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Sunday, 7 August 2011

" Stop Playing And Get Down To Business"

The need for a complete re appraisal of the situation is required as to tinker with so many edges that they keep causing the wheels to come off the wagon, is both foolhardy and ludicrous to say the least. The strength of any leader worth his salt is when the chips are down and no longer are the big boys able to play " Russian Roulette " with the US economy and their markets.  

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service


As matters in the United States have now started to spiral out of control and the chance of default is still looming in the back ground, many politicians and economists are asking this question. What next for for the US economy and how can we stimulate growth without increasing our debts?

In a report published by John Melloy of Behind The Money for CNBC he commented as follows:

With commodity prices retreating and fears of a recession mounting, an increasing amount of economists and bond investors believe that the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may signal during August 9th's Fed meeting that it will purchase Treasury securities with maturities of 10 years or greater in order to stimulate the economy. This would mark a change from the purchases during "QE2," which concentrated more on the center of the yield curve.

Do we seriously believe that by purchasing and treasury securities with maturities of 10 years or greater that Ben Bernanke will stimulate the economy, as this will make more investors have confidence in the stock market, personally l do not.

My simple view is that treasury securities are dead in the water and that any confidence people had in them is long since waned. With  a bear not a bull market imminent then people are pulling their horns in and battening down the hatches ready for the tsunami that will eventually hit their shores.            

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service