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Friday, 15 May 2009


Hi everyone, it has been a while since my last post as l have been very busy building the first part of the brand new " Free Financial Advisory Service " that will be provided with the way to save people money rather than to borrow more.  

So l decided it was time to manage peoples money by providing a simple but affective system of providing what a client, member, or follower with what they require to manage their finances. By providing good financial management services. This will sometimes mean refinancing their higher or not so competitive loans or financial agreements but we will link with only chosen providers to supply the best possible arrangement tailored to peoples needs.      

Simply any person who has need of good honest and straight forward help and guidance will receive it in writing from our organisation free of any charge. This simple service will be provide through a number of services the full details can be viewed at the link provided for " The Daily Giraffe Report " this journal will provide all updates for our network across the web.   

Each one of these service provisions will be provided as specific steps towards full debt recovery through good financial management and will eventually lead to fully becoming debt free. Then any client can become a member of our forum ready to share there comments, on debt recovery to enable more people to be helped and guided.    

Finally you will notice over the next few days that a number of adverts will be added to this blog relating to finance, business and property anyone using this service will have 20% of all revenue provided to a charity and the balance will be utilised to fund the " Free Financial Advisory Service" for more information on this please email your comments to our business address at idadamchristian96@goolgemail.com     

I will return and write more as matters progress once fully operational.  

More soon bye for now -  G