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Saturday, 29 May 2010

UN Reports Diphtheria Outbreak in Port-au-Prince: IDP Camps Vulnerable

Thanks for highlighting an important issue Georgianne and this has come as know surprise to me as for many a year monies that were earmarked for food for the poor when disasters like this strike goes astray and is not provided at point of delivery to the people who need it. The situation when charity begins at home by people who in good faith pledge their donation without the knowledge of how it will be spent and at each turn from the charitable organisation and fund raising body everyone takes a nibble, then people starve.

An example of this was when l first had my taste of charity and an organisation l joined in my local community in the UK had me fund raising on the streets, after a day we raised around £100.00 and at the next meeting we discussed how we would send it too Rawanda and whilst deciding l happened to read their news letter and the fact that $6 million dollars had been raised by the international arm. So l simply asked could we not send some of that money and l was told oh that is for a really worthy and high profile cause, not just for this one. Oh l said and the next week promptly left, this was one of many instances l could site, it is not the people or the cause but to highlight how wonderful these charities are raising more money.
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"No More Secrecy": Open The Wall Street Negotiations and Empower Voters

It is only by total transparency of purpose that our banking industry will become clearer in the aspects of offering consumers and clients a package of product services based around their need, not the want of massive profits based on collective product ranges geared to commission based returns. The philosophy that has grown up in the advent of global financial domination has been as a result of collective bargaining power we are told but underlying factors lead to other reasons for how by control of the financial markets you can dictate growth by greed based on reason of getting your bank to look healthy, while you remove the hard earned money out of the pockets of the citizens of America,with more cunning than Fagin Could Train His Followers to a pick a pocket or two. These days the financial institutions pick everyone`s pocket and leave nothing to chance.They even clean the carcass of an investment just for a few pence more.
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Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Cult of Subprime Central Bankers

For many a year we have lived on the premise of the never never, even when l was young my father would borrow on the basis of paying for an item of furniture over the next weeks. This applied even to his clothing two suits one for best and one for daily use, doctors or the like. It was time of austerity and pawn shops reigned as the only source of money until the next pay-check.

But as time progressed we went from austerity to times of wealth and of being able to obtain anything our heart desired by borrowing, it became the norm and interest rates rose as did property prices from the days of pecuniary interest to acquire a home for under a £1,000.00 to paying for everything when a young couple got married by credit. These were the days of wine and roses and like all flowers and wine they either die or go sour, so did the economy as people became more greedy.

There is nothing new in what is happening to the worlds wealth it is just changing places and repeating the same mistakes over and over again, the problem each time it is making everyone poorer in their pocket but also poorer in their heart and the latter is the hope that never springs eternal.
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Oil Tax Increase By Congress Would Fund Federal Cleanup, Response To Oil Spills

As the people of America start to realise that it will be their taxes that will pay the price of BP`s failings in making adequate protection by allocating profits under a fund-guarantee scheme that would protect both the livelihoods of the people in parts of the world whose lives have been devastated by the overall impact of oil companies making massive profits at their expense.

And as this ability to pass the buck and make other people pay the cost of their damage has become the norm in today`s world and by allowing this to happen time after time we are opening the door to other companies to destroy our eco-system and damage our environment in the pursuit of power and money, it is time for them to pay not us.
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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fact-Checking Blanche Lincoln's Claim That She's 'Standing Firm' Against Wall Street (VIDEO)

I have just visited http://www.opensecrets.org/and found really interesting information about how Blanche Lincoln and a number of other prominent politicians or senators are funded. Anyone interested take a look especially at - " The Revolving Door " whereby likes of corporate companies receive consultancies and contracts through what l can only call an open door policy of jobs for the boys/girls.

i have joined with the intention of providing my news with add content and statistics but this information as to how any of our politicians and senators are funded is both revealing and shows how corruption breeds total corruption within our society.
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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Conservatives, Join the Call: Tell Congress to Televise the Financial Reform Conference

It is about time for transparency in any government and that the public should be aware of how our duly elected officials carry-out their fiscal duties for and on our behalf. Is is not time for the words of many famous politicians from history to be heard as voices of the people echoing not what we will do but this is how we have done it, by putting their money as in their provisions of congress into running their country as well as can be expected of them, thus carrying out their right to be seen by people as the right choice to be in charge of their money. Not by their greed but by their care and attention of what is important, the people they serve.
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Senate Set For Another Unemployment Fight: 'Congress Cannot Screw This Up Again'

Hello Tealady005, I have seen the writing on the wall about the state of the finances in America and Britain for many a year and it is only by moving money fast enough or as with the banks robbing Peter to pay Paul that no one can really see the true state of the economy. The last resort for any economy seems to be print more money and increase the ability to spend more thus hiding the fact that it will take longer for people to be made aware of the true state of the worlds finances. Then the people who suffer will be the unemployed and those with only a little and it will take longer for the rich to suffer, as they will protect their own - the survival instinct.
About Careers
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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Dems Fighting Over Tax Loophole For Money Managers

