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Monday, 30 July 2012

HSBC To Pay More Than $2 Billion In Penalties

This practice in all banks has been going on for many years! The fact that monies paid into bank accounts has just become a simple computerised excercise, of transfers being received from places such as Mexico and the like! It has led us to this situation of " money laundering" and the eventually penalties we now see being imposed on the banks.

It was not until 1986 that " The Money Laundering Control Act " was passed and became a criminal act, but only covered transactions that prohibited individuals engaging in acts that would were classed as unlawful. In such as to profit from their actions!

This act left open a door that still needs closing,in that it went onto say - Moreover, a “financial transaction” has been broadly defined, and need not involve a financial institution, or even a business.By this simple few words it left open this door to the type of breaches in how money is transacted and how easily banks have been able to circumvent the system and the law!
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A Tale of Two Central Bankers

This ever increasing problem of a " no bail-out clause" in 1993 when the European Central Bank was created, will not allow for as many changes as Draghi requires!

Firstly as the " lender of last resort " and as the name implies it will only look to operate within the framework set down within its primary objective, that of price stability. Or to put it another way keep inflation down through out the Euro Zone,when countries overheat!

The sheer fact that its mandates prevent any change in this by virtue of its stringent rules,that all assets offered to the bank as collateral are at least in theory good and all equally free from the risk of inflation. This particular mandate relates to sovereign debt and its percentage of its " gross domestic product" as a member state!

This particular clause with regard to " sovereign debt and gross domestic product" calls into question the changes Draghi is looking to implement to save the Euro!

Firstly the countries in financial difficulty have toxic assets with little or no worth. So can only be purchased as junk and as countries in this situation already have junk status, his proposal to purchase various countries bonds would not keep inflation down but fuel overspending! The additional fact he is proposing letting the bank print more money in a last attempt to prevent this overheating will only prevent an even more catastrophic overspend by countries desperate to repay their debts.
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Climate Change Effects: Things Global Warming Just Might Ruin For Your Kids

For too many years we have ignored the affect we have been piling onto our fragile earth!

One scientist says it is not global warming then another says it is, then they find out they are wrong!

One thing l know for certain is that everything has a cause and an affect this goes back to the beginning of time and before, when the cause of man's downfall was as a result of ignoring good advice!

Reason we knew best and instead of listening to our heart or God as l prefer to acknowledge, we decided to listen to others ,just like that snake! Telling us that we could all have more, extra and anything as long as we follow them!

Well we have been following others for a long time but the environment gets worst less species, more damage and more destruction!

Reason more of everything and less common sense! Simply take from the earth resources in abundance and put nothing back and we have problems.

Well here is the beginning of our pains for these problems of greed and knowing better than our creator!

Ask yourself this simple question if l do not know how this worlds environment was created then how can l know - what the hell l am doing to it!

Or do l really care?
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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Real Truth Behind Care Reforms

