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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Goldman Sachs Emails: Firm Had 'The Big Short' As Economy Fell

So finally the truth starts to emerge to exactly what was happening behind the close doors on Wall Street back in 2007 when as " The New York Times " stated on this day on alert received at 14.53pm today " Goldman Sachs Thrived As The Economy Fell " betting against the housing markets. Anyone interested in reading this story it can be found at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/25/business/25goldman.html?emc=na but returning to this excellent article as all these emails will show once they are pieced together it did not matter about their investors all that mattered was making money.

The fact that they made $51 million in just one day on just one big short provides an insight of how people were misled and helped to believe that their investments would be safe.
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When Senators Vote for the Big Banks, We Will Name Them

These 6 banks are the ones that have ruled the Wall Street Investment Market for nigh on 20 years plus and as a UK citizen back in the 80`s l was dealing with corporate lending for my clients and they had only just started, but even then their way of doing business in the lending field was always to get fees upfront and many times my clients would end up out-of-pocket for £1000`s as when the proposal finally got to board-room status for a small number of hand-picked people to vote on the amount and structure of lending 9 out of 10 got declined. The reasons given were bizarre to say the least but safe to say the bank made money on the other 9 and the clients who were accepted had certain changes made to their lending by adding onerous interest rates and redemption charges, thus making sure they never took a risk with their own money.

Go forward 20 years and now they invest other peoples money made from the people that 20 years before were lending money and paying exorbitant charges for borrowing other peoples money namely the investors.

So now you begin to see a pattern and how they have protected themselves for so long so by making them smaller will only solve part of the problem, we need them broken up and each part changed in favour of the investor, not the bank.
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Friday, 23 April 2010

Goldman Sachs Bonuses: Bank Paying Staff Over $5 Billion For Just Three Months Work

As all banks now have enabled bankers to provide an investment strategy for their clients from a leather chair in a high rise building by buying and selling derivatives and telling people to invest in this financial product. Meanwhile in the back ground the bankers are busy putting together deals that make sure they can earn their larger and larger bonuses, by the sheer ability to manipulate the markets and even create financial products to raise funding in the markets to invest in their own products knowingly making more money but this time at the detriment of other people.

The SEC has a toe in the water and has intimated as this is fraud but the real fraud is the people hand in glove with the bankers and what has so far been uncovered is just the tip-of-the-iceberg, there is more to come. So it is with any tsunami it starts with a ripple in a pond and the next time we look it is forty feet high.
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Mr. Zombeck Goes to Washington and Needs Your Stories

Hi Richard, Hope You And Your Family Are Well

I will be happy to spread your news and shame the banks on our network and have added your details to our blogger to enable people that read it to share as well. I will take a look and add more as people comment by adding your RSS feed into googlereader and if you send me a link l will provide that as well so people can contact you direct.

Kindest Regards, Ian
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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Can Financial Regulatory Reform Prevent The Next Goldman?

Great article as usual Jason,

Firstly the proposed financial reform will not prevent the bankers greed be it Goldman Sachs or others such as JPMorgan or Wells Fargo to name but 3 of the 6 that are the protagonists. So back to will financial reform of the banks stop another Goldman Sachs, l would rather ask if it will prevent another financial crisis and l answer not unless people like the financial institutions have more truly honest people working for the good of their investors and not themselves.

The real problem lies with just that word LIES and the ability for people to get away with manipulating systems as they will unless a body of honest individuals oversee their actions, but they must be incorruptible as at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/incorruptible and only Saints have achieved this and then become beatified.

So l need 12 Saints to become a committee and stand up for the rights of people - anyone know where l might find them?
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Goldman Sachs Earnings: Bank's Profit Skyrockets To $3.5 Billion For First 3 Months Of Year

This is silly money and what l mean by that is Goldman Sachs declares a profit of $3.6 billion and is up before the SEC on charges of fraud this will not strengthen their case, but weaken the fabric. By posting such ludicrous figures in 3 months of trading they are putting themselves up to be shot down and maybe even taken down by the executive committee.

