, Swedish immigrant and a man who loved Detroit.
By Ashu M. G. Solo
Staying the Course in a Righteous Cause
This political poem is about fighting against bigotry for the advancement of liberty.
Thanks to public pressure, Herman Wallace of the Angola 3, recently diagnosed with cancer, has finally been transferred out of solitary confinement, following a letter sent to the US DOJ by four Congressmen asking for an investigation into LA prisons. With the inspiration from this victory, the next step is Herman's release from prison on humanitarian grounds, as called for by Amnesty International's recent action campaign.
Big companies are sitting on cash, which they should invest in the rapidly growing solar industry.
Few people can explain gas and oil drilling with as much authority as Louis W. Allstadt. As an executive vice president of Mobil Oil who ran the company's exploration and production operations in the western hemisphere before he retired in 2000. In 31 years with the company he also was in charge of its marketing and refining in Japan, and managed its worldwide supply, trading and transportation operations. Just before retiring, he oversaw Mobil's side of its merger with Exxon, creating the world's largest corporation.Allstadt has become an indispensable guide for one of the country's most powerful environmental movements, New York's grass-roots anti-fracking resistance. Recently he was elected a Cooperstown Trustee. He is modest and low-key, his authority hallmarked by personal understatement. He said this interview was a first for him.
As a matter of history, black Americans -- at least those who were allowed to vote -- were Republicans for decades after the Civil War. But some found Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal attractive, and most found Lyndon Johnson's support for civil rights irresistible. They left the Republican Party. Thoughtful Republicans -- the moderates and right-leaning modernists who accept diversity -- need to convene a meeting to take their party back and restore the brand to its pre-1960s luster. They ought to name their group "Republicans Against Racism."
Specialist Jirhleah Showman was Manning's team leader prior to deployment in Iraq. During a counseling session with Manning, Showmen said she asked Manning why he joined the military and he replied, "To get an education." Showmen testified that she then looked at Manning, tapped the flag on her shoulder, and asked, "What does this mean to you?" Showman said Manning told her that the flag did not mean anything to him.
By Franklin Lamb
Are Palestinian Students in Lebanon Being Pressured to Choose Kalashnikovs Over College?
Education cannot be ethnically cleansed, stolen, tortured, jailed, uprooted, bulldozed, massacred, murdered, bombed or burned down. Rather, staying in school and pursuing ones dream is what your cherished for-bearers, who were forced from their homes and lands into Lebanon and trekked from Palestine
The saddest and scariest aspect of the Zimmerman verdict is that it greenlights the vigilantism than stand-your-ground laws are already encouraging.
In yet another of the silly dog and pony show of ginned-up outrage that serve as "news" in this sordid land of fear, loathing and stupidity the corporate media has a new bogeyman. The strident attacks on Rolling Stone magazine for their latest issue's cover featuring Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev actually looking human instead of the standard Muslim bogeyman is a shining example of propaganda in 2013.
Helen Thomas, long time White House correspondent, is dead. I interviewed her in 2011. There's a link to the podcast of theinterview in this.
By Ezili Danto
For Trayvon: Obama a day late and a dollar short
Obama's identification with Trayvon is good but falls short of the action circumstances demand.A child committing no crime was shot dead, then his corpse put on trial. The killer released. No Black woman's child is safe. Ezili Danto reMEMBERS Trayvon Martin, beloved native son flowing in the timeless power of the blood of the slaughtered African. Helpful links for undoing racism & four articles by whites to whites highlighted.
By Pepe Escobar
Magic Carpet Ride
Whenever we fall in love with a carpet we try to imagine its own road trip. Badkhen details it. From the loom room in Oqa, Thawra's carpet would be sold to a dealer in the larger village of Dawlatabad. The dealer will call one of the Carpet Row merchants in Mazar-e-Sharif, beside the Blue Mosque.
Unemployment is staggeringly high. One out of three residents is in poverty; more than half of all children in the city are impoverished. Between 2000 and 2010, Detroit lost a quarter of its population as the middle-class and whites fled to the suburbs. That left it with depressed property values, abandoned neighborhoods, empty buildings, lousy schools, high crime, and a dramatically-shrinking tax base.

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Two political prisoners: one past, one present, both lay dying. Two heroes of the Black liberation movement: one revered, one maligned, both endured decades of solitary confinement. Two men: one African, one African-American, both fought for the rights of African peoples. Two names: one internationally known, one unknown to many of his own countrymen. Both names echo the journey to overcome apartheid and segregation. Although Nelson Mandela and Herman Wallace each fought for racial equity in their respective countries, South Africa and the United States, in the eyes of their governments these men will leave two very different legacies. Who is Herman Wallace? The fact that you may be unfamiliar with him is neither a surprise nor an accident. For 41 years, Wallace has been confined to a 9ft by 6ft cell in the Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola) for a crime he maintains he did not commit
Hundreds of millions of times a day, thirsty Americans open a can of soda, beer or juice. And every time they do it, they pay a fraction of a penny more because of a shrewd maneuver by Goldman Sachs and other financial players that ultimately costs consumers billions of dollars.

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