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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Blog Action Day 2010

Blog Action Day 2010


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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Regulators Decline To Identify What Counts As 'Inordinately Large' Pay For Execs

The words " These People Are Paid Too Much " are uttered very often by the people that are jealous of what they have or would like to earn the same amount.

My personal feelings are on this subject that anyone is worth what they give to others and as l was told many a year ago their salt. The problem today is that people think that they should earn more for their job than someone else, in other words they are more important.

My view is we are all equal and nobody should judge anyone else by what they own or what they earn. As we all need each other to help the ones who get paid " Inordinately Large" pay as with out the lower paid slaving in their factories, businesses and banks they would not have such pay.

But nobody should earn these massive amounts at the expense of other people suffereing on low pay.
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Job-Creation Idea No. 4: Put Those Young People To Work

This is a post that is very dear to my heart and relates to having been involved in providing work for people that are in debt and need some extra income to get themselves on the straight and narrow. A lot of other people that have been helped are also exceptionally well skilled and these skills l harness to help and guide young people to learn a skill, then provide them with a job.

The comments made in this post about being afraid of work as a fear seems to be more related to the fear of not having regular work, to enable them to keep a roof over their heads, even more than to put food on the table. Also some people would rather not lose the house they have a stake in than cut their debt and feed their family, they feel it is a step back ward in life.

Myself personally l have learned that to have a big house, car and possessions are not as important than all my bills are paid and l can sleep at night.
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Greed, Money, Politics and Charity

To many so-called non profit organisation`s have set-up over the past years and allowed the gullible people to invest in to them believing that non-profit means " No profit at all " when setting up my organisation l called it not-for-profit as my intention was to end up with no profit at end of any financial year, by investing back into the people that helped me make the organisation a success.

These non-profit`s have achieved and make huge profits daily and invest a small amount of their profits back into more nonprofits and so forth and so on, some even add a vehicle to their group as a charity and this enables tax relief and spin offs.
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Monday, 20 September 2010

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Just added Seesmic Desktop 2 to be able share twitter, facebook, googlebuzz, ping, linkedin and more very soon. http://bit.ly/cxOZS5

Remembering 9/11 Through Poetry

I cannot truly understand how people felt that were there on that day 9 years ago but thought we need to understand through the media of poetry. This collection by John Lundberg says what l want to say especially the words by Deborah Garrison in her poem " I saw you walking" and speaks of walking in the aftermath and what was seen and felt.
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Monday, 6 September 2010

Joe Miller Campaign Funded By God, K Street

This type of politicking has all the ingredients of using their beliefs to pursued people that they are honest and worth donating their money to their campaign. It smacks at piousness and does not inspire me to vote for anyone like that.
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Sunday, 5 September 2010


This article says exactly how l feel about the way religion should be presented to people allowing them a chance to put over their views and how they feel angry, happy or just fed-up of being told God will show us the way, with no one to show them anything. I have great faith and personally belief God does show us the way through teaching us about the problem, the question is do we really want to learn from our mistakes and help put things right by helping and guiding people to do more about helping other people.

Like you l have tested these theories and my conclusions are not yet fully formed but do believe that by what we personally do every day it makes a difference to the world around us and only when we are ready God will provide the way.

Great article by the way and liked your Facebook page look forward to debating you might like to try discus or intensedebate to get your thoughts across they share well on various sites.
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Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Stock Market Rally Versus the World's Economic Fundamentals

This constant ups and owns of the stock market is as Robert states nothing to do with the economy, to generate a stable economy we need a market able to withstand the constant changes taking place. The building of any economic growth must take place when people feel secure in well paid jobs that reflect their professional skills.

What we have built in this world are employers with an eye on profit and not looking after their valued employees who actual make the growth possible in the first place. They need to put people first and provide not part-time jobs to save national insurance but utilise their profits to value their people as more important than the products, profit or even productivity.

Or one day they will have no people, products or profits to share with anyone including their investors that are mostly banks or rich people looking to make a quick buck.
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