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Friday, 28 April 2017


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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


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Spiritual Ideology Following: 84 – Followers: 7 April 19, 2017 at 01:27AM via Twitter http://twitter.com/spirit_ideology #acetweetnews, #follower, #thanks, #twitter, #welcomeFiled under: #AceNewsServices Tagged: @AceTweetNews, Follower, Thanks, Twitter, Welcome


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DebtAssassin™Image is a Ninja NOT ISIS Former VP @Chase and of a major credit bureau. Former owner of collection agency NOW author Consumer’sRightsAdvocate Bi-RacialAmerican Masters./Finance/Columbia Univ Following: 94315 – Followers: 91028 April 18, 2017 at 03:10PM via Twitter http://twitter.com/DebtAssassin1 #acetweetnews, #follower, #thanks, #twitter, #welcomeFiled under: #AceNewsServices Tagged: @AceTweetNews, Follower, Thanks, Twitter, Welcome

Monday, 17 April 2017

I have a new follower on Twitter!

ItalyCone Italy http://bitly.com/2psab2h Following: 7402 – Followers: 6881 April 16, 2017 at 08:40PM via Twitter http://twitter.com/italyconeFiled under: #AceNewsServices

Sunday, 16 April 2017

I have a new follower on Twitter!

#ARRESTSOROSNOWSlava Isusu Christu! Slava Na V’iki! http://bitly.com/2pmB62w follow back IF your profile indicates TRUMP http://bitly.com/2pqENBe Following: 6003 – Followers: 8241 April 16, 2017 at 08:10AM via Twitter http://twitter.com/theratzpackFiled under: #AceNewsServices Tagged: ARRESTSOROSNOW

I have a new follower on Twitter!

MosulDirectoEstudiantes Master Comunicación de la Defensa y los Conflictos Armados @UCM. Desde aquí informamos de la actualidad del complejo escenario de #Mosul #UCMMosul Following: 1083 – Followers: 98 April 16, 2017 at 07:40AM via Twitter http://twitter.com/MosulDirectoFiled under: #AceNewsServices Tagged: Mosul, UCMMosul

Sunday, 26 April 2015


#AceNewsServices - Featured Update:COLORADO:April.26: James Holmes was growing volatile well before he put on a gas mask and body armor, strapped on a rifle, shotgun, pistol and ammunition, and slipped into a midnight premiere of the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises."
He was a sought-after neuro-scientist-in-training, but he was falling apart. He told a […]
Tweet: #ANS2015 


#AceNewsServices - NEW YORK:Featured Report:April.26: Thousands of people are expected to march Sunday in support of ' March of Dimes' quest to prevent premature births and help those children who are born prematurely. 
The annual March for Babies fundraiser is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. at Lincoln Center. For the eighth year, Giants quarterback Eli […]

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

"Social Mobility Has the Power to Help the Poor in Society"

#AceNewsGroup posted: " #AceNewsServices says in a speech to the Resolution Foundation Alan Milburn calls for more action to restore the link between economic growth and earnings, highlighting the fact ,that where you are born affects your life and the future prospects for y"

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#Fracking : Cameron Ignores Plea's from "People About Environment and Health" and Bribe's Council's"

#AceNewsGroup posted: "#AceNewsServices says according to the latest UK #Fracking news from the BBC also with Video Councils that back #fracking will get to keep more money in tax revenue, David Cameron has said as he urged opponents to "get on board". The prime minister said"

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"In the US Political System Being Right All The Time is Becoming The Key Issue"

English: Barack Obama Deutsch: Barack ObamaEnglish: Barack Obama Deutsch: Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
#AceNewsGroup posted: "#AceNewsServices says l pick this article up whilst browsing through a number of posts, and thought this sums up "US Political System" it is by a man called F Eric Saunders and was first published on  January 16, 2012. What l found so interesting was how "

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#HS2: "Reason's Against According to Passenger Transport"

#AceNewsGroup posted: "#AceNewsServices says according to " Passenger Transport Magazine" in their recent article, these are the reason's against HS2  Objection 1: That rail demand won't grow fast enough and the trains will be empty. George's piece starts out with an admiss"

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Monday, 13 January 2014

"How to Get Censored on China’s Twitter"

#AceNewsServices says every day, more than 100 million items are posted to Sina Weibo, the micro-blogging service sometimes called "China's Twitter." And every day, teams of censors comb through the posts in search of anything that challenges what the government likes to call a "harmonious society."

Ace News Group posted: "How to Get Censored on China's Twitter ProPublica,  Nov. 14, 2013, 11:19 a.m. "Author Name, ProPublica." not to be resold, reposted or changed without Authors Accreditation    中文版:新浪微博:遭遇中国式审查 The word "tank." Photos and names of Chinese dissidents. "
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How to Get Censored on China's Twitter

