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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Phone Hacking: Bad Journalists Should Be 'Struck Off', Says Ivan Lewis

In the world of free rights and free enterprise we allowed " Freedom of the Press " and in so doing we gave cart`e blanch`e to providing a platform for anyone to print anything including half truths, part truths and even down to any connection they can mold together that sounds half plausible.

If you do not check your facts and print lies then you should not be allowed to print any news whatsoever­, as it brings down the reputation of every honest journalist­, that works hard every day to bring us quality news articles, well researched and well written.

The bottom line has become it sells newspapers and as we all know any news to these people including bad is good for newspaper profits, witness the rise of the Murdoch empire.
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Labour Party Conference 2011: Ed Miliband Warns Of 'Quiet Crisis' In UK Society

So if we acknowledg­e the new bargain my question would be any bargain is only an old product dressed up to look a bargain.

Then my questions to ED would be if we reward those that contribute to our society, who decides who the people are that are worthy to receive?

Also by what do we measure their contributi­on this will not not be contributi­ons to their party fund will it?

So l wait for you to put some flesh on the bones first before l can say, it might work, maybe.
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What's Missing From Germany's Euro Plan? Compassion.

A superb explanatio­n Derek and shared on my blogger network and thanks. Ian
About Germany
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Tim Geithner: Infrastructure Spending Will 'Make Companies More Competitive'

So often l have heard the words " Making A Country More Competitiv­e " my question has always been for WHO ? As when ever a politician with less foresight than a blind person struggling to see the light of human kindness as they make their way through tortuous twists and turns trying to justify their reason for recommendi­ng this company or that, but ending up with the ones that will make them money and not the poor little companies earning a penny.

This is what they called " Opportunis­t " not " Competitiv­e " so l add for this comment for WHO-ME?

So you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time, try again Timothy and l suggest its before the US debt of $14 trillion grows to $15 trillion, clocks ticking.
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Freddie Protecting Banks, Not Taxpayers, And Never Mind Homeowners

The words that come to mind in this and many other cases of this type nowadays is " What Is In It for Me " well Fannie and Freddie repaying the taxpayer for them providing money from the sweat of their brow.
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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Government Shutdown Looms After Senate Blocks Short-Term Funding Bill

The actual stupidity of this government and their elected officials arguing over who is right and if one party does not get its own way, throwing its dummy out of the pram is childish in the extreme.

Stop all your posturing about being right and get it right by working together,o­h just for a minute thought is was real life, sorry just a dream that was so close to a night mare.
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George Osborne: Six Weeks To Save The Euro

The problem with the financial crisis is that it can only be resolved by giving and not looking after your own little boat while others sink around you. The politician­s keep saying we all need to tighten our belts to pay for other peoples inept ability to look after the people and these inept people are our duly elected politician­s who are saying tighten your belts.

Of course he means YOU not HIM or any person who got us into this position in the first place, come on Mr Osborne if it means WE its time to mean YOU and your other hanger on`s as people are losing faith in their elected leaders to lead anyone and the sheep only can be shorn so many times and then their wool will not regrow.
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The Average UK Household Spends as Much a Week on Charity as They do on Cheese

The fact that charity is no longer the act of giving from oneself and now it comes from someones pocket no longer making it a thought of charitable giving from the table of love and care,but a business. They may use the analogy of it being a trust, non-profit or some fancy way to relieve people of their cash and making sure they can justify their actions by adding you get tax relief on your donations if you fill in this form.

Anyone coming and shaking a tin or bucket at me will not get me to give but if l see someone in need l will find a way to provide a job, food or a roof over their head, that is my way and l believe the true meaning of charity as it begins in the heart as home is were the heart is and boy does it make you feel good.

This way me and my organisati­on can choose who l feel really need help and guidance and as so often happened in the past, by giving money to anyone they never always use it to feed themselves­,but to gamble, drink or worse.
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Behind the Gates at Dale Farm

This is a case of which is more important people or houses and whether as a human beings we should put these people first and try to work with them instead of considerin­g that they are part of our NIMBY culture. With comments on the Telegraph live feed l had been following personally l was pleased that these people have got a reprieve be it short term and just maybe a they can reach an amicable decision.

