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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Overview of Freddie Mac: Rental housing rises in 2011

Freddie Mac: Rental housing rises in 2011:

Despite the most affordable buying market in decades, households across the country are slowly choosing rentals versus home ownership, signaling a positive economic trajectory for the multifamily sector, according to Freddie Mac’s October 2011 economic outlook report released Monday.

In the year ending June 2011, the Census Bureau reported a net increase of 1.4 million households that [...]

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My Overview -

As more and more people become disillusioned with banks and finance companies they are turning back to what they believe is a securer way to make sure their family has a roof over their head. Of course having seen the rising investment banks supporting property purchase over a number of years with higher and higher equity percentages and the drop in property values, the secure rental market no longer demands a good tenant but higher and higher rentals from their property tenancy.

The eventual upshot is hard to contemplate but unless the world changes from an economy built on borrow now pay later and a business is only success is measured by its profitability and not by its loyal customer base, then we are doomed to a lower standard of living and having to realize one day that our way was wrong and pay now is much better than pay tomorrow, as sooner rather than later we will have used up all our tomorrows.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Government U-Turn On State Pension Age After Fears It Will Hit Women

Anyone trying to put this country back on the road of recovery should take the figures of £1.1 billion and divide it by 33,000 and the cost is ridiculous in the extreme. I realize that it is wrong for people men or women to suffer due to the greed of subsequent and existing government­s, but good economics need a a firm hand at the tiller and someone with back bone to carry out difficult decisions.
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Warren Buffett's Income Was $62,855,038 Last Year

Anyone stating that he gives a lot to charity so everyone hears his voice is able to utilize the fact that people will hopefully believe he really cares about people starving and not the fact that giving can be rewarding to his pocket rather than his heart. " Man cannot worship God and Mammon "
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