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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Why Should We Trust the IMF?

The actually stupidity of trusting any organisation, fund or banking/financial institution that is hell-bent on destroying the infrastructure of our world is both fool-hardy at the least, but as Dean states in the title of his article. Why should we trust the IMF ? My answer would be simply only a blind-man in a fog would trust any world structure that has and is failing as we are not spending enough money to create jobs ? That is my question as an answer - when you say it does it not just seem ludicrous to the extreme that we can only survive by getting deeper into debt.

Take a look at a simple scenario if we do not buy goods no jobs more unemployed so more money need to be provided by the federal reserve and utilised for welfare benefits for the increasing unemployed. Then more people not paying federal taxes the less money for providing benefits for people who are elderly, disabled or in need.

So we then spend more money on imports as we do not produce any goods in this country and debts grow and greater debt less credit status and sooner than later everyone is in debt prices of property and assets fall.

Next well as with any company not making a profit - bankruptcy not a country but the world.
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Friday, 25 June 2010

Lincoln Amendment or Bust

The actual blatant abuse of selling " Naked CDS`s " has become the normal way of banking and the idea of actually helping the investment client`s to invest wisely in their bank the essence of banking, has become twisted to become a new way - simply called " How To Bank Unwisely And Help Us To Become Rich In The Process " this was caused by creation of their own products financial services products simply called Naked CDS`s and wow they made money using your money the taxpayers for them to squander.

So ban then now before they bankrupt the American banking system and leave people in dire straits.
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" Monthly Report On Real Economic Indicators for June 2010 "

Microsoft Word - June economic tracking FINAL.doc - Powered by Google Docs

This is the pdf for the monthly report compiled by one of our many news sources.

So many thanks to " Democracy Corps at http://democracycorps.com/ for their article and for allowing us to share the details.

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service


" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

Why the Wall Street-BP Double Standard?

The world is full of double standards that fill our coffers to overflowing but leave our hearts lacking in the feelings of becoming better people. The ecological disaster may on the surface seem more prevalent than the banking crisis as our instinct is for survival of people and animals also we need someone to blame, as it is on the surface for ALL to see.

Whereas the bankers have been able to hide their indiscretions in words of saying but we are investing for our clients and when found to be making millions of dollars, by manipulating the investment vehicle they reason it out with saying it was not my fault- the market change, it was worldwide consequences that caused the hedge funds to lose.

The BP scenario is not able to reason out the events it is clear as a pike staff on your face that they and they alone are responsible and anyone they contracted either first party, second party or even third party by contract, it is just how much can we mitigate our costs.

But in the end people lose out - be it investors or fishermen and small businesses - nobody gains with lies, manipulation and changing the facts. It cost the world its eco-system and people their hard earned incomes.

Time for a change l hear you say - but where do we go from here ?
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Financial Reform Bill Passes: Banks Keep Derivatives Units, Volcker Rules Softened; House-Senate Conference Passes Financial Reform Bill After Marathon Session

Even though this news is welcome, it has not addressed the major issue surrounding the derivatives market, this may as the article say enable banks to make massive profits for the other banks, but it also is and will be the downfall of the US banking industry.

By allowing no condoning the fact that it would cost the bankers billions of dollars to make changes has allowed a loop hole that bankers can capitalise on immediately and together with not curbing hedge funds it has watered down a bill and made it unable to control banks growth.

The mere facts speak for themselves and only a blind-man or woman could not see it, but as we all know it all comes down to political clout and manipulation of the facts, governed essentially by donations to the party.
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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Less Than One Percent Of Modified Mortgages In Obama Foreclosure Plan Involve Principal Cuts

There is a simple way to handle the foreclosure crisis and also make sure that all banks get repaid what they are owed. The method employed at present prevents due to structural deficit problems a way for an individual to be cited as a potential case of either mismanagement or basically they are not important in the scheme of the system employed in the action of funding by repayment structure.

What is needed and should be implemented is a funding vehicle of bringing together a so-called debt book of assets and liabilities thus we can have a balance of the actual deficit and not the structural deficit. Then by application of a so-called debt revival plan or as we call it a " Debt Reduction Analysis Plan " any government could monitor debt over repayments as they will have a repayment strategy in place.

The risk is minimal as we know the debt and we know the interest repayable [ this would have course have to set at outset on all outstanding mortgages, so some people would lose but some would gain] but the over-riding factor is payment of the indebtedness would be reduced. Also people in a position of foreclosure being part of the plan would be saved by those that where not.

This presupposes everyone with a mortgage is willing to share by those with more helping those with less to keep their home.
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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Health Care Reform Media Coverage Was Terrible, Finds New Study

The healthcare bill that was passed after hours and hours of debate was never truly wanted by a lot of people and reading today on the Huffpost that cost of healthcare has risen and not fallen as was promised by President Obama is not a surprise.