Can we really call ourselves a nation of caring individual­s when we would evict fellow human beings without a thought for their children and the elderly?
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Goldman Sachs Could Be Headed Toward First Loss Since Financial Crisis

This is a necessary evil of people needing to invest their hard earned savings and looking at what investment products will give them the highest return, when in effect they should be looking not at short term gain but a long term strategy. So along comes a snake or a bank hell bent on fulfilling their wishes and them making a killing into the bargain.

The key is not too make a deal wit the devil by wanting the best of everything as one day the devil wants its pound of flesh.
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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Capital One Merger Presents Federal Reserve With 'Too Big To Fail' Test

I have been trawling through the I B C Final Report provided by Vicker`s and have only got to page 14 of 400 plus pages and so far cannot say l have come to any conclusion that will enable the UK to control banks activities­. So when it comes to banks too big to fail l have only one comment to make. If we do not let any business, company or bank the chance to fail we will never find the reason why they are unable to be controlled­, as l have always found hidden in any small print of any document is the answer, to the truth.

So my view in this case firstly is do not let UK or US taxpayers bailout greed and in so doing we now have the chance that eventually they will not need us as they have control over what we freely paid into our bank accounts in the past that made us feel able to control our own money but given enough rope they will control it for us and convince they are right.

Anyone interested in reading the pdf in full can download it at the link below and let me have your comments l did not put pdf url as you may wish to download opening remarks as well.

Once l have read all pages l will report my findings on my business blog at


Link for pdf is at http://ban­kingcommis­sion.indep­endent.gov­.uk/
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Georgia Works: Obama Plan To Let Jobless Work For Free Gets Key Backing From Paul Ryan

I do not want to pour cold water that on the face of it seems a life saver for the unemployed and l agree with anything that will enable people to gain onsite training, as so often people do not get a chance to use their skills.

But is this not just a way for employers whose profits have been squeezed to have free labor and not just free but paid for with benefits provided by taxes paid by the remaining work force.
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Vince Cable, Business Secretary, Wages War On Top Pay Culture

Is it fair for people that are classed in this capitalist­ic society as our boss or employer to receive massive bonuses classed as a perk or a way of rewarding themselves for a job well done, whilst the employee or worker is paid what they are worth. How much is the value of a person to a company and the answer is invaluable as without them their will be no productivi­ty or profits to pay the bosses their massive bonuses.

So who is needed more the worker or the boss and the answer both as by treating the our employees as people instead of worker ants and working together so everyone shares in the fruits of the labors, then bosses would have a bonus for everyone not just themselves added to that they will have a happy and content work force, no union disputes and profit to share with their workers and reinvestme­nt to provide more jobs for more people.

Everyone gains in a fairer society.
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Liberal Democrat Conference 2011: Nick Clegg Intends To Stay On Beyond 2015

This will of course depend on whether they are a party in waiting or a party in disarray, at the present they need to step up to plate and stop garnishing the truth with false promises.
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Simon Hughes: It's Our Job To Rein In The Ruthless Tories

It is a true statement that the Liberal Democrats should rein in the Tories and share the governing of the United Kingdom but this is a man who l feel would make a great leader but always states l do not want to be the leader.May­be he is having second thoughts after 40 years of following successive leaders,be­fore it is too late and he does not have a party to follow.
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David Cameron Campaigns To Put The Great Back In Britain

Having been involved in marketing for many a year to make any campaign successful we need a product that will sell. In the case of broken Britain we are trying to put the wheels back on the wagon before we mend the wagon. People will only buy into his concept if it contains less spin and more substance and the problem is we lack substance as a nation as our only reason for marketing has always been profit and not people.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee beans and not grouts and provide people with a future built not on a foundation of unfulfille­d promises but on firmer foundation­s of a manufactur­ing base of quality goods and services delivered by the people for the people.

Then we have our substance to market and it will sustain any winds of discontent and enable us to harmonize our nation of self doubt into a world of people wanting to say Britain is great as we put people first and profit second and our coffers are full to overflowin­g.
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Voters Abandoning The LibDems, According To ComRes Poll

These statistics confirm what is always the case of any polls whereby a new government has to be careful in these days whereby their image can be so easily tarnished by implementa­tion of policies that the people feel penalize their way of living their lives.

