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Monday, 12 March 2012


Dear Concerned Reader,

Pretend you're 16 and pregnant, but you haven't told anybody yet. Suddenly, you start receiving coupons in the mail for diaper cream and baby snot suckers. Weird, right? Turns out, it's just part of a new stalking trend - by major US corporations. Target made news recently with this Forbes expose on how they "track" consumers via their credit and debit cards, but it gets even creepier. WalMart even puts RFID Tags in all their clothing (enabling them to watch your route through the store, including how much time you take in each aisle).

Major companies are getting sneakier with how they use their customers' information, but it's still happening. Bill Hazelton, founder of the consumer financial advocacy site CreditCardAssist.com, says this practise, known as "data mining," needs to stop. In his words, "We need to set boundaries." The first step toward regaining privacy is raising awareness about what these companies are doing with their data. 

Low Prices Are Costing Consumers Their Privacy, CreditCardAssist.com Report Reveals

Los Angeles, CA – March 5, 2012 – Cell phone apps, security cameras and email-scanning software are just a few of the ways major businesses like Wal-Mart, Target and Google are studying and tracking your buying habits, according to a leading consumer awareness site. America’s largest superstores and service providers are analysing a mountain of secretly recorded data in order to understand how consumers form and change their spending habits. A new report by CreditCardAssist.com discusses these invasive practises in depth and reveals that low prices are costing Americans the one thing they can’t afford to lose – their privacy.
“The process of analysing large volumes of personal information to learn how a customer thinks is known as data mining, and it’s the reason superstores know you better than your own family,” says CreditCardAssist.com CEO Bill Hazelton. “Every time you walk through their doors, they’re studying you. By figuring out your habits, they can create a customised marketing campaign that will convince you to give them even more of your money. Essentially, they're training us.”

Target knows if a woman is pregnant, and it can predict her due date with 87% accuracy by studying her buying patterns. The company then uses this data to launch pre-emptive marketing campaigns featuring discounts for diapers, maternity clothes and other necessities. According to a Target statistician, “As long as a pregnant woman thinks she hasn’t been spied on, she’ll use the coupons.”
Meanwhile, Google shows unique banner ads to every user based on keywords harvested from the user's own searches and emails. Wal-Mart embeds RFID chips in its clothes that could potentially be used to track your path through the store.

Though data mining is still in its infancy, Hazelton is concerned that such constant surveillance could be dangerous if left unchecked. “I don’t think I’m the only one who’s creeped out,” he says. “There’s no legislation in place to tell these stores when they’ve gone too far. They can even monitor your cell phone through an app, as long as you accept the service agreement. Except nobody reads the long legalese service agreements. We need to set boundaries before it is too late. 


Thank you, Ian K Draper - Editor of Ace News Desk   

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Monday, 6 February 2012

World War Fee Of Banking

Here is an info graphic about everything you need to know about the banks

" Exorbitant Interchange Fees "
They make exceptionally good reading if you have time and please share this on your social networks using our specially provided comments box. Everyone needs to know and l will be posting a lost more on the same theme over the next few months.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on these fees and l will publish the best replies.  

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