As matters progress with the fraud charges only time will tell whether the accusations are true but one thing is certain there is no smoke with out fire. The problem will be do we fan the flames of avarice or dose them with petrol ?
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Reg Reform Bill Slammed By Dem Insiders, Economic Experts In Reid Letter (EXCLUSIVE)

If we always believe that any reform of any bill will be easy and that it will come without pain or people like the bankers always trying through their many minions to derail the vary concept, of reform. We really do not deserve the rewards when they eventually come to pass, remember the devil had his minions and they followed because they wanted and not needed, so it is with people that are not really committed to the cause, but only commit to the claim.

I am not a US Citizen but l want reform and to do it will take time, as it took time to build a these edifices so it will take time to tear them down stick by stick and stone by stone - remember " Rome Was Not In A Day" not the most edifying way to explain but you get my drift.

At a mere 56 years of age l still remember my dad saying " If It Was Easy It Would Not Be Worth Having" well it has taken until now for me to really understand this saying, so my word on this is stick with the feeling in your heart of " Honesty IS The Best Policy " and one day you will see that it was all worthwhile, but always remember that no body even the bankers get all that they want, because if they did they would stop all of their own accord in being greedy.
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Saturday, 17 April 2010

How To Survive The Apocalypse: Some Things You Need To Know Before The World Ends

Great article and you have brought a laugh on this day to many people including me - so thanks Jason. I feel as you took time and trouble l should also comment as to my way of survival - but it is simple l never have believed since 1990 that my life is unprotected from harm. You may ask why and again simply everything went wrong, on the 19th September 1990. Then from that day forth it started to go right as all that l was doing in the area of finance. business and property changed and now instead of being a lender - l get people out of debt. The same applies to thoughts of the apocalypse l do not believe anything will happen to me and anything l need to do when l need to do it will be available and answered.

I know that many reading this will not understand but l also know that whosoever reads it and understands then they were meant to have read it and in so doing know part or all its meaning.
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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Why Are 25 Hedge Fund Managers Worth 658,000 Teachers?

The word " Hedge" has always made me see red as to hedge you bets is a gambling term that was prevalent in the days of Al Capone it appears that he was avoiding taxation by a method of control over the bootlegging market, but in the end was caught for tax avoidance. Whereas the hedge fund managers provide utilisation of offshore domains and trusts for their clients and in so doing avoid taxation for themselves.

When you are rich you are able to avoid taxation as you are able to afford the most expensive tax lawyers and accountants and they only get rich by gambling other peoples money ,remember they make money when you make money - But and here is the rub they still make money when you lose money.
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When Two Progressives Disagree on How to Create Jobs

The latest statistics from my Forbes Alerts puts the balance of payments in at a figure of $36.70 billion and this is seen as the largest deficit or debt ever. So my answer to the question is we can survive providing we sort out the big banks and wall street, but also we have to implement another way to build our economy.

As with all new systems they are simple and doable ,but takes hard work and people have to want less and not keep buying new products to replace what is a called outdated. The fact that manufacturers have built articles for sale and decided to leave out this or that particular way to make it do this or that, has not helped. In built obsolescence has become the order of the day in the white goods market and a new model will have the additional way to tune or make it sound better. When all the time they are aware that they can make it do all this already but it will provide more sales and of course greater profitability for the company.

So we need to put the customer first and give them the best at the best price and look at numbers over profits. As however small or large a person, company or country will only survive as long as all the spokes of the wheel point to the centre and one way by putting people first and profit second.
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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Financial Crisis Commission Questions Former Citigroup Chiefs Robert Rubin, Chuck Prince (LIVEBLOG, VIDEO)

The fact that a CEO of a larger bank can allow his traders to give bad risk advice and then say that and l quote:-

" It is hard for me to fault the traders who made the decisions to retain their positions on Citi`s books,"

In short who could have forecast that "$40 billion of AAA+rated paper" would have such a tremendous impact on a bank with a $trillion balance sheet?

But here is the rub - " He went onto say some investors knew better. Indeed some made billions by betting against firms like Citigroup.