It appears that when ever a bill or an amendment is getting close to being agreed the greed of the banking fraternity comes to the forefront. In this case they want to be treated as a special case and what they really mean is that they want their own way and to protect their interests and to hell with the fact that it is other peoples money, namely clients.
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Fed Boosts Projections For Recovery, Though Substantial Pitfalls Remain

How can we keep measuring economic growth by only certain indicators like GDP and the highest growth for this quarter is based on what ? These are not the indicators to growth the only way to measure growth is by the people and the life-blood of any country is how many people have jobs that are sustainable and will not just be around while a certain product that is a best seller is popular with the masses, as trends come and go and with them jobs. We need secure employment manufacturing products that will be used now and into the future, as it people that provide growth, not figures on a balance sheet.
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Crucial Help for Homeowners Could Never See the Light of Day

Hello Richard,

As a man that works on debt and financial management in the UK and has done so for more years than l care to remember l have seen the changes taking place over the past few years and could see the writing on the wall as the structures were left to open to the type of abuse that is now being seen. The mere fact that we discuss the figure of 800,000 or more amendments not going through and that only 230,000 made it proves the love of money triumphs over honesty every time.

I was told a simple story a long time ago and it was that if a man had a loaf of bread and another a pack of butter and a third a lump of cheese everyone could have a sandwich, but when one of the men wanted more and valued his commodity or goods above everyone else greed set in and all that was being built fell apart.

We need regulators with teeth not afraid of the banks lawyers and we need to get tough and legislate as a country be it US or UK in favour of lending becoming a last resort and not a first port of call. This would be a bitter pill for many but it would teach us to accept less and to share more, look at times in history when people helped each other and only in adversity or times of tribulation does this occur.
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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Geithner Admits Regulatory Failures, Reiterates Support For Empowering Regulators

Timothy Geithner does not want the financial regulatory authorities to take away his little bit of power and he is hell bent on keeping leverage, to enable him to control what happens in the day to day running of these institutions.
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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Reid Backs Breaking Up Banks, Auditing Fed

Please check out my comments on this page to a littleblackcat and to reiterate the comments made a lie is a lie and it is time for the Democrats to have a back-bone and not stand on the sideline and say we must not upset the apple-cart. The time has come to act and act decisively with the cunning of a tiger and the bite when needed of a rattle-snake. Never before since the beginning of the banking industry back in the past has this reform mattered and people need to regain confidence in the people elected to serve their interests and to provide a way forward in the financial world, so with my fingers like others firmly crossed l support the reform wholeheartedly.
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Wall Street Reform: Progressive Dems Glimpse Victory

As we edge ever closer to cleaning up wall street each small step like a babe in arms tentatively taking its first steps and falling at each one. Will he or won`t he complete the task of reforming the financial institutions just as the UK is reaching a milestone in politics on election night.

These two major shifts taking place on this night will mark the beginning of a new way to us living our lives, oh no we will not see the progress for a many a year but very soon as if a twinkle of an eye we the people will stand up and declare no more of taking what does not belong to you.
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Sunday, 2 May 2010

'Shitty Deal': Goldman Exec Daniel Sparks Hammered Over Term Used To Describe Deal Made For Clients (VIDEO)

The answer from Spark`s should be yes " l have a duty of care to my investment client`s" and they have a right to know the truth about this product and the fact they did not have this relevant information - " As To Being A Shitty Deal" this is not " Providing Good Sound Investment Advice " every client should be given the good and bad points relating to the product the adviser is selling and providing the client`s with all the information to make an informed decision.

It is not the right of any financial adviser/ banker to give advice based just on his/her opinion to enable any investment client`s to make an informed decision. Then if any client chooses to invest once they have all the information then it is their choice, then should they lose money they are not able to blame anyone else.

The way this was couched is called fixing the market to suit the bank and prevent any client from having sufficient information to make their own decision on how they want to invest " Their Money" this should be the way any financial advisers should do business, investment or not.
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Sunday Roundup

As you stated Arianna it is time that our elected officials are held responsible for their actions, easier said that done. When these people are elected they tell us what they are going to do, not what they will do.

This is a vast difference it is a subtle change but all politicians are good at subtle, they do much so that they convince they are right when they are in fact lying. The problem is that we want to believe what they say and this allows us to not see the subtle difference between what they say they are going to do - namely tell the truth and what they really do line their own pockets and produce financial products to the effect they look like they have our best interests at heart.

This is simply shown in the Goldman Sach`s affair where they really believe they are not at fault and even Warren Buffet recently left the housing market to its own devices and now getting involved in railways and other such projects funded by people like Goldman Sach`s through their foundation funding, maybe. More on this soon.
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