We have two areas to consider in this senario that one is the health of the nation and the other is the profits of the healthcare insurance providers and their profits.

One does not equate with the other as one is based around not caring about whether people get good healthcare for the people and the other is based around achieving healthcare for everyone, that is not based on cost. In the case of this healthcare bill as with any bill it is the insurance companies that win every time and people are not even considered as important.

It makes you sick if you could afford to be ill - excuse the pun.
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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Re: German-Franco call for EU ban on short selling

Re: German-Franco call for EU ban on short selling: "This practice should be made law in every country as it causes the volatility in the currency markets and enables massive profits on short-term gain. It does not bring stability to any economy and provides a very simple way to eventually destroy the financial structure, with the worst being naked short-term selling. This just requires no security leaving any investor - WELL NAKED."

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

Bernanke Warns Congress Not To Cut Spending, Cautions About 'Fragile' Recovery

The art of reducing any deficit or debt as it really is called is to have greater productivity without the need for borrowing more, as borrowing will only increase the debt leading to the deficit getting wider.

It appears that in the Fed as elsewhere are put in charge and take their lessons from people that borrow their way out of debt and this has already led to the previous financial crisis - watch out here come`s double dip recession not one fall but one fall followed by the second.

This is caused by excessive borrowing exceeding manufacturing output of goods not services as they have a continuing longevity as long as they are manufactured with peoples need in mind. But as most of this throw-away world has only provided short-lived profits that rise and fall by the fickle nature of the people, l do not see it changing in the short term.

The only way to long term prosperity and enduring wealth is providing jobs that procure an income sufficient to feed, clothe and home a family with ALL that they need - not want.
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Re: Arianna Huffington: ‘Yahoo! is not buying The Huffington Post’

Re: Arianna Huffington: ‘Yahoo! is not buying The Huffington Post’: "As a blogger and also person that writes predominately on the Huff post l am quite happy that Arianna will not sell and fully support their pioneering of stories with a no-nonsense reporting method of being at the cutting edge of journalism. For too long big media companies have been able to offer big bucks and get what they want l hope that Arianna is not one of them.

Do not sell them your baby - Arianna we all are behind you ?"

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

Re: China defends censoring web

Re: China defends censoring web: "As China strengthens its grip on an ever losing battle of trying to control their people and preventing them from gaining westernised views and ideas. They are beginning to lose their stranglehold over their sovereignty of the internet and will eventually have to accept that to become a dominate world power they will have to accede to the allowing their citizens the right to surf the internet in their own way, they cannot have it both ways."

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pelosi Demands Oil Spill Legislation By July 4

It is about time that something was done to prevent the people of the US paying for the incompetence of the oil companies and the fact that Nancy has got involved will hasten the day when the buck stops here - and here means at the door step of BP with more companies like this if this continues to happen.

Come on Nancy do for this what you did for Healthcare Reform l am with you all the way.
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What Is Goldman Sachs Hiding From Congress? NYT

The saying goes something like this " The Bigger You Are The Harder They Fall" in this case " ADD WILL IN FRONT OF FALL" as like all these banking institutions that use other people`s money l have called for these articles simply OPM mongers as to them it is like a drug and people like that believe they will never be caught and that money can save them. Well it is the little things that bring about their downfall and guess what it only puts off the fateful day of reckoning when like Daniel and Goliath it is Daniel who triumphs with a sling and stone.

Then in this case however large his opponent was it was then that the saying became the truth and we all know that truth is stranger than fiction.
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Acefinance: Comment: Sarah Palin to President Obama:" Call Me "

By: acefinance: "
Is this not telling someone who is the President of The United States Of America - ' How To Suck Eggs ' maybe this is the way she would have ordered Senator John McCain about if he had been elected but l do not believe that President Obama will take any advice off someone like that, but he is too much of a gentleman to get involved, is he not?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Exxon Valdez Lawyer: Louisianans, 'To Use A Legal Term,' Are 'Just F--ked'

As with all legal cases like this today the time it takes to get to court allows any defendant time to get his case in order before questioning, but in the case of Exxon it was it to enable them to form as much leverage as possible against the charges, enabling the reduction in the eventual pay-out of compensation.

As can be seen it works as the " old adage goes " money talk`s to slick oily lawyers out to slime themselves a very healthy pay check. It neither matters these day`s whether the party they defend is guilty of malpractice, negligence or the like they only perform in 9 out of 10 cases for the fat pay check at the end.

