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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I am back and raring to go

After 257 days l have been away l have just finished looking after my elderly mother who had a bad fall. It made me realise how many services get involved without you asking and try to take over a persons life, so glad l was there to help and guide her. 

Each department or service provider could only provide this service but not that and each one visited with reams of forms to fill in and get her to sign, needless to say she has macular degeneration and has limited reading skills and tinnitus in her left ear. But like a lot of elderly people they say you can trust what they say they care. But as l have learned many times only about their system and getting people to sign to get their share of the grant funding pot. 

Sorry if l sound cynical but l learned so much about care and how agencies cross over to offer the same service under their banner. But try to get a service like a wet room or ramp from the local council without the right recommendation from the right service agency and it is tear your hair out time. 

Anyway it taught me how not to care and how to provide care as her son with love and time taken to discuss what she really needs not what they really want but do not say. 

So l have decided that to care for my family l will co-ordinate all the service providers myself and give only my details to the agencies. But l have learned what services are out there and how to get what l need to care for my elderly mother from benefits to property services. 

So should anyone want to chat or has a problem email me at idadamchristian96@googlemail.com and l will see what l can do to help or guide. 

Speak soon all the best, G                 

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Welcome To All Our Members & Visitors

This is our second blog and a great big thank you to google for all their help and guidance to date. Our first blog link can be found on the right hand side of this blog together with what will become our recommended websites and bloggers we feel have helped us to this stage. 

This blog is to provide people with services across the web with advertising space, tailored news reporting together with videos. Also a lot of help and guidance to all small businesses that would like to promote their goods and services under our organisations umbrella to sell or buy. 

As the name suggests you do not know me from Adam and the reason why I chose this name, so will this be any different to all other businesses l here you ask? To answer your question in full would take more than this post has room, safe to say we put people first and profit second as our over-riding principle. We believe it is better to give something for nothing and wait for other people to decide if giving is better than receiving. 

The only way to find out if we are who we say we are is to try our services and by the proof of the pudding you will know, that we are an organisation of our word. 

So if you need help to advertise or market your goods and services email me or leave a comment on this post or visit our other blog at http://adamchristianenterprisesuk.blogspot.com/and take a look at the links. If not well best of luck and maybe bookmark us for a day when you are in you need of help and guidance with a problem and cannot find anyone to listen.   

Finally you will find my detailed profile on this blog and can ask any questions about me and l will tell you the truth, strange word truth but this is my way and our way. 

Bye for now ED