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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Do not Be Conned Into Believing Anyone!

The need for the truth in this world is becoming more evident daily, as more and more information is gathered by agencies across the world!

We are told that we need to be more vigilant against terrorism, vagabonds, cheats and liars! Those people that will try to convince us to buy their goods and services! If it seems too good to be true, it usually is and somewhere hidden in the small print is the con!

The real con is not what you see coming, but what you do not see until you part with your money! The person conning you is aware you will be cautious about buying their wares, so always ask this question! Can l try it out first and if l find out it does what you say it does, then can l pay you then! It is then that the person who is conning lets their guard down, by words such as you could, or you can with the immediate but - followed by a pause and the words, but my boss would not like it, its not company policy!

Of course you cannot apply this in your local shop but then you have adequate protection in the UK of the "Sale of Goods Act" not so from a door-to-door stranger, who you do not know from Adam!

So listen for the tell tale signs and if in your heart you have doubts, do not buy and say no!

A lady l was with the other day who is 84 was given a quote for an amount l thought was extortionate for the type of job, having quoted for similar jobs myself, as a management consultancy agency! When l eventually checked out the list of jobs, 3 were not needed and one was completed for less, she saved £560.00 on that day! This person came to me because she had been conned twice and l promised to provide a skilled and capable trades person at the right price and she would not pay me until she was happy with the works, and l had checked the job myself! I also assured her that she not part with one penny, until the job was completed!

This is my organisation and its way to do business and it should be the same with anyone, who visits your home!

Remember : Be safe and secure from the con-men at your door!                   

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Thank you, Ian [Editor]

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Network Business News

Hi Everyone,

Have been busy as usual and have just finally got around to adding our link list of all our sites that are linked to business and including our shop and associates link for catering and cooking. As you may of read on CJs blog the course for A1 Assessor In Catering & Hospitality will end soon giving CJ more time to dedicate to " The Special Occasions Party Blog " and providing more interesting recipes with a new gadget available to download and add to their iGoogle or home page. You can visit Cjs blog by clicking the partners link list with all our other associate and partners links.

Talking of gadgets you can download our network gadget at http//www.elertgadget.com/downloads/community.php?id=2928 and keep up to date with our network as it grows. Want more information on how to build your own leave a comment below.

Have a skill and need a job leave details or email and l will look at our classifieds and send you details, also look out for our new classifieds site soon, all updates added to gadget, will provide a link from blog as soon as possible.

Need a good plumber and live in Warwickshire or within 25 miles radius send us a email, leave a comment or use the link on this post. The charges are from £10.00 an hour and we will provide a fully itemised quote for larger jobs. All our property and maintenance services are provided through " The Diamond Property & Maintenance Service Agency {Warwickshire} and all are priced very competitively and are contracted through " Adam Christian Enterprises {UK} Management Consultancy Agency whereby people come before profit.

Will be adding a news report for alternative views on news soon together with a new blog dedicated to the environment and green issues, but geared to saving rather than recycling ,look out for it.

We are just about to add our new gift and grant aid service agency and anyone in any small under funded charities looking for small micro finance or funding, for the elderly, disabled or people in need. Leave your comments on the blog with details or send an email so l can compile a list and arrange a donation process to be put in place. The agency is called " The New Jerusalem Gift & Grant Aid Service Agency {Warwickshire} and our donation agency is named " The Alpha & Omega Wealth Distribution Service Agency {Warwickshire} and these will be launched before the year end and be fully operational.

Finally and to be clear about the launch of our " Free" advisory service it will be free and not as some people commented a way to make money from steering people to borrow more. I say this for anyone to read and will be added to our new website being constructed at present, so anyone can visit and see how our organisation and network will provide goods and services. Whereby when l state free it will mean free and is not to enable us to profit from other peoples misery.

More soon G