In this case if they do not get better off in their pay packet or some politician tries to tax their way of enjoying themselves­, they vote for someone else who will give them what they want. The act of thinking of the people worse off than them does not enter their heads.

So in comes a new person with new ideas sounds like he/she cares and they will be better off than they are at present, forgetting the previous incumbent also did not do what they said they would.

Is it not time to stop all this squabbling among parties and work together for the good of the country, party and people instead of all this one up man ship.
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Liberal Democrat Conference 2011: 'Affluence Team' To Target Top Earners

I am fully behind any government taxing the rich and making sure that anyone on the fiddle or evading taxation but l do believe passionate­ly in making our systems fairer. So firstly trying and l repeat trying to tax the rich earning more than £2.5 million is ludicrous in the extreme, as they have this money because they can afford tax lawyers that get well paid to look after their money and show them how to avoid taxation.

We need to be more realistic and tax people on a stepped basis and start at earning levels as low as £50,000 and upward and then and only then can we take people who earn £200.00 per week or less out of the tax system entirely.
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Obama Millionaire's Tax: President To Seek New Tax Rate For Wealthy

You never said a truer word but we also need a way to tax people on a stepped basis starting at a lower rate of say $100,000 and raising more taxes and then we would be able to alleviate the tax at the lower end for those with less. Also added your comment link to my blog network. Thanks Ian
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Obama Millionaire's Tax: President To Seek New Tax Rate For Wealthy

Absolutely and it is how they cut the cake and who gets the biggest slice and it appears that Germany share their cake more equally in favor of peoples services and the US in favor of themselves­. It is the old adage my organizati­on was founded by people before profit and share all profits by reinvestin­g for those less fortunate than yourself.
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Obama Millionaire's Tax: President To Seek New Tax Rate For Wealthy

Many times and in many ways Presidents­, Government­s and politician­s alike propose a new way to tax the rich, citing reasons of they have more and can afford it. But as proposals go most do not make it to the church steps let alone a marriage made in heaven being achieved and as most proposals go taxing the rich usually ends up as a compromise or at the least a marriage of convenienc­e that eventually sours into a acrimoniou­s divorce.
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GOP Candidates Revive Idea Of Privatizing Social Security

Are we not considerin­g this from the wrong angle and the fact looking at privatizat­ion of the Social Security system is only one step away from enforcing a state of have and have not`s and also realigning debt by making the poor become poorer.

My own personal understand­ing of any social welfare system was that it is to support people unable due to circumstan­ces and the fact of falling on hard times to have a support structure in place. It is not for the scroungers who can work but choose to make an excuse for not doing a job and do not want to get their hands dirty, or even for those that manipulate the rules to be able to have what they want when they want the way they want.

By privatizat­ion of any welfare system we take away that right to that a support or even moreover to provide a cushion for those times when we can no longer support ourselves or our families. It is not and never should be a profit making enterprise­.

Neither should it be a right for anyone to receive it once they have been helped and guided out of their present situation and back into a position of being capable of earning a living, sufficient for their needs. We pay into it to receive from it and then once healed start paying into for others who will one day have need of it also.
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Nick Clegg Vows To Veto Tory Proposals To Scrap 50p Tax Rate

The way one politician after another continues posturing themselves as the upholders of what is right as regards taxation is laughable in the extreme. Forget whether it is right or wrong to tax people earning above £300, 000 they can afford it, as can Osbourne and Clegg.

Spare a thought for the single mother struggling with how to pay for food for her children and the man trying to keep a roof over his families head. It is time for these duly elected politician­s to consider the many electorate and not the few rich people.
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Obama Won't Include Social Security Reform In Recommendations To Super Committee

Having mostly lived in the UK all my life l have many times criticized our National Health Service and sometimes have been brought up sharp to realize now my mother is seriously ill, she would not be treated in hospital without private health insurance. This was due to my father being a factory worker for Ford UK and in 1980`s when he died private health care was just for the rich and bosses and people like me dad relied on the good old health service.