The Real Truth Behind Care Reforms:
"Old age (?)" - Unknown Painter from...
“Old age (?)” – Unknown Painter from the Low Countries (16th century) (Photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis)
Care Home Funding
Experts have warned that thousands of middle-class home-owners will still be forced to sell their properties in order to pay for care home bills, even after government reforms are introduced. They say that the plans to possibly cap an individual’s bill at £100,000 will cover only the cost of care itself and that people will still have to find the money for residence bills which make up the bulk of the cost of staying in a care home. It is also noted the government is undecided on how it will fund a £200mn scheme that would see local authorities provide loans to pay for care which could then be paid back after an elderly persons death. An opinion piece in the Sunday Times examine the problems within the UK’s care system. It concludes that people must accept that their savings, including their homes, may have to be spent on paying for care in old age.
My take on the story -
Even as we try to find the funding to pay for our ageing population we are becoming evermore aware that at every turn we are being stopped! As finding that elusive answer to the how, what and where will we be able to get this to work, becomes ever more difficult.
On my previous post l looked at the problems facing people that are not of their making! This makes us become ever more dependent on the state, so we become hooked by our own want! The mere fact that we allow ourselves to become reliant on other people as a crutch, leads to despair and heartache, by the fact we were once capable of working out our own problems! But now we have so many outlets so many people, hellbent on what? Are they here to provide the answer or is it more like the answer to it is and it will cost you X or Y! Or do they really care?
Let us take a look at this story and see the real cracks, in what seems on the face of it, a fairly mundane post. Firstly the government are going to let us keep our homes and we can l said in my post have a loan, but with interest. Ok forgetting this is not the right way to help the people who need care, it will help the care industry improve their profits. We all hear of hidden agendas well here is one no one can see!
It is the hidden area of wealth creation by design
This is firstly hidden from our eyes but is provided by subtle words such as, we are here to make sure the people will be able to keep their homes. The fact that they cannot sell them or gift them to other people at their death is not mentioned, why? Because the greater number of homes that cannot miss paying that ” Death Tax” the greater wealth the government can obtain. The simple fact that any contract provided be it care or another, has become the design made to on the face of it,provide all you need! Though in truth it really provides, all the contractor wants out of it, first and last.
I remember many years ago when people approached me for funding a nursing/care home, they wanted firstly to convince me that they were the right people. Their CV’s were glowing and hid many onerous omissions! When questioned about their business plan with their projected accounts of profits it told me whether these are the right people, or the wrong ones, to run a home! The sheer fact that they wanted above 25% profit from this home told me volumes and looking at staffing ratios to profit margins told me, are these the right people to own and manage a nursing/care home.
Many years later we now take for granted that people have to have profit before people’s welfare, it is called business and it is and does contain three letters that tell us if we read the small print that this is a contract written for them, not us! The sheer fact that the use of the word business has become synonymous with the reason for profit, speaks volumes in itself.
So what is care is it the how, the what or the where or is it more than that ? My answer is the truth it is love and love is not a sin to care ,as only by caring for others will we truly be happy. It is not buSINness with the hidden SIN!
But the sheer fact that only by applying our love to the fellow human being, do we truly understand that one day we may be like them, with same illness, disability or infirmity and we will need the same type of care. So by truly become a caring person, in our heart and in the world can we make a difference to people’s life’s.
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Spain’s Atrocious Piggy Bank Spending Runs Wild

Spain’s Atrocious Piggy Bank Spending Runs Wild:
20090113 bankruptcy-01
20090113 bankruptcy-01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bank (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)
A strange title some would say but the sheer fact that Spain has been able to hide these huge amounts of debt, for many a year! Is staggering to say the least!
I have been following this and many more stories on the Euro Zone paying special attention to the amounts being requested and asking myself, is that what they really need! Or what they say they want!
As numerous discussions have taken place with bankers and treasury ministers l have come to the conclusion the ” left hand does not know what the right hand is doing” ! So let us consider the right-hand, this we will call the bankers or treasury ministers who for years have so-called looked after their people’s money! One day it all changes with a new buzz wordBailout Fund” a way for any Euro Zone country to get money to pay off their debts! Wow free money, with very few strings attached just impose austerity on the people whose money you squandered, make them pay, for your incompetence! While you continue to provide the same inept services you always did making sure you get a nice big pay rise to boot!
These figures l provide in the part below this statement are what l personally overheard Spain’s banking minister say when interviewed on 3 separate occasions until last night when Catalonia said we have just enough money for one more month! Well here are the figures -
When the likelihood of a bailout emerged only a short while ago it was just a figure of 23 trillion Euro’s it rose by miscalculation after miscalculation from 46 to a figure of 100 trillion! Last night it was revealed that this was only earmarked for the banks! In fact this will not be enough to bail out the country, this is nearer 350.00 trillion!
So my conclusion is that any country through sheer incompetence gets in a financial mess and are a member of the Euro Zone countries, just cry bailout and make the people pay!
Just one more thing who or what is the left-hand ,well l said in the beginning the ” right hand does not know what the left hand is doing” well the right hand is the bankers and treasury officials! So the left hand must be all the rest of us, who are so blinded by what we are told is all being provided to help our economy grow! Of course prosperity does not come from borrowing more, austerity measures or getting people to spend more, that is cap-it-all-ism!
True prosperity comes like a rich tapestry of life from good honest hard work, good honest people and most of all the faith in oneself to do the best they can for their fellow-man and woman! Not from under-hand and under the counter wheeling and dealing by putting profit before people.
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True Cost Of The Olympics