As a true cynic of business practices all legalities of the truth being more important than money has long since left our judiciary system and only the faintest tinge of doing what is right, honest and above all telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth - so help me God, has gone.
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BP's Long History Of Destroying The World

Well written article Ryan and well researched it also points out to people reading it that this reign of terror of the black gold goes back further than people realise. It is not fact that all these oil exploration companies get rights from numerous governments to drill for oil, it is the damage created by the fact of oil spills like the Torrey Cannon and how time after time money has saved these companies from being stopped.

At each turn they wriggle like a fish that has just eaten the great big worm of profit from damaging the eco-system of some far off place in a country ,leaving swathes of devastation in their wake. Always with promise to put it right but years later we are told that people were bought off with promises of job`s that seldom materialise, due to one reason or other.

It is for BP one of many time to pay for their misdeeds with profits they have made by taking from the people and keeping it under the guise of telling us all we need oil to survive, they have for too long held us to ransom with promises of cleaner fuels and better environment, green energy is now the cry.

But people for too long have kept quiet now with publications like the Huff Post they can say what they feel, finally.
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Swipe Fee Amendment Hated By Credit Cards Providers Will Remain In Wall Street Bill, Says Dodd

The introduction of the swipe fee by credit card companies came as a result of the fact of security we were told, this would protect the consumers we are told and we are able to make sure we make a lot of money we are not told.

Whatever banks, or credit card companies tell us that is good for us - LOOK FOR THE SMALL PRINT IT IS EVEN BETTER FOR THEM.
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Why The END Of Cheap Chinese Labor Is Near (PHOTOS)

For too many years the people of China have been kept poor in favour of the companies being able to produce goods that are cheap to sell by export. Even companies have been decamping by the score from Britain and America have been able to maximise profits whilst keeping the people poor and even making them feel grateful.

The companies will now start to see a change as the article says as the older people and parents have put up with the way of life and have allowed themselves to be victims just to feed their families. As the growth of sending these youngsters to other westernised countries to study in universities and learn the way of business and how to make money, they have returned so to become bosses themselves and others to say time to earn a decent wage for a job.

So l say best of luck to them and hope that as with many countries they do not get too greedy and cause the downfall of their economy as so many countries have done in the past.
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Unemployment Benefits Are More Important Than Deficit Reduction, Say 3/4 Of Voters

Hi Huff Reader,

I am in total agreement with your last paragraph we need to support people somehow by helping them to support themselves. It is the old adage give a man a fish and he eats for one day but teach him how to fish and he eats for the rest of his life.

We have teach people skills that will enable them to feed themselves and their families and support them with the unemployment benefits until they are able to fend for themselves, in this dog eat dog world. By easing them of benefits by showing them how to make goods or provide services that can be sustained instead of offering people a part-time contract thus saving the employers money and enabling them to sack them with no reason after 3 months, or once they have their pound of flesh.

It has to be jobs for the future to feed,clothe and put a roof over them and their families heads.
About Careers
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U.S. Debt Poised To Overtake GDP In 2012

On June 4th 2010 President Barack Obama announced that by the year of 2012 government debt would would rise to over $13 trillion and would take over the " Gross Domestic Product " of the country of the United States of America.

This is how Bloomberg reported this story l read today but what are the consequences of this happening and what will it mean to the country, people and world.

As not pour gloom on a story that a number of people will say will not happen - l look back to many years ago when people who borrowed thousands to buy a house and now they we borrow millions. Then we were told if we keep borrowing one day we would have to pay the pipers tune - well is the piper now our greed of wanting and our tune is debt ? Are we still blind to the sheer fact that debt breeds unhappiness and broken families, can we be that unwilling to accept the fact that what we have said would never happened is coming true, or will we wait until we bankrupt the world with our greed of want ?
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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday Roundup

The fact that Mr Hayward has the ability to be employed in the position of overseeing the way this oil spill will be sorted out amazes me and a number of people l have spoken. The fact that anyone believing that filling up the pipe-line with rubber tyres and mud would stop a gushing oil leak ,is quite honestly beyond my comprehension.

Your comments are spot-on Arianna even though l do not reside in the US but in the UK the cost to US taxpayers will be massive and the only people that should pay are BP and President Obama should already be getting a written undertaking confirming an open-ended agreement that all costs for clean-up of this spill will be paid by them, including any profits until all of the costs are covered however long it takes. Here is a useful link anyone can use to give their response to how they feel it is http://www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com/go/doc/2931/546759/

The link was supplied by courtesy of " The New York Times" so thanks from Ace News Services.
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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: Cap Placed Over Leak Collecting Only Fraction Of The Oil

We keep being told by BP that this measure will work but as can be seen for the pictures on Huff Post Pics that this is just not happening faster enough. All these companies should be scrutinised when they get the rights to drilling in any part of the world, with emphasis on safety and with special attention to " What Happens If" these words are ignored more times in our everyday lives each and every time we come up with a way to make money by companies getting contracts based on profit and not people.
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Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'

So the latest recruitment ads read " NO UNEMPLOYED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONSIDERED AT ALL " so what is their reason`s that they are trying to refine their search for the right candidates and in so doing ignore the people not presently in a job.