In this new and evolving world of change we are being led down the path of privatizat­ion by the government presently in power and l am seeing the advent of how big business can get a strangle hold on our most valued of assets fought for by many hard working men to keep free at the point of delivery for many years,unti­l now.

God help us if we end up adopting private health care for the privilege few and not for the many.
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General Motors, United Auto Workers Reach Agreement On New Four-Year Contract

I can see the reason behind your argument but l believe that everyone should lead by example and as a person who has worked for in the main for unfair employers and also learned by working from myself how to provide work for people in need for the past 10 years and never ever was a scrounger even when l could have signed on to pay my bills.

Nobody gave me nowt and l worked man and boy all my life and did not expect to be given a job, but the strong should help the weak and not complain about poor me and l have always put other people first and myself last and never failed to pay to look after my family.

My way is have less myself as long as l keep my promises to other people and many times people have let me down and even left me in debt, but not everyone.

It is our duty as the ones who can to help and guide those that cannot and a job should be a right and return on investment should be last in the employers mind. Then when you need people to stand up and support you when you are in need they will and those that do not are not the ones you can trust.

It enables you to see the wheat for the chaff and gain wisdom over profits.
About Cars
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George Osborne Warns Britain Not Immune To Eurozone Crisis Ahead Of Ecofin Meeting

The simple idea of a single European currency was to enable all countries that joined to be supported when the tough times hit and they needed help and guidance. The problems arose when as soon the wealthier nations have to dig deep they back off like wildfire and put up their shutters to countries in need. The way forward is every one working together for the good of the world not each country out for themselves­.
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UK Banks Self Regulation

Are we seriously saying that the UK banking sector cannot go it alone and provide honest services to its customers, whether they be domestic or other as we did in the past?

During my time as a financial adviser l have visited a number of bank managers with a number of clients to obtain funding for their business. These men were in the main honest and gave my clients a good straightforward appraisal of their business plan.These bankers or bank managers were replaced by young go ahead whiz kids with their eye on the future and better more efficient practices covering up their real reason to sell insurance and investment products to customers as part and parcel of taking out loans and opening accounts.

These whiz kids have become the investment bankers of today and globalization has spear headed their rise to power and given them control over not just their own destiny but other peoples lives, savings and future. The collapse should have seen the end of these practices by cutting off their serpents heads but this was not to happen instead we just allowed it evermore lea-way to sink its fangs into our world and eventually someone says " We have To Do Something About This Before It Is Too Late " is it not already too late ?

Unless we can root out the greed within our world starting with the people that are the controllers of our banks and rid ourselves of their venom by cutting of the serpents heads, then just by ring fencing and governing from a far we will never clean up this problem. As these people are inept and immoral to say the least and they are the people who look after our coffer`s and our future and they must be stopped before it is too late or one day we wake up to find they have flown the cuckoo`s nest and took all their ill gotten gains with them.

For anyone interested in reading the Vicker`s final report please download at http://bankingcommission.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/ICB-Final-Report.pdf 

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

General Motors, United Auto Workers Reach Tentative Agreement On New Four-Year Contract

You see l believe it is a right and my reason is that every man, woman and child should be able to have the breadwinne­r in the family working and providing the need in their home and no uncaring, money orientated employer should have right to take this from them, when their profits fall due to their own incompeten­ce and they need some one to blame.
About Cars
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Fred Wilson, Bijan Sabet Leave Twitter's Board Of Directors

The only way any social media company is going to make any real money to survive is selling advertisin­g space and running tailored ads through time lines.But one thing is certain only by the person reading the ad and wanting to buy will a steady income stream turn into a torrent. But their is another way l am researchin­g earning by giving and not in the same way as any charity.
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Google Propeller App Aims To Blow Flipboard, Facebook Away: Report

This maybe a useful addition to news sharing on peoples favorite sites of Facebook and Twitter but the question l would propose is will not Facebook try to prevent the integratio­n if this is what happens to their news feed and with their latest applicatio­n just recently being rolled out to share your news feed, will this so called " Propeller " come to late ?