True Cost Of The Olympics:
Britain - spy nation
Britain – spy nation (Photo credit: Clive Power)
Stratford in east London, near the Olympic park, has undergone a massive investment drive to pretty it up in time for the Games, and now boasts Europe‘s largest shopping center. But the regeneration of one of Britain’s poorest areas threatens to leave long-time residents out in the cold.
The true cost of the Olympics is not yet known but working on the basis of extra troops, accommodation for extra people and those little extras you just have to add! We will be looking at a bill to the taxpayer of say upward of £18 billion with the original estimate of £2.9 billion! All that aside when it is all over and the last flame has been extinguished what will they do with all that costly building works! Will they reward the area with low-cost housing! NO! This is their plan for the future of the Olympic village!
Thousands of new apartments were built for the Olympic village and next year there will be 2,800 flats for sale. But with entry-level prices of 250,000 pounds ($388,000) for a three-room apartment on High Street, they are un-affordable for the vast majority of people in Newham.
Provide the rich with affordable houses built especially for them! Interesting to see what rental charges will be made by the purchasers!
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How We Morally Justify Tax Avoidance

How We Morally Justify Tax Avoidance:
Secret denunciations against anyone who will c...
Secret denunciations against anyone who will conceal favors and services or will collude to hide the true revenue from them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Morality (Photo credit: tdietmut)
Has been around for longer than l can remember it goes back to before the use of currency as we know it came into being! So long ago a number of people using goods and chattels provided us with a way to barter, such as a handyman provides a service and gets paid by receiving payment in kind!
I worked with a man called Steve Adams [RIP] he was a craftsman plumber by trade and he received payment in different forms, from a bottle of whiskey, step-ladder and even a car! These people from local politicians through to the man or woman in the street were paid this way,for many a year. it was simply called ” Payment or Benefit in Kind
This like so many ways to not pay tax sooner rather than later were to become know as ” Tax Avoidance” and a rule in the 80′s was coined as ” Benefit In Kind ” for using a vehicle in business or receiving a so-called benefit or as it came to be known a ” Bung” but was this really tax avoidance.
The fact that Cameron came out with the statement that they would clamp down on tax avoidance schemes led some to believe he meant the businesses and banks! Of course the more cynical of us and l am one realised it would mean the ordinary working man or woman.
The fact that the person put in charge has been in charge of showing people how to avoid tax in the past! Does this make him the right person to morally judge us? This extract thanks to Wikipedia shows he had expertise in ” Tax and Structuring ” tells us he was advising people on ” Tax Avoidance Schemes”
Professional Career
He was a researcher to the Conservative MP for Milton Keynes South West Barry Legg in 1993. He worked as a trainee solicitor with Richards Butler from 1995, being admitted as asolicitor in 1997. From 1999 to 2005, he was a solicitor in the financial services group atMacFarlane[1], a corporate law firm with expertise in “tax and structuring”.
David Gauke didn’t find many supporters for his view that paying tradesmen cash in hand was “immoral” yesterday. Dave, Nick, Ed Miliband and Boris all lined up to say they’ve done it before.  
We’ve got a feature by Dan Hodgescalling the affair “another attack on the middle classes” ; he warns politicians about the hazards of moralising on tax. 
So what is morally justified in this world of financial jiggery-pokery http://www.thefreedictionary.com/jiggery-pokery who can give us advice on what we should consider is tax avoidance or just a way to avoid paying our ” just desserts”
Well my answer is that as long as you provide a good service at the right price and submit your tax forms to the appropriate authorities on time, you do the right thing! By using the rules and regulations set down by the HMRC and keeping within them you can utilise legitimate tax avoidance by not paying more than you really have to and keeping yourself, family and tax man firmly on the other side of your front door. As once they have a foothold they will not let go until they drain the life blood from your bank account and provide it to the ” True Avoider’s of this World” the people who made the rules up in the first place!
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Can LOCOG Uphold The Ruling On Photos

Can LOCOG Uphold The Ruling On Photos:

As everyone is now aware the latest ” LOCOG” ruling relates to anyone taking photos on their mobile phones while they are attending the games, cannot upload them to Twitter or Facebook!
Firstly this in my personal opinion takes away our so-called ” Free Rights ” as any photograph on your phone is yours by the fact of ownership or as it is written ” The new legislation would effectively shift ownership of photos, videos and messages to users, granting them the “right to be forgotten.”
Meaning simply -
That sites like Facebook would not only be required to close an account when requested, but also to package and return photos and messages to the user before deleting any trace of them from their own servers.
Victoria Reding EU Commission says the reforms would harmonize 27 national laws across the Euro zone and give social media users control over how their data is being used, but players in the social media industry are incredulous, objecting both in principle and practice.
So it is still wide open to who really owns your photographs on any social media site.
The question is can LOCOG uphold this ruling if no law has been passed to say who really owns the social media, you ” freely without payment” upload to your social media site?
I would like to thank a fellow
European Commission and EIROforum pledge to ex...
European Commission and EIROforum pledge to extend collaboration (Photo credit: European Southern Observatory)
WordPress website for their information that was utilised at http://lexpertblog.com should you like to read more on this subject.

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Social Housing Dropped In Favour Of New Lending Policy

Social Housing Dropped In Favour Of New Lending Policy:
Taxes (Photo credit: Tax Credits)
Whenever l read a post that says – We are here to improve or provide better ways to help you! My alarm bell’s say be careful look at the real picture at what they are not saying, not what they are!
Well this article says be careful !
Ministers are studying plans to boost house building by lending publicly owned land to developers and relaxing requirements for building schemes to include social housing. The recommendations are expected to be made in a report by Sir Adrian Montague. Under the changes, the government and local authorities would “invest” land they own with private developers or housing associations, which say they can raise money to build homes but cannot afford to buy land as well. The state would be repaid when the completed developments were sold to institutions such as pension funds, which have indicated they want steady income from rents but cannot take the risk of development or wait for their pay-back during the building phase. To further encourage developers, councils could be urged to relax requirements for developers to build social as well as private housing; in return, they would have to agree that the rented homes could not be sold privately for a minimum period.
So what is the real story and how is it hidden from our view, well simply it is too good to be true! Also it is the tax payer once again that will pay for both giving the land owned by them and also funding the building costs.
Let us cover the first part giving the developer’s land, they have aptly called,lending them publicly owned land! That is “give” for no payment then adding to include social housing, as a way to placate us. The fact it is given        ” free and gratis” does not really get too much of a mention. They go onto say we will invest [give] land to private developers and or housing associations, mention of private sets the antennae really ringing. Anything private or PFi says profit and the only reason this government would give land to private developers,is profit for them and not the taxpayer!
The next part is even better it goes onto say that once they are built and sold for rental to pension funds that have indicated they want a steady income! Again more private companies that invested taxpayers hard earned money into pension funds and then using various investments, into commercial managed property portfolios,lost it all and had to reduce people’s pensions. Does anyone remember the 1980′s Serp‘s ” State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme” well this was replaced by ” State Second Pension” but very few people realise it was used for paying unemployment benefit and had to be replaced.
So l see this as ” History Repeating  itself as private companies giving to private companies means nothing for the taxpayer but profits for the developer, pension funds and rental companies.
So who takes the risk? The taxpayer not the government as they will get paid back when the development is completed, as they do not want to take the risk!
So even the risk is to be taken by the taxpayer and the profit is to be taken by the private companies. So this is a no risk no payment and good return for this governments ” Cash for Contracts” supporters!
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Pervasive Gloom About the World Economy

