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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Tea Party Doesn't Care About Taxes

Great post Arianna,

I totally agree with the fact we can continue to blame all races and creeds and not look at the route of the problem, the way banks and financial institutions can still worm their way in and out of situations, to make sure they gain the upper-hand.

I will sound like George Elerick in a moment but we need a new way not a structure but a way to provide people in this world with equal opportunities for a job to enable them to put food on the table, clothes on their backs and a roof over their head. The way the structure is put together just bemoans the same rhetoric of ideas of how to put right what is wrong.

Simple the structure of banking and finance in this world, it has too many tentacles in too many pies.
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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Women Voters Will Choose Progress, Not Palin, This Election Cycle

The actual fact that actions of people like Palin could reverse the rights of women that were hard won by hard-liners back in the days of Emile Pankhurst who chained herself to the railings. As we now see Palin using the power of the media to promote herself image and hoping other like-minded women will follow her and vote for her.

The mere fact she may muster support as many women voters are disillusioned with any government that is man-led, it is heartening to hear from Stephanie Schriock and people reading this post that progress is uppermost in women`s minds and that Palin`s way of using facebook as a cudgel and media tool may well come unstuck with l hope limited consequences for women, who really want to make the world a better and safer place for them and their families.
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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Arizona Payday Lenders Leave State After Voters, Legislature Let High-Interest Loans Expire

I worked on offshore companies for many a year and during that time it was so easy to hide the way to set-up lending companies - simply buy off the shelf a name, add nominee solicitors and allocate a UK or US trading arm with its offices in the Isle of Man or similar and trade. Low or no taxation to speak off and no company officers to oversee what you are up to.

In some parts of the US you can become President, vice-president and secretary and own the company with shares in a trust, total control this is what needs changing first.
About Financial Crisis
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Arizona Payday Lenders Leave State After Voters, Legislature Let High-Interest Loans Expire

These type of lending institutions are springing up all over the UK over the past few years and now due to the internet we have short-term lending institutions able to thrive and charge by providing loans for 7 days a massive loan interest upward of 2,467% APR but disguise it as just £75.00, some even add a hidden administration fee or front-end charge.

So great news and more of the states should follow suit as l pioneer my way in the UK of stopping as much illegal practices as possible.

The only way out of debt is good financial management advice given by honest people who charge nothing, as this only makes matters worse for the person in debt and is wrong. Help people out of debt not into debt and your business will grow as trust will exist within your everyday life.
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Arianna On 'John King USA': Move Your Money, Support Your Community Instead Of Too Big To Fail

In days of long ago any bank was built to provide a service that would help people become able to buy their shop or home and banks were geared as land banks or agricultural institutions that provided help and guidance to enable people to profit, thus building a banking relationship built on trust - a word that was eroded by by dishonesty and greed of wanting more.

As people become greedy and banks saw the way to capitalise on their greed they came up with more and more ways to build products that took more profit and left people out in the cold.

So it is about time we reverted to smaller is better and geared the reason for building any bank is people first and profit second and for truth and honesty of all parties that are involved in the contracts that are enacted on the basis of faith.

So right behind you Arianna and lets gird as much support for taking the one thing the big-to-big-to-fail- banks value most their investors money and move it to smaller but equally secure institutions and look after their hard-earned money with emphasis on providing people with a secure future.
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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Financial Crisis Commission Turns Up Heat On Goldman Sachs: 'Nobody Here Believes You'

Are we seriously mean`t to believe that one of the 7 largest Wall Street Banks do not keep a separate record of what they call cash and derivatives. The mere fact that derivatives is basically a cash making business makes this ludicrous in the extreme, with the fact that the derivatives market is moving large amounts on cash from one sector to another daily and making vast profits.

The other factor not really brought out of this interview is that everyone should know exactly what percentage of upfront fees are taken before investment strategy is put in place and then what is the back-end cost to the investor. As with most cash-backed schemes by moving vast amounts of cash called simply derivatives into one area or other each time it is moved an upfront fee is charged this varies but can be high dependent on risk to the client.

Then once having risked a clients money and made money they can then remove the back-end charges based on the risk and make a further - killing at the expense of the investors.

It is simply a licence to mint their own incomes, read Leo Hinderys post relating to their earnings $900,000 per hour [ not a typo] he said then realise their true worth. Time to get some teeth and bite them where it hurts in the pocket.
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Wall Street's Answer to Unemployment

Good morning Leo,

You echo what l believe and have believed and spread the word to my followers for many years prior to the global financial crisis. We have accepted greed and called it business for many years and now we have youngsters on programmes like the Apprentice chaired by an ex-minister of the Labour Party as acceptable ways to earn money, even when they are blatantly lying our illustrious chairman praise`s their spirit to sell more and make him money, but forget ethics.

So by acceptance of this way of following these so called Gods - who know good and evil they as we know in Wall Street choose the latter not the former as one will make them rich and the other will make them honest with less.

So what is next - well we need to be more honest and tell people the truth based on how we treat our working population and not based on how we make greater profits from the sweat of other peoples brow.

If we live for today much longer there will be no tomorrow ?
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