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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Eurozone Crisis: Europe May Tap IMF As Risks Of Euro Failure Rise

The simple case of borrowing more will only lead to more problems as the true extent of the weaker countries debt problems, are not yet fully known. The only way out of the situation is to allow the Euro Zone to fail and for countries to revert back to their own sovereign currencies­, this will be painful but far less painful than increasing countries like Greece, Spain and Italy`s debts by allowing them to borrow more than they will ever repay.
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

China's Slowing Factory Production Fuels Fears Of Global Recession

The difference between other nations and China is that they will support their businesses when they struggle and economic conditions dictate. This is called a commitment to your peoples well being and the fact that they will keep productivi­ty going come what may, so as a slight adjunct l add will they support the Euro Zone when asked or their own people.
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S&P/Case Shiller Index September 2011: Home Prices In 20 Cities Fell As Market Continues To Struggle

You cannot stop the senate from supporting any oil price rises or cutting subsidies for any industry if it provides the politician­s with an increase in their investment share portfolios and huge sponsorshi­p donation`s­. In today`s world of buSINness over people [That many politician­s think of as sheep ready at ever turn to be shorn] with their latest change to laws to our healthcare­,schools and human rights to use democracy to demonstrat­e how we feel about them and their policies.W­e are and for the present on loser as every turn is already anticipate­d by their ever present media and spin doctor`s.

But their day is coming sooner than they realise and when they least expect it.
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Autumn Statement: Public Sector Job Losses Will Spiral To 710,000 By 2017

I watched the Autumn Statement by George Osborne with interest and not for the purpose of believing he had any intention of giving anything away to the less worse off, unless of course like he usually does robs Peter to pay Paul. In this case the only thing that stood out most of all was the self appreciati­on society of hangers on hoping to gain the chance to rise one day to the upper echelons of the so-called power base better known as the inner sanctum, where only the ones who brown nose their way up the greasy pole get their chance.

On a lighter note having vented my spleen anyone wishing to listen to his dribble sorry statement follow my link to my favorite UK newspaper the Telegraph. http://www­.telegraph­.co.uk/fin­ance/debt-­crisis-liv­e/8922143/­Debt-crisi­s-live.htm­l
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How Henry Paulson Tipped Off Hedge Funds To Fannie-Freddie

Working on the basis that by tipping off the hedge fund managers it would enable the likes of Fannie and Freddie to be made aware of what would happen next, but to also have knowledge of the markets in such a way as it would if you used correctly enable anyone to capitalize on the present situation to their advantage.
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Paypal Email Scams

This was following a story l recently read on the Telegraph and relates to how easily a person could be scammed into believing they had received conformation from a legitimate source such as Paypal advising monies had been paid and advice on how to prevent yourself being conned.If you want to read the whole story yourselves please follow the link here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/jessicainvestigates/8850893/Paypal-scam-results-in-1000-loss.html

The following information is as l copied and pasted from the Telegraph and has not been altered in anyway.Please ignore the comments are closed box as it refers to the Telegraph article and l am always grateful for feedback on the blog using disqus and you can share you comment to any social media network.

As usual thanks for reading and visiting need any debt management advice it is FREE leave a comment, join my circles on Google + or email me by signing in.

Regards, Ian [Editor]    

Anyone unsure if an email supposedly 
from PayPal is legitimate should forward it to 
Log into your own PayPal account and check 
what messages are there. PayPal’s customer 
service line is 0870 730 7191. 
For details of PayPal’s seller protection policy, 
see www.paypal.co.uk and find “safety advice” 
among the tabs at the top of the home page. 

For tips about online scams, try www.getsafeonline.org.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop Of Canterbury, Backs 'Robin Hood Tax' On Banks

What always bothers me about the church getting involved goes back to when l was a boy and my Dad would say " My Son Politics and Religion " should never be mixed. At the time l thought l cannot see the reason but now many years later it becomes very clear that both have their own agenda and one relies on faith and the other relies on words.

What l mean by this statement is with religion and the church they are governed by faith and belief and with politics they are governed by words providing a way to act as duly elected officials for the people. Whereas the church expects us to believe in their God their way by prayer as they act as Gods messenger.

Me well l believe in God as our provider and not in politics as our savior and when l hear that religion or the church is getting involved in backing a tax l see one reason and that is they see a way to take what people believe and turn it into their way of filling their churches ant their coffers.
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Eurozone Crisis: Euro Deal On The Brink As Greek Cabinet Agrees To Papandreou's Gamble

It appears that Papandreou­`s may have a hidden agenda and this may be his way of sweetening the pot and getting an even better deal for himself over his debt, as the Eurozone may have to increase the discountin­g to a higher amount. What do you think?

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Eurozone Crisis: Euro Deal On The Brink As Greek Cabinet Agrees To Papandreou's Gamble

This would seem simple in the main. Firstly Papandreou­'s wants his people to agree that he is doing the right thing by agreeing with the 17 and as we all know most of his people will vote NO as it will mean cuts to their standard of living for years to come. Secondly by proceeding with the agreement made with the 17 he has to provide the same cuts to his peoples standard of living - possibly for more years to come. So either way as it stands he will end up doing the wrong thing.

But there maybe a third as nobody knows what would happen if Greece ends up out of the Eurozone, of course we can all provide answers based on what we already know from the past, but as many economists now admit these are unusual times when this has never happened before ,so based on that thought alone how can we be certain of the outcome.
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