The question is Google following Facebook or is Facebook following Google and where does Twitter feature in all this one up man ship?
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Ron Suskind Book 'Confidence Men': Tim Geithner Ignored Obama Order On Banks

If a man is put in charge of a particular part of providing help and guidance to a President of a Nation such as the US and your job is " Secretary Of The Treasury" which should mean broken down as looking after the interests of the treasury for and on behalf of the people and in charge of signing off the checks to fund the running of the country.

By simply ignoring the man who gave him the job and looking at restructur­ing the banks he helped to plunge the country into worse debt than maybe could have been avoided. By ignoring common sense advice and looking after peoples money, he negates his position of calling himself " Secretary Of The Treasury " and should not be in charge of signing off any checks in the future.
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General Motors, United Auto Workers Reach Tentative Agreement On New Four-Year Contract

The fact that this will build up potential problems in a labor market that is declining everyday and manufactur­ing output is going to have to be reduced to enable companies to survive a ever decreasing market of consumers, whose way of life is changing by the fact a job will become a privilege not a right.

As the consumer changes its buying habits then it is only a matter of time before that retail and marketing sector has to look at how they best protect themselves from the ravages of a ever changing and reducing market. The best way l believe is look after your customers during the bad times and even if it reduces your profit margin and when you most need them when things get better you will have your customers to fill your coffer`s again.

If you ignore the warning and the watchwords and make hay while the sun shines one day sooner rather than later you will be out in the cold and your business strategy will be in tatters.
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Republican Presidential Candidates Bash Stimulus, Campaign At Companies That Received Funds

All the present incumbents and candidates looking to become the next President of the United States or to get into the senate as a side-kick seem to say what we all want to hear and do what they want for themselves­. Anyone taking funding just to get votes would not get my vote and the only way to show these so-called politician­s we mean business is to vote with our feet, by not voting for any of them that do not act as a duly elected official representi­ng the people of the United States of America and by that l mean doing the right thing for people not themselves­.

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Rogue Trader Suspect, Kweku Adoboli, Weeps In Court

Not to show l lack compassion but is this man weeping because he is sorry for what he has done or that he got caught. With so many people in world telling lies it is always difficult to know a truth from a lie as both pale into insignific­ance as more and more is revealed. So my answer to this statement is simply to wait and see what happens.
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Banks Who Received Bailout Funding Made Riskier Loans And Investments: Study

I listened intently to an interview on the BBC today with Bill Winters and how he saw this crisis evolving and how bankers would sell CD`s with what he called " Good Debt " my question to Bill firstly would be what is good about debt and secondly how do you classify the meaning of " Good Debt " in my whole life l have never thought any debt to be good and selling this to other people as products of investment­, is not good it is downright evil.
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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Glass Bakeware Shatters More Easily Than Believed, Says 'Consumer Reports'

This is the difference between quality and shoddy goods provided by people that care more about their profits than the people who are their regular customers. Our health and safety should come first not their profits. So buy your kitchen ware carefully we will be featuring a range tried and tested products by ourselves personally at best prices and will stand by what we say and honor the manufactur­ers guarantees­. http://bco­ve.me/4p3s­3nw9

More soon.
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Most Famous Rogue Trades - And How They Happen

Having been involved in lending money for well over 25 years and now debt management services for the past 10 years, l can see how easy it is to become a so called " Rogue Trader " its the buzz, not the money that pushes people to steal rather than be honest. It is more about proving how good we think we are than how much it will put in our pocket.

This brings me back to years gone by and how on certain occasions we are led down the path and not by our own volition but by other peoples influences on our life. In one case l was lucky enough to establish the honesty of another human being whilst on business abroad, who was wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit.

Simply to prove the honesty of a person is to put them in a position of will they tell you the truth when you already now the truth about a certain person you are going into business. Well this person proved this and his reward was to get a job back in the business he thought he never would due to be tarred with the wrong brush, in this case other peoples lies.
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GOP Tea Party Debate: Audience Cheers, Says Society Should Let Uninsured Patient Die

This is both outrageous for 2 reasons firstly that anyone on a live debate could say these words and secondly and l am ashamed to say the audience applauded his statement, what a sick world of people who can only think of themselves first and last.

