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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Food Banks Find New Ways To Battle Shortages And Rising Food Costs

This is not charity in any sense of the word, when livelihood­s of the wealthier people are hit by the fact they cannot get that new car, or have that 3rd holiday a year they decide its time to take it from the poorer. As they eat out in the rich suburbs of this country they do not think about the starving or needy, but whether or not to tip the waiter.

This is not my world but it l have to live in it but l like more people everyday are beginning to realize that only by changing this world one step at a time and working all for one aim, the love of our fellow man and woman can we ever be really fulfilled as human beings.
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Facebook Money? Will the Feds Stop Facebook's Power Play For Online Currency?

The danger of commercial­ism on Facebook with launch of " Facebook Credits" will change the status of what was started as a social site to share with friends on your Facebook Page and communicat­e in a way that had never envisaged before. Now it changes as does all social media sites eventually when they have to repay their venture capitalist companies or sell their shares.

This in my opinion should be stopped and stopped now before he gets control of all games played outside his kingdom of Facebook and the adage of nobody gives you nothing for nothing becomes clear, but the actual thought of Mark Zuckerberg­`s face on the dollar bill is an insult to President Washington and fellow Americans.
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Google+ Review Roundup: Critics Have Mixed Feelings About Google's Newest Social Network

As it is called Google + the plus must be the circles and on the first view it is very much like all Google`s products easy to use. once you have mastered the system of dials.
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Stephen Colbert Wins Super PAC At FEC (VIDEO)

This is as bad as the bankers setting up their own insurance and investment products and then recommendi­ng them as a good way for their clients investment portfolio. In this case it is a matter of putting a vehicle in place that will act as a fund raising mechanism for donations and sponsorshi­p from corporatio­ns, that will one day require a reciprocal favor in return.

Is the vehicle called " The Nepotism Foundation " ? [ patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of a relationsh­ip, as in business and politics ]
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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Consumer Protection Agency Could Watch Over '100,000 Firms': WSJ

Any consumer protection bureau that is being set-up will need to be proactive and reactive as it will only leave itself with egg on its face, when businesses do not live up to their expectatio­ns. All government agencies in the UK have not worked because they were paper tigers and their bark was worse and their bite and with the fact that controllin­g these corporate bodies will require a lot more scrutiny, costing the US taxpayer more to police. My question is will it succeed l doubt it but l do hope Elizabeth Warren is ready for a battle of will`s.
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Thursday, 2 June 2011

" Apple`s World Domination of the Cloud " http://amplify.com/u/a14e77

" Apple`s World Domination of the Cloud "

Even though Steve Jobs was taken out of circulation his dominance over controlling the capacity of Apple`s domination over the cloud is the next step. The sheer fact that protecting the information for peoples identity is a problem, due to the massive increase in phising alone. Our next big thing is to release this so guarded information into the ether and share it with God knows who.

I provide a lot of warnings on Facebook to protect security and very few if anyone heeds the warnings and now we say upload it to the cloud, all l can say for job`s it is just that a job, but to subscriber`s on social media sites it could be a disaster in the making.

Amplify’d from itmanagement.earthweb.com

The company has spent the last two years secretly building a billion-dollar, 500,000-square-foot data center in North Carolina. The new facility is five times larger than its existing data center in New Jersey. Apple has also massively expanded data center capacity in Silicon Valley.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to announce the new service Monday at its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Everything about iCloud is officially secret, except the name. But I believe Apple will innovate on some neat tricks. They may, for example, enable constant backup of all user data and possibly synchronization across devices. (Apple is also expected to announce a new version 5 of iOS.) This would enable users to walk away from their PCs, then pick up where they left off on an iPad or even an iPhone. Lost or stolen devices would not involve the loss of data.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "people familiar with the matter" say Apple's iCloud service will be "more robust" than similar services offered by Amazon and Google. Presumably that means it will be more reliable and secure, and possibly (OK, probably) easier to use.

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