ProPublica,  Nov. 14, 2013, 11:19 a.m.
"Author Name, ProPublica." not to be resold, re-posted or changed without Authors Accreditation   
Weibo.com Logo English
Weibo.com Logo English (Photo credit: bfishadow)
The word "tank." Photos and names of Chinese dissidents. Images of rubber ducks. Any mention of Tibetan protests or Bo Xilai, the disgraced senior member of China's Communist Party. Political cartoons.
Every day, more than 100 million items are posted to Sina Weibo, the microblogging service sometimes called "China's Twitter." And every day, teams of censors comb through the posts in search of anything that challenges what the government likes to call a "harmonious society."
How Sina Weibo censors its users is as revealing as the content that appears on the site, and for the past five months, we've been watching the watchers. We've created an interactive feature, launching today, that allows readers to see and understand the images that censors considered too sensitive for Chinese eyes.
Because the Chinese government blocks popular worldwide services like Twitter and Facebook, Sina Weibo has emerged as an influential player in China's daily life, with some 500 million users. But while the speech on Weibo is equal parts sophisticated and base, considerate and raucous, it is by no means free.
Weibo.com Logo Chinese
Weibo.com Logo Chinese (Photo credit: bfishadow)
Sina's censors appear to be walking a fine line seen frequently in modern China. If they allow users too much freedom, the government will shut them down. But if they block too much material, the users in this quasi-capitalist economy can go to one of the company's competitors.
While there are many research projects devoted to identifying posts that are deleted on Sina Weibo, considerably less attention has been focused on censored images and the meaning behind them.
For five months, our software has been quietly checking 100 Weibo accounts, keeping track of every post containing an image and returning repeatedly to see if those posts were deleted. Our collection has grown to nearly 80,000 posts, of which at least 4,200 -- more than 5 percent -- were deleted by censors.
We also gathered a team of people proficient in Mandarin to read and interpret 527 deleted images collected during a two-week window this summer. Among the key events that occurred in this period: The indictment of Bo Xilai, a disgraced Chinese political leader; a protest by female police officers; and the arrest of Xu Zhiyong, the co-founder of a pro-democracy movement that is still being suppressed.
Sina Weibo has long been eager to stay in the government's good graces, even before the Chinese government started arresting some of its most popular users this summer for "spreading rumors."
Users who post forbidden content frequently, or who have a lot of followers, are singled out for threats and can face arrest. One user, whose name is being withheld by ProPublica because of the risk of reprisals against him by the Chinese government, posted on Sina Weibo, accusing a local government official of wrongdoing. Soon after, he received a direct message.
"The message said that they knew everything about me and about my family," the user said. "That I couldn't see them, but they could see me, and if I knew what was good for me, I'd delete that post because they will always be watching me."
The user complied, noting "I had to protect my safety." Since then, he's never posted a message naming a specific government official.
By many accounts, the censorship apparatus deployed by Chinese companies is the most sophisticated in the world. Attempts to post a message containing words on the continually updated list of forbidden words on Weibo, such as "坦克" -- meaning "tank" -- are rejected by the service before the message can even reach a user's followers.
Still, even the best automatic filtering technology can miss subtleties, and are frequently circumvented by Weibo's human users, using puns, sarcasm and typographic tricks.
"The Chinese language offers novel evasions, such as substituting characters for those banned with others that have unrelated meanings but sound alike or look similar," Gary King, a political scientist, said in his 2013 study on Chinese censorship. For example, a nonsensical phrase such as "eye field" looks similar in Chinese to the characters meaning "liberty."
A political image manipulation can transform innocuous phrases such as "giant yellow duck" into a commonly understood metaphor for the tanks at Tiananmen Square.
"Chinese Internet users have mastered the use of irony as protest," Jason Ng wrote in his book Blocked on Weibo. "Emphatically pro-government comments online such as 'Socialism is good' and 'I have been represented by my local official' are often meant to be satirical."
Censorship (Photo credit: IsaacMao)
This is where human censors come in. The company employs hundreds of people to delete posts that have slipped past the filters. Forbidden messages don't live long after being posted. Researchers have found that nearly 30 percent are gone within 5-30 minutes and 90 percent are gone within 24 hours. The censors take an especially dim view of posts that go viral or promote any type of collective action.
An increasingly sophisticated competition of sorts has arisen, pitting cutting-edge digital censors and clever human ones against users who deploy countermeasures such as typographic tricks and arcane metaphors.
English: A large temporary monument in Tiananm...
English: A large temporary monument in Tiananmen Square marking the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. The Forbidden City can be seen in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of these countermeasures takes advantage of the fact that computers aren't very good at understanding photographs and other images. Weibo messages with innocuous text but taboo political imagery -- the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square, for example, or photos of disgraced politicians -- pass by the automated algorithms unnoticed, only to be deleted later by the human censors.
We've published the deleted images themselves, as well as a translation of some of the text users posted with them. We've also tried to convey the meaning behind each picture, explaining Chinese cultural references, identifying public figures and deciphering subtle political points.
In tracking images censored from our sample of 100 Weibo accounts, we found that they fell into roughly 10 conceptual categories representing a wide sample of "unharmonious" culture. They provide a window into the Chinese elite's self-image and its fears, as well as a lens through which to understand China's vast system of censorship.
We contacted Sina for a response to our story, but they did not respond to us in time for publication.
Some of the research for this investigation was conducted in collaboration with a team at the Spatial Information Design Lab and the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, at Columbia University. The Columbia project, called "Jumping the Great Firewall," uses a similar methodology and was pursued in partnership with the Pen American Center and Thomson Reuters.
If you work as a Weibo censor and are willing to speak to ProPublica about your experiences, please contact us at weibo@propublica.org. Here's our PGP key.

 "Author Name, ProPublica."

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