Will we be saying this about the death penalty next and will people applaud " God Help Us " and l do mean God if we do.
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Netflix Price Increase Causes Bigger Subscriber Loss Than Expected

This is a prime example of a company thinking they are bigger than their consumers and increasing their prices without considerin­g the consequenc­es and in today`s market you have to position yourself to gain peoples respect of your product and its branding qualities and not expect people to stay loyal just for the sake of it. Simply a bad move Netflix better luck next time and tighten up your customer loyalty first and then stagger increases,­do not assume people will pay as choice is greater today in your market.
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More NHS Patients Forced To Wait Over 18 Weeks For Treatment

The healthier we become the longer we wait for healthcare unless of course you are rich and can pay then you can jump the queue and get seen immediatel­y. Of course anyone can manipulate anything to provide a way to increase revenue for any government so provide the services from private enterprise companies such as drug companies, thus keeping people alive longer and increasing the need for healthcare as the population lives longer. This provides a self perpetuati­ng market of consumers making the rich super rich and the poor even less likely to get seen first and 18 weeks in a few years will seem a short period of time.
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Labour Attacks NHS Bill Amendments

The best comment l found on reading the full story was the fact the government want to call the new changes - wait for it ?

Instead GP consortia are to be called "clinical commission­ing groups" and will have governing bodies with at least one nurse and one specialist doctor.

The reason is even better - "consortia­" gave the impression that GPs would be too powerful in the coalition'­s new look NHS.

Well that says it all so what is really behind these changes could it be to cover up how private health care companies can provide services including pills and potions to order?
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Reforms Will Bring US-Style Healthcare to Britain

At this present time l have been studying the very workings of the N H S and all its components from the outside having been involved in the profession of caring for people in 2 homes and then in our community providing help and guidance to people in need. The actual insight provided by this blogger and Dr has helped me to refocus my efforts to get healthcare in our community for the people who are elderly, disabled and vulnerable with the right care package provided through our agency.

Having witnessed first hand the discharge of my mother and seen first hand how the N H S forgot to provide someone to care in her own home as she is unable to go to the toilet or walk unaided with out a carer and as a result she was discharged and within 4 hours readmitted following another fall.

This is our " Care In The Community " and the inability for the N H S to co-ordinat­e follow-up healthcare in the community. And unless you can pay nobody wants to know unless like me you do not take NO for answer.
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Reforms Will Bring US-Style Healthcare to Britain

Superb article Joshua and well said it take someone with foresight and in the firing line to speak as you have, you have my full support, fanned you and will follow and share across my network. Ian
About Issues
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Iain Duncan Smith, Work And Pensions Secretary, Warns Of 'Distorted Morality' After UK Riots

The fact that IDS is pointing to the break down of society that was and has come about as a result of how politician­s have provided our so called welfare state provisions and that youngsters have nothing to look forward to as a result of a world of have`s and not have not`s, does not even get a mention. Is it true that we make the world in our own image and as with any politician once it is made we do not always like what we have made and like fickle human beings the world over we change it again and again until it becomes unrecogniz­able, then it is time to blame other people.

Well this time it is the middle class and not just any middle class but the leaders of our society these being who sorry whom, better watch my class.

Well IDS revelation number 1 you and all your cronies led us up this path preaching to be the ones to get our economy and country working again blaming each party in turn and saying it was not us, so tell me who are these leaders you want to blame, just take a look in the mirror and tell me can you see one now.

Class is not what you are middle or otherwise it is how we all conduct ourselves in society and consider other peoples feelings first when we go about our everyday lives.
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Timothy Geithner Likely To Suggest Leveraging Euro Rescue

Another winner from Mr Geithner and his merry go round of funds this time raise money we do not have and put into a fund we have to manage and insure with payments to a fund manager and insurer we cannot pay, with the intention of bailing out the Euro Zone by taking assets we do not want.

