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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Inside the Fed Loan Flurry During September 2008

Inside the Fed Loan Flurry During September 2008: "
Bloomberg News

Our friends at WSJ's Real Time Economics take a closer look at the flurry of loans made in September 2008 under the Primary Dealer Credit Facility, the remarkable push by the central bank to extend credit to firms other than banks.

Real Time Economics' Sudeep Reddy points out the PDCF handled hundreds of loans in the six weeks following the weekend of Sept. 13-14, 2008, otherwise known as the Days Wall Street (Nearly) Died.

Among the firms who took loans under the PDCF were Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Barclays Capital, which took out a $47.9 billion loan from the PDCF on Sept. 18, 2008.

Read more at Real Time Economics.

" Thought that people out their in blogosphere would be interested in reading the statistics related to firms that took loans under the" Primary Dealer Credit Facility " and what is really amazing is that three of them are now three of " Wall Street's" seven's largest, even Barclay's who categorically denied taking any monies from the government ended up with a loan of $47.9 billion, not a lot when you say it quickly.

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Goldman Sachs Bonuses at Near-Record Lows?

Goldman Sachs Bonuses at Near-Record Lows?: "An analyst expects employee pay at Goldman Sachs to shrink to a near-record low for 2010.

This is about time as for far too long these ludicrous bonuses have been paid by banks to enable greedy bank executives to live high on the hog of other people's misery.

The fact that people who are not gullible but believe that their so-called financial advisor is giving them what can only be termed, as good advice as supposedly laid down by our so-called financial engineer's of the regulator's. When all the time products are being geared with the sole intention of lining the pockets of the so-called banks coffer's.

So to see a few words like this one around Christmastime may not lead to all banks following suit but at least the headlines did not say " Bankers Bonuses Are At An All time High " but this time that one of the 7 is at " Near Record Lows" thank God.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Americans Reject Credit Cards This Holiday Season

Many years ago people used that old fashioned item called cash and as we were all told " Cash Was King" and " Another Day Another Dollar" but then the days of the credit card were upon us , but it crept upon us very quietly without us knowing with the advent of the bankers card for use of cheques and at the bottom the word's Vis'a and we were given a small piece of paper with writing so small to the naked eye that very few people ever decided to read it, so the stealth bomber of debt was set.

Many years later and just when we needed it with the help of consumeris­m and the fact that any country was built on how much people spent the credit card companies started to rise, like a phoenix from the ashes and instead of the word -DEBIT [ meaning l have the money in my account] the word CREDIT [meaning buy now and pay later] and so we did in droves building debts up to points that took us into or closer than before to our so-called credit limit.

Now you would have thought at this point they would say enough was enough and limit us to only what we paid off, but know greed had set in and everyone climbed on the band-wagon as credit limits exploded and people were spending more than they could really afford.

So about time l say.
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Americans Reject Credit Cards This Holiday Season

Anyone following the changes in legislatio­n and also how credit card companies can see the writing on the wall for big debt may wish to read this at http://www­.nytimes.c­om/2010/12­/18/your-m­oney/18mon­ey.html?_r­=1&nl=your­-money&emc­=your-mone­yema2
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Hedge Funds May Skirt Direct Fed Supervision

Any hedge fund has been constructe­d by either the bank or financial corporatio­n that decided that it would as it states, hedge its bets. The fact that it enables the investor to allocate their investment capital into various areas of investment­, usually via advice from the bank, does not preclude the fact that the investment can be geared in such a way as to enable the banking institutio­n to make money either way.

The reason for phrases like the investment can go up or go down is not mean't for the investor's protection but to enable the bank to make money either way, but also give's some investor's a feeling that they have had good advice, whilst their pocket's are being picked clean.

The other day l thought of a new hedge fund that l would like to call " The Artful Dodger Fund " as they are just like dodger in so many ways always creating ways to avoid being caught and at the same time robbing Peter to pay Paul.

This is just another way of avoiding paying the piper and as we all are beginning to say that paying the price of their investment strategies­, is enabling the rich to get richer whilst the poor get poorer.
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Saturday, 18 December 2010

13 Products Most Likely To Made By Child Or Forced Labor (PHOTOS)

This has been going on for so long now we seem to accept it as everyday life and carry-on buying the goods that are sold as a consequenc­e. We are responsibl­e for lining the pockets of these companies, me as much as others but it is not the children that are being abused that need to be helped only, but the companies and organisati­ons, being allowed to carry on trading in parts of the world where government­s turn a blind eye.

It is these people that should be ashamed of their selves for child exploitati­on, but they put their corporate profits before the well being of a little child, l promise you this their time is coming.
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