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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Government response: Water metering: response to an article in the Telegraph

Press Release: 10 August 2013 00:25
Subject: Government response: Water metering: response to an article in the Telegraph
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Their reply to the Telegraph: 

The myth

The Telegraph has claimed that there will be ‘compulsory water meters for millions of householders’ following a recently published report into water stressed areas.

The truth

This week we removed several water companies from the list of companies covering severely water stressed areas first published in 2007. No new areas have been added, so nothing has changed for the vast majority of water companies and water users.
Any suggestion that this has made it more likely that customers will face compulsory water metering is not true.
No water company is required to introduce compulsory metering, even if it is in an area of severe water stress.
Metering is just one of many ways water companies can manage water resources in their area.
The government is doing more than ever before to tackle water prices, securing a £50 rebate off the exceptionally high bills of those in the south west, bringing in social tariffs for the first time and, through our water bill, bringing in competition for all non-household users.
Which of these is the real truth? Read them both and research and judge for yourself?   

9 August, 2013 at 11:25pm

Reports that there will be 'compulsory water meters for millions of householders' are false


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Monday, 12 March 2012


Dear Concerned Reader,

Pretend you're 16 and pregnant, but you haven't told anybody yet. Suddenly, you start receiving coupons in the mail for diaper cream and baby snot suckers. Weird, right? Turns out, it's just part of a new stalking trend - by major US corporations. Target made news recently with this Forbes expose on how they "track" consumers via their credit and debit cards, but it gets even creepier. WalMart even puts RFID Tags in all their clothing (enabling them to watch your route through the store, including how much time you take in each aisle).

Major companies are getting sneakier with how they use their customers' information, but it's still happening. Bill Hazelton, founder of the consumer financial advocacy site CreditCardAssist.com, says this practise, known as "data mining," needs to stop. In his words, "We need to set boundaries." The first step toward regaining privacy is raising awareness about what these companies are doing with their data. 

Low Prices Are Costing Consumers Their Privacy, CreditCardAssist.com Report Reveals

Los Angeles, CA – March 5, 2012 – Cell phone apps, security cameras and email-scanning software are just a few of the ways major businesses like Wal-Mart, Target and Google are studying and tracking your buying habits, according to a leading consumer awareness site. America’s largest superstores and service providers are analysing a mountain of secretly recorded data in order to understand how consumers form and change their spending habits. A new report by CreditCardAssist.com discusses these invasive practises in depth and reveals that low prices are costing Americans the one thing they can’t afford to lose – their privacy.
“The process of analysing large volumes of personal information to learn how a customer thinks is known as data mining, and it’s the reason superstores know you better than your own family,” says CreditCardAssist.com CEO Bill Hazelton. “Every time you walk through their doors, they’re studying you. By figuring out your habits, they can create a customised marketing campaign that will convince you to give them even more of your money. Essentially, they're training us.”

Target knows if a woman is pregnant, and it can predict her due date with 87% accuracy by studying her buying patterns. The company then uses this data to launch pre-emptive marketing campaigns featuring discounts for diapers, maternity clothes and other necessities. According to a Target statistician, “As long as a pregnant woman thinks she hasn’t been spied on, she’ll use the coupons.”
Meanwhile, Google shows unique banner ads to every user based on keywords harvested from the user's own searches and emails. Wal-Mart embeds RFID chips in its clothes that could potentially be used to track your path through the store.

Though data mining is still in its infancy, Hazelton is concerned that such constant surveillance could be dangerous if left unchecked. “I don’t think I’m the only one who’s creeped out,” he says. “There’s no legislation in place to tell these stores when they’ve gone too far. They can even monitor your cell phone through an app, as long as you accept the service agreement. Except nobody reads the long legalese service agreements. We need to set boundaries before it is too late. 


Thank you, Ian K Draper - Editor of Ace News Desk   

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Network Business News

Hi Everyone,

Have been busy as usual and have just finally got around to adding our link list of all our sites that are linked to business and including our shop and associates link for catering and cooking. As you may of read on CJs blog the course for A1 Assessor In Catering & Hospitality will end soon giving CJ more time to dedicate to " The Special Occasions Party Blog " and providing more interesting recipes with a new gadget available to download and add to their iGoogle or home page. You can visit Cjs blog by clicking the partners link list with all our other associate and partners links.

Talking of gadgets you can download our network gadget at http//www.elertgadget.com/downloads/community.php?id=2928 and keep up to date with our network as it grows. Want more information on how to build your own leave a comment below.

Have a skill and need a job leave details or email and l will look at our classifieds and send you details, also look out for our new classifieds site soon, all updates added to gadget, will provide a link from blog as soon as possible.

Need a good plumber and live in Warwickshire or within 25 miles radius send us a email, leave a comment or use the link on this post. The charges are from £10.00 an hour and we will provide a fully itemised quote for larger jobs. All our property and maintenance services are provided through " The Diamond Property & Maintenance Service Agency {Warwickshire} and all are priced very competitively and are contracted through " Adam Christian Enterprises {UK} Management Consultancy Agency whereby people come before profit.

Will be adding a news report for alternative views on news soon together with a new blog dedicated to the environment and green issues, but geared to saving rather than recycling ,look out for it.

We are just about to add our new gift and grant aid service agency and anyone in any small under funded charities looking for small micro finance or funding, for the elderly, disabled or people in need. Leave your comments on the blog with details or send an email so l can compile a list and arrange a donation process to be put in place. The agency is called " The New Jerusalem Gift & Grant Aid Service Agency {Warwickshire} and our donation agency is named " The Alpha & Omega Wealth Distribution Service Agency {Warwickshire} and these will be launched before the year end and be fully operational.

Finally and to be clear about the launch of our " Free" advisory service it will be free and not as some people commented a way to make money from steering people to borrow more. I say this for anyone to read and will be added to our new website being constructed at present, so anyone can visit and see how our organisation and network will provide goods and services. Whereby when l state free it will mean free and is not to enable us to profit from other peoples misery.

More soon G

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Giraffes Blog List

I have just updated the blog list of my favourite blogs and anyone got one they would like to feature om our business services page visit and leave details. Or just take a look and leave a comment. 

Bye for now - G     

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Welcome To All Our Members & Visitors

This is our second blog and a great big thank you to google for all their help and guidance to date. Our first blog link can be found on the right hand side of this blog together with what will become our recommended websites and bloggers we feel have helped us to this stage. 

This blog is to provide people with services across the web with advertising space, tailored news reporting together with videos. Also a lot of help and guidance to all small businesses that would like to promote their goods and services under our organisations umbrella to sell or buy. 

As the name suggests you do not know me from Adam and the reason why I chose this name, so will this be any different to all other businesses l here you ask? To answer your question in full would take more than this post has room, safe to say we put people first and profit second as our over-riding principle. We believe it is better to give something for nothing and wait for other people to decide if giving is better than receiving. 

The only way to find out if we are who we say we are is to try our services and by the proof of the pudding you will know, that we are an organisation of our word. 

So if you need help to advertise or market your goods and services email me or leave a comment on this post or visit our other blog at http://adamchristianenterprisesuk.blogspot.com/and take a look at the links. If not well best of luck and maybe bookmark us for a day when you are in you need of help and guidance with a problem and cannot find anyone to listen.   

Finally you will find my detailed profile on this blog and can ask any questions about me and l will tell you the truth, strange word truth but this is my way and our way. 

Bye for now ED