In a candid submission, Prince said that neither his chief risk officer nor `senior bankers or traders understood that those securities could have "any material risk of loss" until October 2007.

This was his reason for believing that Citi is not as he put it " too big to manage"

This l would submit is the reason why they are too big too manage as as he put it " " That none of his Senior Bankers were aware that those securities could have [Any Material Risk] what do you think ?
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Greenspan Testifies To Financial Crisis Commission, Blames Fannie, Freddie For Subprime Crisis (LIVEBLOG, VIDEO)

So if Alan Greenspan is not guilty of doing anything wrong 70% of the time and he is guilty of doing something wrong 30% of the time, then why is it that the US economy is not in a mess by only 30% and has related indebtedness of the same amount prior to the financial crisis ?

These were his words as spoken by him: I quote -

Angelides:Would you put this under the category of `Oops` we should have done it?

Greenspan:When you`ve been in government for 20 years, as l have been, the issue of retrospective and figuring out what you should have done differently is a futile activity. My experience has been, in the business l was right 70 percent of the time, but l was wrong 30 percent of the time and there are an awful lot of mistakes in 21 years.

Angelides: Would you put this in the 30 percent category?

Greenspan: I don`t know !

Well if he does not follow the edict of looking back at your past mistakes and not learning from them, then there is one massive reason why a man who believes he is even right 70 percent of the time to risk other peoples money, he should not even be the the job.
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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Why We Must Break Up the Big Banks

I was involved in the finance industry back in the 80`s when interest rates rose to over 15% and we were getting a phone-call on the hour every hour from agents saying that the price of the property we are organising the finance on, has just been raised by another x thousands of £`s as someone else had made a further offer. This was called simply gazumping and we had to phone our clients and lender and increase the amount to borrow - hopefully ? But as a man of simple tastes l ask the simple question what if the valuation was not up the price that people are willing to pay? l was told it would not matter as it would only be a drive past as all the rest in the row are the same price, ludicrous.

Now we have a similar situation whereby having started price hikes back in the 80`s people now think their house is worth more than it is, but it is only worth what someone is willing to pay and no more. So as a previous man arranging finance in the past l now help people to get out of debt, so simply Krugman is right even if we break up the banks it will not stop what these octopuses have tentacles already in and neither will it prevent the innate greed in people. We need to let them fail and then break them up piece by piece.
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Larry Summers Leaving? This Day In The Rumor Mill

This rumour will be better when it is no longer a rumour - so when we all know that Larrry Summers is going we can all hope he takes Geithner and Bernake to where ever he goes. But all rumours get people like that in the news as people like us spread the word, any news is good news when you are a politician.
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Greenspan's Testimony: Will the 'Maestro' Face the Music?

It is about time that Alan Greenspan was brought to account for his part in the financial meltdown that took place with financial institutions like Lehman Bros and Fannie Mac & Fannie Mae because as you said Richard that it is like blaming a wall for hitting a care when a crash occurs. Well in this case there was a crash and it affected everyone`s lives except the rich and they as usual got away unscathed and continued as if nothing happened even lining their own pockets with the misery of others.

So it is time for Mr Greenspan to pay the piper and not this time to his tune.
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Comment by AceFinance

Comment by AceFinance: "This revelation about Goldman Sach`s does not come as a surprise as any mortgage market stands or falls by the number of people with confidence in the market-place. In December 2006 the market was in uproar and any risk management strategy that was taken would be to de-camp into less riskier investments as many of the bankers at the time were just starting to rack up a number of toxic assets. But the fact that they continued to sell mortgage-backed securities and call it risk management defies logic, as the risk was to their investors not them selves. Is this called ' Financial Protectionism' l wonder?"

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What We Don't Know About Jobs and Trade Can Kill Us

What particularly perturbs me about any statistics is how accurate are they and on what platform are they coming from as regards, what are they looking to prove. The figures that are really interesting is that people named the US as the economic super-power and China as second - but by only 5% that is not a lot of difference and at the speed of growth of somewhere near 1 single city per year being built, they will soon outstrip the GDP of any country.