Pervasive Gloom About the World Economy:
English: out-of-copyright print, published in ...
English: out-of-copyright print, published in 1867 in Great Britain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Het gieten van ijzer in blokken
Het gieten van ijzer in blokken (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The public mood about the economy has worsened since 2008 in eight of 15 countries for which there is comparable data, while it is essentially unchanged in four others. The Chinese are the lone exception. They have been positive about their economy for the past decade.
As the graph below shows people’s perceptions are becoming exceedingly glum and hope is a thing of the past. Having been brought up on what ever you want,always being freely available to everyone, even the middle class.  One day slowly it all turns sour, not in a second, a minute or a day but a decade.
From the start of the industrial revolution
Great Britain provided the legal and cultural foundations that enabled entrepreneurs to pioneer the industrial revolution.[4] Starting in the later part of the 18th century, there began a transition in parts of Great Britain’s previously manual labour and draft-animal–based economy towards machine-based manufacturing. It started with the mechanisation of the textile industries, the development of iron-making techniques and the increased use ofrefined coal.[5] Trade expansion was enabled by the introduction of canalsimproved roadsand railways.[6] With the transition away from an agricultural-based economy and towards machine-based manufacturing came a great influx of population from the countryside and into the towns and cities, which swelled in population.[7]
At the end of days we are heading for an abyss that has an ever-widening cavern and decline of trade, reduction in work force, forced unemployment and eventual changes that will become irreversible in our economy, world and in people’s hearts.
Progression of our nation
The introduction of steam power fuelled primarily by coal, wider utilisation of water wheelsand powered machinery (mainly in textile manufacturing) underpinned the dramatic increases in production capacity.[6] The development of all-metal machine tools in the first two decades of the 19th century facilitated the manufacture of more production machines for manufacturing in other industries. The effects spread throughout Western Europe and North America during the 19th century, eventually affecting most of the world, a process that continues as industrialisation. The impact of this change on society was enormous.[8]
Looking back at what we have achieved and how far we have come can be both painful but also reveals interesting chinks in the reason for our decline, as a once powerful force and nation!
The Growth of our nation
The First Industrial Revolution, which began in the 18th century, merged into the Second Industrial Revolution around 1850, when technological and economic progress gained momentum with the development of steam-powered ships, railways, and later in the 19th century with the internal combustion engine and electrical power generation. The period of time covered by the Industrial Revolution varies with different historians. Eric Hobsbawmheld that it ‘broke out’ in Britain in the 1780s and was not fully felt until the 1830s or 1840s,[9] while T. S. Ashton held that it occurred roughly between 1760 and 1830.[10]
Shows us how one revolution led to a second and we all started to see development as wealth and wealth as a way to make us all well  off, to prosper. But this happened for the mill owners, who saw wealth as a right and privilege,was theirs by birth. As we progressed from the internal combustion engine to the electrical powered generation,the led to more wealth for the rich and less work for the poor and their burgeoning families.
Some believe that progress was slow but this was a misnomer
Some 20th-century historians such as John Clapham and Nicholas Crafts have argued that the process of economic and social change took place gradually and the term revolution is a misnomer. This is still a subject of debate among historians.[11][12] GDP per capita was broadly stable before the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of the modern capitalisteconomy.[13] The Industrial Revolution began an era of per-capita economic growth in capitalist economies.[14] Economic historians are in agreement that the onset of the Industrial Revolution is the most important event in the history of humanity since the domestication of animals and plants.[15]
The simple fact of how we got here is we grew too fast and had more and more of what we believe made us happy. The truth is far from fiction as by making sure everyone had it all they end up with nothing, but possessions and a heart that looks for more!
Economic mood is exceedingly glum all around the world. A median of just 27 percent think their national economy is doing well, according to a survey in 21 countries by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project. Only in China (83%), Germany (73%), Brazil (65%) and Turkey (57%) do most people report that current national economic conditions are good.

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” Cross Of Gold Speech ”