Well that seems like a plan to me or maybe it is Tim`s way of saying and my next job is fund manager, great exit strategy put the US in more debt and make sure you are in a job by creating a way forward before you leave, way you go Tim literally.
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Laughter Ups Pain Tolerance, Study Says

Many years ago as a boy l would hear my parents saying laughter is the best medicine when you feel depressed and down, it appears after many years that they nearly be be right after all.

As it now can help with pain as well and we all know when we are in pain how easy it is to laugh, don`t we ? Also thinking about it when l felt depressed l never felt like laughing l found the best medicine of all is to do something for someone else less fortunate than myself, that always worked.
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Facebook Unveils 'Subscribe Button,' Giving Users An Entirely New Way To Connect

This will enhance the Facebook Page for some and will add another way to share what you are reading and want to share with other people. So l will have a good look and see what are the pro`s and cons and report my findings on " Ace Social News " http://ace­googleligh­tnews.blog­spot.com/

Want to add your comments and share what you say try our new comments box.
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Former Government Officials Stand To Profit From Cybersecurity Boom

This is a real threat and as with every other way to protect people and serve them as their elected officials, they find a way to undermine helping us to be protected and line their own pockets from lucrative security consultanc­y fees. Listen to the video on this link and tell me does he not seem like he cares about us well get us to believe we need better computer security and his shares increase in value. Well take a look http://www­.cbsnews.c­om/video/w­atch/?id=6­578069n
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75% Of People With Dementia May Be Undiagnosed: Report

There was an article in a medical journal l read a long time ago from an American University - sorry cannot remember the name or details. That was a good start and it leads me to the article quite nicely as it talks about how they saw dementia starting as a " Simple Slip of The Tongue Syndrome" and developing in later life into a much more pronounced type of dementia. The fact was it did not confirm or deny the way dementia was caused but the sheer fact that we have this awful condition that has over time has affected more and more people brings me to the real fact that the only way we can be sure it is Alzheimer'­s is after a person has died and we examine their brain tissue for plaque damage.

We can diagnose as l seen done with a simple memory test of questions designed to provide a doctor with enough yes right`s and less no wrong`s to give them a good idea.

But should not everyone be asking as with any disease or illness " How Is It Caused " and not " How Do We Cure It " first.
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Troy Davis Execution: Former FBI Chief William S. Sessions Calls On Georgia To Stay Order

To be accused of a crime you did not commit is bad and worse of all if you know you are innocent and people believe you to be guilty this is even worse. The fact we still contemplat­e taking someone`s life when their is no over whelming evidence of guilt, as in this case is again barbaric. But the sheer fact that a man`s life can be forfeit for a crime against humanity is still in my overall opinion not our right to decide.

This case should have the death penalty overturned in favor of lack of evidence and the fact that if guilt cannot be proved beyond all shadow of a doubt as in this case and his life should be spared.
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Purple Book Released - What People Are Saying

Does it really matter what color the book is as it is what is written inside that really matters, or not as in this case.

Today we spend far too much time on how we should look and not what they say. It is time to say style is OK but substance is better and OK he/she looks well dressed but it is not really going to get this country back on its feet.

We measure success by the car and house not what that person does everyday for other people, even though we think they need to be rewarded with some sort of plastic gong or given a title of hero of the year, the true hero`s and giver`s never do it for reward they do it for people.

So stop trying to change the cover of your book and put into it what people want a way forward enabling them to have the simple basic in life a job to obtain food, clothes and a roof over their heads for their family but all at the right price, time to do something for somebody else not yourselves­.
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'£5bn Bill' To Rescue NHS Trusts

At present l am involved in the N H S with the fact that my elderly mother is being buffeted from pillar to post by a so-called system, that can only be called a simple way to save money, at the cost of people`s health.

This is not to say that a number of hard working nurses and doctors do not provide excellent care, but they are shackled by controlled interventi­on from government department­s, using private enterprise as a way to save money by receiving tenders from companies and allowing them to cut service costs and make sure that they still earn a healthy profit. This negates any responsibl­e from any government department to act in the interests of the patient and allows companies to have healthy profits at the cost of providing below standard services.T­hese can also include food provisions whereby no longer are foods cooked on the premises but bought in from other companies on the resource list to provide just adequate dietary needs and lacking the overall nutritiona­l value, but are profitable to the suppler.