Also do not forget that their ace in the hole - pardon the pun is that the US has the largest debt of some trillion or so dollars to China and add to that the trade deficit of some further $250-300 million dollars again to China and they have the upper-hand, as should the US not play ball then they can l am almost sure call-in their repayment of indebtedness and this would cause even worse catastrophic consequences to the US balance of payments than could ever be imagined. Then look at how it would affect their credit rating as an A rated country and there would be restrictions on their trade and exports as financing-off- balance-sheet-lending would be severely restricted.
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Monday, 5 April 2010

Jobs, Focus, Jobs, Focus

Hi Robert, great article and l visited the link to take a look, nice site have signed up for newsletters, so thank you.

The fact that job creation needs funding and funding people as a way to build manufacturing output is not the new way that was and is the way of the past. Now you sit in front of a computer screen and tell people how to risk their hard-earned pay, just to have an investment adviser remove it with the promise of more. So why do the wealthy American senate politicians have to back job creation when they make millions by financial services.

When l started selling money myself so long ago back in the 70` and 80`s little did l know that it would turn into the greed of today. It was then in the UK we had a manufacturing base and people mattered and care existed in employers and they cared for their employees, now nothing but profit matters and the more the better.
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Jamie Dimon: The Most Dangerous Man In America

We live in a world of rich people getting richer and teaching our children even in schools about economics, this is the way any capitalistic society survives. But people like Jamie Dimon come along and can see a way of manipulating circumstances around him to his own advantage.

We are also told in society through the lottery it is ok to gamble even with quiz shows allowing people to win holidays and the like, from other peoples misery. So we have no problem with risk, we risk everyday and so the banking fraternity saw the ideal way to use this ethic of gambling and get the man in the street to use his money to invest/gamble to become just like them wealthy, the problem is a lot of people do not know what they are doing, they simply are told by people like Jamie Dimon, too trust his judgement.

They simply look at the investment bankers offices, car and lifestyle and want the same, trouble is the investor has $10,000 dollars to invest and the investment bankers have millions. Then even when you lose your money they make money and they call it risk management charges, you cannot win.
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Republicans: the Damned Truth and the Truth Be Damned

I have watched as a UK Citizen as time and time again presidents come and go slowly destroying what was once a " Nation " whereby as time as go on the people that have been in a position of so-called- power from bankers to politicians have gradually lied and cheated to just be able to line their pockets. So looking back to days gone by and the 2 bushes both now having burned and been replaced by someone that what ever he does for people of whatever creed or ethnicity - he`s damned if he does and damned if he does not. The Republicans will try now following the Healthcare Bill being passed in part with a long way to go, to do whatever they can to discredit the present incumbent of the Whitehouse, as President Obama does not fit the type of person that suits a large majority of senators, as he will not bow down and help support the financial institutions of Wall Street, as he is not one of them.
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More Than 200,000 Could Lose Unemployment Benefits This Week

Hi Arthur, a great article but incenses me and hope my comments make that clear ?

So as the Republicans could not derail one bill it is time for tit-for-tat and games that only children play, but this time they play with peoples lives. The ones that suffer - namely up to 200,000 workers could lose their unemployment benefits as every method that can be employed is applied to stop them being paid and ALL to make the Democrats look bad.

It is a matter of who will come off worse in the eyes of the people so anyone out there feeling the same post your comments and let us make a difference, by showing our feelings. As it is not the people who should suffer because of one-up-man-ship in the senate.
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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Financial Reform: White House Sees Bipartisan Support In Congress For Wall Street Regulation; Specter Doesn't

There is a crying need for financial reform and as soon as possible as the banks in Wall Street will just be able to spread their tentacles even further into peoples lives and be able to control investments by becoming the overall 6 advisers left and not giving people freedom of choice. So let us get it into law as soon as possible.
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Sunday Roundup

Can any President or leader of any country justify the reason for drilling for oil in any part of the world be it Alaska or the Falklands? This is a question l ask myself almost everyday as a true believer in the fact that too many vehicles have provided us with a better lifestyle and too much oil has provided us with a new way to create an environment that even today shows us that it wants us to stop. As more and more species of animals and fish through-out the world are becoming extinct and as birds that once sang in the back gardens of the UK can no longer be heard, is it time to say let us change our way of living or will it be too late?