The recruitment company is called " The People Place" do you know any more companies that recruit applicants in the same way.

Lets Disqus on this blogger and see what is really happening in this world for people who are unemployed and WANT A JOB OF WORK ?
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Stock Market Falls After Bleak Jobs Report, Dow Below 10k

The actual theory of trying to increase the currency in the way of minting more to spend is both ludicrous and totally and completely leading the world to the brink of financial collapse.

All right l have everyone`s attention and now to clarify if we all say this and keep believing the hype we will soon be convinced of our own hype and a vicious circle sets a president - excuse my pun, then eventually creating our own way of believing what we say and do. Hang on that is exactly what we have done, now we have more unemployed and as this great article states by Stephen Bernard that 431,000 jobs needed and only 411,000 created in temporary jobs. This is no way to get out of debt or to provide families with a stable future.

It is time to manage our debts and only by good financial management will we get ourselves back on an even keel. Do l sound like a broken record ?

Well maybe l believe my own hype or is it worth a try as the way we live out life never made us happy and content, so maybe this will work - but we have to try it first.
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Friday, 4 June 2010

Re: Bank of England: 'Inflation not the way out of debt'

Re: Bank of England: 'Inflation not the way out of debt': "This is a case of simply trying to borrow yourselves out of debt by fuelling inflation by the act of simply getting people to buy more goods. The simple fact that borrowing creates debt for the purchaser of the goods in credit or simply by depleting their bank and savings accounts is short-term folly. It will not create jobs but amass greater profits for the supplier, distributor and retailer not forgetting the manufacturer.

This has been tried by so many chancellors and has never worked so why keep trying the same way, change.

So here is my way to make it work better - all companies become not-for-profit and all profits are re-invested for the benefit of the people that work for the manufacturer of goods,making sure that they are both ethical, green and eco-friendly.

With the re-investment of profits and sale of goods increasing - more people can be employed thus increasing jobs and training for the young - who want to work.

But most of all or l will keep going all night and that is good financial management of their debts, starting with the our elected government and finishing with the people that elected their officials to act for and on their behalf with the basis of truth and honesty and there`s the rub.

Well that is a start anyone else want to add their 10 penny worth all comments welcome."

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

Are the Unemployed Causing Unemployment?

Is this just a way to tell people that are unemployed that they are a drain on the state and if they had not been in that situation then the country would not be in such a mess. The fact that the greedy financial institutions and over borrowing has caused a lot of people that had jobs to become unemployed - seems to me to not reflect his comments, or maybe due to the short-sightedness of many politicians to blame others for their own misdeeds, is his real reason. How does anyone feel ?
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Re: High unemployment threatens housing recovery

Re: High unemployment threatens housing recovery: "All my local research comes to one conclusion and that is that there will be another financial crisis, due to the massive borrowing in this country. As for my personal opinion l told my clients over 3 years ago be careful and do not borrow more than you can comfortably afford, then 12 months before the Northern Rock, do not borrow at the present.

But it fell on deaf ears and only a few heard my words and it fell on good ground with a little on stony ground, remind you of someone else who said the same and we did not heed that word.

Borrowing is debt and financial management is a way forward to a happier life. Need FREE financial advice contact me at http://aceworldwideservices.blogspot.com/

After 25 years of helping and guiding people out of debt one day people will borrow less and manage more.

Regards, Ian"

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sarah Palin Blames Environmentalists For Gulf Oil Disaster

When l read these types of comments l am somewhat amazed but also perturbed at the fact that people like Sarah Palin can blame this disaster on the people whose lives have been blighted by this subsequent oil spill. One word AMAZING !
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Fed Still Doesn't Know How To Stimulate Lending To Small Businesses

The simple way to affect business increase in any country of the world is firstly to sell people goods that will enhance their lives and also will by making the company not-for-profit enable the profits to be re-invested for the good of the people that purchase the goods. this will enable stimulation of the business and also provide for increase both in turnover and also in man power.

This same formulae could be applied to any lending situation as when a small-business is making a profit the profits are applied to repay the lending by a capital reduction scheme and in so doing will enable a larger profit as the repayments are eventually eradicated.

I realise that this is not the way as it has been but borrowing more only leads to disaster as by the end of the month you will have more month than money.
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