” Cross Of Gold Speech ”:
The “Cross of Gold” speech was delivered by William Jennings Bryan, a former United States congressman from Nebraska, at the Democratic National Conventionin Chicago on July 9, 1896. In the address, Bryan supported bimetallism or “free silver“, which he believed would bring the nation prosperity. He decried the gold standard, concluding the speech, “you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold”.[1] Bryan’s address helped catapult him to the Democratic Party’spresidential nomination; it is considered one of the greatest political speeches in American history.
For twenty years, Americans had been bitterly divided over the nation’s monetary standard. The gold standard, which the United States had effectively been on since 1873, limited the money supply but eased trade with other nations, such as theUnited Kingdom, whose currency was also based on gold. However, many Americans believed bimetallism (making both gold and silver legal tender) was necessary to the nation’s economic health. The financial Panic of 1893 intensified the debates, and when Democratic President Grover Cleveland continued to support the gold standard against the will of much of his party, activists became determined to take over the Democratic Party organization and nominate a silver-supporting candidate in 1896.
Bryan had been a dark horse candidate with little support in the convention. His speech, delivered at the close of the debate on the party platform, electrified the convention and is generally credited with getting him the nomination for president. However, he lost the general election to William McKinley and the United States formally adopted the gold standard in 1900.
My Take On The Article - 
This extract l cannot take credit for as it was simply copied and pasted from Wikipedia and my reason for posting was simply how interesting l find this type of article. The words ” you should not crucify a man upon a cross of gold” seems so apt in today’s world and the way we judge others who look to prosper but are not looking to benefit by greed! As to benefit by greed whether it be stealing, lying and want is the downfall of every man who has seen what others have and wanted it!
The mere mention of “free” so long ago seemed real! Though now we look for a catch, thus we could open the heart of the provider! Favorite words come to mind like what is in it for them and is it honest! So  ” free silver” and the fact the ” gold standard ” was decried at the time, was a portent for these days of people having the ” midas touch” or how much money or gold they can make for us! As if they really care for us,we are as my article on acenewsservices
English: Bryan/Sewall campaign poster, 1896 US...
English: Bryan/Sewall campaign poster, 1896 US presidential election. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
just sheep to be shorn!
So maybe the Nebraskan congress man was not so far from the truth when he decried gold, just maybe he was telling us all listening ” Be Careful Of False Prophets” using the spelling PROFIT for them not us who only seek to prosper!
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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wall Street's City Bid-Rigging Racket: Who Ran It? How Many Billions Are Missing? Where's the Investigation?

As the bond makers of this generation have created what they term as their hedge funds, so the mere fact they are creaming a little off the top is no surprise to me! As they created their bonds to accommodate their ability to increase profits in their favor,rather than risk hedging their bets. Then in so doing so they would guarantee an absolute certainty of return,for themselves of course! As the risk would be carried by the provider of these funds,this relates very well to my post at Ace Finance News with relationship to how the LIBOR rate scandal influenced the 2008 and recent scandal involving Barclays. Anyone like to read the extracts or share just visit my link http://wp.me/pzTwj-5l

So by creation of hedge funds the bond makers could provide inexhaustible supplies of profits and the mere fact that anyone investing in these so called growth bonds,they were very much aware by design that investors would not see growth for themselves! But would and has in effect provided an increase in bankers profits, thus fueling greater and greater bonuses! When people put their money in the hands of these " Get Rich Quick Merchants" they commenced a domino effect that ricocheted across the pond and showing our UK bankers,such as Barclay's and the like,how it was done!

We say that all is needed is one bad apple in a barrel, well here we have all the bad apples in one place, our banks!
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Michael Marin, Ex-Wall Street Trader, Dies In Courtroom After Conviction

Staying honest is harder than lying, stealing and covering up their spoils! These people who end up taking their own lives are more to be pitied than judged. It is easier to judge a thief than to feel admiration for an honest man/woman.As to have pity in our hearts,we have to take one step closer towards forgiveness. So l say spare a though for how he got here and what made him decide that he could not live with,his shame!

Maybe at the last second of his life he found the truth!
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Angela Merkel: Big Loser Of Eurozone Showdown

This was and is the biggest mistake to be made by any leader, by turning against her people! In allowing this ludicrous debarcle to carry on unabated the Euro Zone now risks the greatest collapse of all. This being the over supply of capital to greedy banks that have a mindset to continue lending larger and larger amounts with the same inept disregard for the future of financial structure! By the sheer fact of this U turn she is signalling that austerity measures are not required and that giving bankers what they want, when they want will lead to expansion, followed by a catastrophic collapse, that no one will ever recover from!
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Trudie Crutchfield Gets $300,000 Settlement From Bank Of America, 4 Years After Wrongful Foreclosure

It is always nice to see the people with very little, win the case,even though it took 4 years to get there! For years many financial institutions have been allowed to run rough shod over peoples lives, with out any consideration for the consequences of their actions! Being able to hide in contracts that are both onerous and written with intent of foreclosure and not allowing for situations arising in peoples live's!

So well done Trudie and hope you get your lawyers costs back as well as this can be a real crippling addition to be deducted out of any win, thus souring the taste of victory!
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