Oh yes l understand too well that everyone has a need to earn a living to put food on the table and a roof over their families head, but at what cost ? Will our children thank us when we poison the air that we breath or the fish of the sea are no longer able to be eaten as they contain too much toxins.

So l can only say l find it a problem to reconcile this in my heart and as each day passes l stop on occasions and say to myself do l really need or want this or have l just got used of having it my way, Do You ?
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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Contradicting Secretary Geithner

Hi Simon, I have been following a lot of articles and comments on the 13 bankers and find them excellent and totally agree with the fact we need a stronger control over the activity of the larger banks, l recently visited NPR and listened to a video called [ A Fix For Banks Too Big Too Fail ! ] Cut " Em down To Size" on the activity of the 6 banks that are too large to fail it was excellent but the main 3 protagonists seem to be related JPmorgan, Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo and the main points were that no one of these banks should have more than 10% of retail deposits and their liabilities should be capped at 4% of GDP or in the case of Goldman Sachs 2% - is this now possible as they have diversified into other areas and are now unable to be stopped? As too preventing them from growing we need to cap their profitability and any profits need to be applied for the good of the investors, by a not-for-profit system.
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Consumerism: The Less We Take, The More We Become

The more we look at people as a way to make money the more the world becomes unable to embrace change in our spiritual life. As we put Consumerisim foremost in our everyday life and obtain the corporate branding ideals that are becoming in grained into society, we consider people less and is so doing our way of life becomes more related to wrath and less to forgiveness. If a person working for us has a family problem we consider the lateness on that day they arrived to work and less of the affect that the problem may or could have on their work ethic. We do not gain by making consumerism as the centre point on our lives in the end we will become more and more insular and less and less giving, as by giving from ourselves will enable us to give to others by receiving teaching from a God that loves us all. But we need to change the way our so-called leaders tell us that we need to do is spend first and care second and not the other way around.
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Top Fed Official Wants To Break Up Megabanks, Stop The Fed From Guaranteeing Wall Street's Profits [EXCLUSIVE]

A great article Shahien and very well written and researched my opinion is that any bank or financial institution should not be able to have the upper-hand over another, as in the case of Wall Street Banks almost have protected profits. The idea that the US Government can favour certain institutions that are so-called special banks is both ludicrous and smacks at paternalism. This reminds me of a story about the man who gave the talents to his 3 sons and how each son that had made more thought he was some how better and should be favoured by his father, more than the son that made nothing. Whereas the father was gratefully having all his sons return with or without having made any profit..

But we judge all institutions in this world as being the type of institution to favour by its profit margin, but look closer at their balance sheet and their off-the-balance-sheet lending and the truth is stranger than fiction, they are not what they seem?
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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ace Local News - As All eyes on Coventry and Warwickshire for who enters Downing Street

All eyes on Coventry and Warwickshire for who enters Downing Street: "

COVENTRY and Warwickshire is set to be an important barometer for whether Gordon Brown or David Cameron enters Downing Street. Of our nine seats, five could change hands if recent polling is remotely accurate - Rugby, Nuneaton, Warwick and Leamington, North Warwickshire and Coventry South.The result in Nuneaton could well indicate who could form the largest party in the hung Parliament widely predicted by the polls.

There, the Tories need a swing from Labour of about 4.5 per cent. If that was the national swing, it would give the Tories the crucial six per cent more votes than Labour they need to become the largest party.The six per cent figure is precisely the current Tory lead over Labour, taking an average of recent mainstream national opinion polls.If replicated on election day, the Tories would have the narrowest of advantages, with 15 or so more MPs than Labour - still well short of an overall majority over all other parties combined.