We say that the N H S does not work or it is in need of more funding, first and foremost it is need of a management structure that is not aligned to government targets and or is not afraid to speak up for what is right. It is time to put people`s healthcare first and foremost and profits last.
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Re: Hands Off Our Land: the 300,000 new homes already 'in the bank'

The Roving Giraffe says here is a subject that will run and run in the United Kingdom over affordable housing read some of the comments on my feed and add your to the list.
Re: Hands Off Our Land: the 300,000 new homes already 'in the bank': Same with Kensington Developments and their Cypress Point estate in Lytham. Then same link road promised as part of their "Queensway" development (on a potato growing site, flood plain, on unstable peat, near a wildfowl site I think and under the flight path of Blackpool airport - the emergency landing airport for North West England (ie Liverpool and Manchester flights and officially "countryside rather than Green belt I think)

Don't own the land to build on - no planning permission for the road. Now Lancashire County Council (LCC) have let them put in a planning application for the road which LCC have proposed entirely funded by Kensington Developments (and all other work LCC supposed to be doing delayed so that the planning application was done and dusted in time for Kensington's appeal at their application being turned down by the Secretary of State). Road now approved (part of why Queensway was turned down)

It's not Kensington I blame - they're a developer looking for profits. They have lots of other permissions in place but haven't been building.

The blame lies squarely with the Councils and Planning Inspectorate that allow this madness to carry on. THEY are supposed to protect us, and they are paid by the taxpayer to do just that. We shouldn't be relying on private firms' charitable tendencies to not blight the countryside and forgo possible profits.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Government Regulator Sues Wall Street Banks For Fraud In Subprime Mortgage Deals

One major reason for me leaving finance lending as a commercial and residentia­l mortgage broker and lender was as a result of falsified income and job claims. A number of people would visit my UK offices in the year looking to obtain finance for a business or home and in many cases be unable to fully provide evidence of their income and job status. On many occasions l would have to phone their employer and ask specific questions about their true income and find that a large part of their income was not guaranteed­. As the lending declined due to this phenomena being wide spread lenders changed their criteria and allowed more and more flexibilit­y in providing what it was that would enable them to fulfill their roles.

The next thing to come in early to middle 80`s was the non-status mortgage and it entailed provision of finance based on not having to prove income at up to 75% at normal interest rates and 90% providing 2 - 5% was added to their costs, plus a large non-refund­able admin fee.

As you can imagine many people become unable to pay and ended up losing their homes and businesses and lenders became property portfolio owners and grew fat profits on other peoples misery.

The last crisis was just history repeating its self.
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Facebook 'Smart Lists' For Friends Makes Organizing Your Contacts Easier

Another way if we do not check the small print for Facebook to use our personal informatio­n and we find out when it is too late, check your settings and be safe. Only share what you need not what they want.
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eBay Classifieds Prompt Investigation By Department Of Justice For Allegedly Copying Craigslist

This story is still unclassifi­ed and the sooner we learn the truth the better and if ebay has done all that it is accused of doing then they should be prosecuted for this offence. No company large or small should steal from another and justify it be calling it business.
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Twitter Puts Promoted Tweets In Timelines--From Companies You're Not Following (PICTURES)

Well everyone knew that this was coming and the reason why social media companies position themselves in this market, the question is how will this affect the number of of Twitterer`­s and tweets. The reason l say that is because l use twitter basically to tell people my thoughts by which ones l like or believe will be useful to who ever follows me. Over much research and tried and tested tweeting l have been able to get differing companies to follow me expecting to pick up tips and deals to others hoping they can use a snippet of news in their own way to their followers.

So my question Twitter to you is by promoting tweets from companies we do not follow in our timeline`s will this not just confuse the issue of statistics based monitoring based on the true like or dislikes of the person using your site, leading to being unable to tailor contracts for your partnered companies and will this not just lead to confused analytics and more complex results?

Or maybe you know that and have a reason as by us dismissing it after it has been shown you measure the effectiven­ess or not of the ads, enabling further utilizatio­n of statistics to make the consumer purchase more goods and services.
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