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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Obama Takes Debt Ceiling Case To The American People, Congress Seeks Bipartisan Plan (VIDEO)

As with all big decisions made over years with the actual reason being that someone has to win, this momentous decision will change the world whether the US defaults or not. As people will see that they are and can be brought to the very precipice of the cliff, l will call capitalism­.

If it is possible to reach a point of being right over being able to serve the people for whom they were elected, instead of themselves­, then not just the US is doomed but the whole world.
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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Could a "Techno-Fix" be the Answer to Global Warming?

I could not put it better than O C in this post and if this is what the people in this world are capable of such as -

an " Artificial mini-volca­no to spew sulphates into the atmosphere to block sunlight and lower temperatur­es."

Then what hope for the world, as into the wide blue yonder they go not an idea of the consequenc­es of their action, then sometime later who would have thought it or it was not our fault. Then who pays ? the taxpayer and only after the event has caused the problems as nobody was bothered that it might cause a problem and by looking at the possible risks before hand, we may have averted a disaster.

Sounds a bit like the " Global Financial Crisis " too much risk and no reward.
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Rupert Murdoch's Empire Must Be Dismantled – Ed Miliband | Observer

I have just read this story on the Guardian and very rarely agree with any politician of any major party, but this time l totally agree with what Ed has said in his statement and agree wholeheart­edly with his opinion.

We cannot allow any media corporatio­n how ever large to control the actions of people in our government or to be able to control the news we all read. This not only tarnishes the people that get their news by hook or by crook but also damages reputation­s of hard working reporters who provide a balance view of the news in an honest and concise manner daily, not just for the scoops and fame but just for telling us the events as they happen.
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Rebekah Brooks Arrested In Connection With Phone Hacking Scandal

This is a news feast that will run and run or do l mean the owners eventually­, more revelation­s coming l am sure as they interview Rebekkah Brooks. The truth is stranger than fiction they say but having had our helping of non-fictio­n from these revelation­s so far it is about time we got a good helping of truth.
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Thursday, 14 July 2011

'I caught a virus from Murdoch's organ' – famous secret hooker • The Register

'I caught a virus from Murdoch's organ' – famous secret hooker • The Register

Zoe Margolis, author of the celebrated "Girl with a one track mind" blog depicting her saucy boudoir escapades - who was outed by The Sunday Times in August 2006 - exchanged Twitter messages with Brooke Magnanti (AKA Belle de Jour, whose blog covered her adventures in prostitution) revealing their suspicions on Monday. The exchanges, recorded in a blog post by Sophos here, come amid the escalating crisis at News International that led to the closure of the News of the World last Sunday.

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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Lifeblood of the Economy

This is more a case of what we say we cannot do but what we do is not always what we wanted to do.

This scenario is being played out across the whole spectrum of politics as this government gets one thing right according to their strategy, but takes no account of the outside influences or what was not put right in the past, to make sure the same thing does not happen again and again.

The idea of running any economy successful­ly is too put the peoples need before their own want of obtaining votes, witness the Murdoch situation and how a media baron could manipulate government­s just by the stroke of a pen. Then who suffers other people and not the Murdoch Empire take your pick http://www­.sundaysun­.co.uk/ or http://www­.thesunday­sun.co.uk/ both are one and the same and both registered prior to closing NOTW.
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Greece will Eventually be Forced to Leave EMU, but the Timing is Still far From Clear

It maybe sooner than later that Greece leaves the EMU but if l was a gambling man and l am not l would make a prediction that Italy is the one to watch and will need a bailout next, question is who is left to pay the bills?
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Thursday, 7 July 2011

'News Of The World' Last Edition: James Murdoch Says It's Over

As the hounds are baying at the door of the Murdoch empire its time to decamp to firmer territory but at the same time sacrifice`­s are required and this time it will be" The End Of The World " but only for one major player at present ,who else will fall on their sword, before this is finally over ?
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Watchdog To Review Press Regulation

This is well overdue and the P C C is a paper tiger who has no teeth and allows papers and their editors to self regulate their wrong doing. It is high time they got some teeth and use them to bite the self righteous bum`s of the news papers editors.
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Two Visions of Britain

Over the past 25 years we have had but 2 major parties in this country and no other party has got a look in, as a result we had a party for the rich and a party for the working man. The party for the working man looked after themselves and made out they were supporting the man in the street, whereas the party for the rich did the same except they supported schemes for the wealthy making out they cared about the working man. They were one and the same and the coalition never changed when you have time Google the leaders in Wikipedia and these are the results http://en.­wikipedia.­org/wiki/D­avid_Camer­on and http://en.­wikipedia.­org/wiki/N­ick_Clegg and tell me if they are working class or even middle class?

You cannot even understand how to build a better country until you have walked in the other man`s shoe`s they say, well any leader who has not been at the coal face can lead this country and in my opinion ever will.
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Prime Minister Must Respond to Nation's Disgust Over Phone Hacking

This is a topic l feel very strongly about as it relates to the reputation of all news providers and the fact that this type of allegation not only shows up the illegal practices carried out in the name of obtaining a scoop, but also tarnishes the reputation of hard working people in the media industry who obtain their stories using integrity and honesty.
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Chinese Local Debt Might Be $540B More Than Estimated: Moody's

This is the highest that China`s debt mountain has ever been and any promises to the UK government or the US to secure the Euro zone`s debts, may now be put on hold and more so if the ratings by moody`s are reassessed downward.
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Debt Ceiling Crisis Heats Up As Deadline Approaches: Your Day In Politics (VIDEO)

I appreciate that this would be possible if you had a good credit rating but after 25 years of providing finance both commercial­ly and domestical­ly in the UK and worldwide, l found that on many occasions people in debt, had a problem refinancin­g at lower interest rate, as lenders were not keen to take over bad debtors.
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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Financial Reform Destined To Fail, Top Federal Reserve Official Says

By giving banks the ability to self regulate in the UK we allowed them to set their own rules and regulation­s free of any " Bank of England" interventi­on as agreed by none other than Gordon Brown, the upshot was the virtual collapse of the UK banking system, taking people`s hard earned savings down with them.


That`s right lets give them the right to abide by the new financial regulatory reforms by - guess what allowing them to - SELF REGULATE and we go around in the never ending circle.

I see no difference in the US as the UK with out honesty and integrity their is never going to be a way to provide financial services with transparen­cy.
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Major Corporations Oppose Rule Comparing Pay Of CEOs To Workers

As people in this world are being told to pull their belts in and ask for less in their pay packet, major corporatio­ns are trying to cover up the truth about the division between their pay and their workers. The term l am all right jack comes to mind and instead of caring about the people that provide the coal and fuel this economy with their hard earned sweat of their brow, the big chiefs just take more from people with less.
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Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan Subpoenaed By New York Attorney General

My take on this article is if and when Bank of America are found guilty then all the people they took money from should have it refunded and any bonuses paid to the executives involved should be repaid, by a lien on their property and assets. Then all these reclaimed monies should be put into a not-for-pr­ofit trust for and only for the benefit of all people that were defrauded by this action and then as and when confirmed repaid as such, to each person in turn.
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