The Warwick and Leamington seat could be the next best reliable indicator of who could be PM in a hung Parliament. It's held by Labour MP James Plaskitt, who scraped in with one of the country's narrowest victories in 2005 of just 266. But boundary changes since are massively in his favour, giving him a nominal majority over the Tories of 5000 votes - that is, the majority he would have had in 2005 under the boundary change.It means the Tories need a swing in Warwick and Leamington of just over five per cent. If reproduced nationally, that would deliver about 30 more Tory than Labour MPs.

That's still not enough for that crucial outright majority. But it could be enough for the Conservatives to effectively form a government, particularly with the backing of votes from Lib Dem MPs, or others, to push their bills through the Commons.

As Warwick and Leamington is exactly the type of seat the Tories will pin their hopes on as it's traditionally a Conservative-held seat - once the preserve of Prime Minister Anthony Eden in the 1950s.

If Tory Dan Byles were to take Warwickshire North from Labour MP Mike O'Brien, the swing he needs of around 7.5 per cent would be just enough nationally to secure the Tories the slenderest outright majority. Tory candidate Kevin Foster would need a similar swing of 7.9 per cent in Coventry South to unseat Labour MP Jim Cunningham.

A seven per cent swing nationally would give the Tories a projected majority of 11 MPs, with 39 per cent of all votes, 11 per cent more than Labour. Yet opinion poll averages have not given the Tories such a lead for many weeks. If the Tories fail to keep Rugby, where boundary changes now give Labour a small majority, Gordon Brown could well be PM in a hung Parliament. It's not an exact science, failing to account for local variants, turnouts, tactical voting, or other parties, and poll error.

But a close race seems likely and, God forbid, there's a possibility of doing it all again later this year if a minority government calls a second general election in a bid for a larger majority, as happened in 1974, after the only post-War hung Parliament.

" THE GIRAFFE SAYS " :- Thank you for the great article from one of our local writers Les Reid and to predict the outcome would be between the devil and the bright blue sea ,it will all depend on who turns out to vote on the day. But in our ward it had always been a conservative held seat until a few years ago when it changed to labour- now it is anyone`s guess perm any 1 out of 3 to get the answer. Ian

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Ace Security Alerts- Kim Jr: Scammer at Law

Kim Jr: Scammer at Law: "

This seems to be the week for scams. The following isn't new, but it just began making the rounds again:

From: "Kim Jr." <info@gokartmarknaden.se>

Date: March 30, 2010 6:27:57 PM EDT

To: <kimjr@byungkyukim.hk>

Subject: PROJECT

Reply-To: yanyct@live.cn

I will like to discuss a very important issue with you. I wrote to know if this is your valid email. Please, let me know if this email is valid.

E-mail me on: yanyct@live.cn

Kim Jr.

Attorney at Law


The 'Project' of course, will be the fine art of extracting your hard earned money from your hands to theirs. Don't respond to this advance fee fraud scam.

Kim Jr: Scammer at Law originally appeared on About.com Antivirus Software on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at 18:48:10.

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" This is very similar to the ones that spammed me recently and are from various banks and they provide another email to write back to - l check out certain ones in Google and a few sites register the details, also l sent a number to Google from Gmail, but thank you to About.com.Antivirus Software for their help and guidance also for more maybe try this site - http://www.calendarofupdates.com/ as they are an excellent source of information. Also can l suggest you visit and sign-up for http://www.wot.com/ as they provide advice on sites that have a rating as regards, privacy, security, child-safety and if they are trustworthy. or leave me a comment or send me a copy of any rogue email you received that tried to scam you and l will check it out and publish it. Also watch-out for more of our alerts soon. Ian

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Budget podcast: the FT verdict

Budget podcast: the FT verdict: "With an election looming, and little fiscal room for manoeuvre, the FT analyses Alistair Darling's 2010 Budget. With Chris Giles, Nick Timmins and Chris Cook. Presented by Robert Shrimsley"

This is the recent UK budget news and round-up on podcast/audio for all those that would like to know more and direct from the FT so use this link to the podcast or download the audio at

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