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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Top Bank Regulator Changes Tune, Now Calls For Independent Consumer Agency

This is just another way to derail a regulatory body being able to oversee the practises of a consumer agency and to protect the abuses by lenders. For too many years lenders in the financial services industry have been able to charge people what they like as regards interest rates. The other day l saw one organisation charging over 2000% Apr for a loans of only £250.00 so not surprising that the OCC would rail against someone trying to oversee the lending practises and abuses that have foreshadowed trying to implement any form of legislation against banks and other lenders. In the UK the FSA was put in place to stomp out these practises and years later was disbanded as a paper tiger. Then in comes a government body and well that went the same way- " What we Need are Honest People " in a not-for-profit status role to oversee and implement rule changes as abuses and breaches of rules take place. Now where will l find that FEW oh well keep looking.
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Fraud on the Street

This appears to be a lack of financial regulatory control over these financial institutions by the SEC and as has always been these companies have been too regularly using the practise of off-the-balance-sheet lending. This way they can hide any irregularities from the glaring vision of any regulatory body that would oversee their day to day activities. The real problem is that financial institutions can hide themselves in such a way as the " Securities Exchange Control " cannot be aware of the any form of off-the-balance-sheet lending as their job is to look more at investment and the way to prevent malpractice on securities and this would appear to be more related to making the balance sheet look better by inflating the value by up to 30 times its value, thus making their institution look more profitable to their investors and shareholders. The upshot though if proved could be disastrous to the financial markets and could make them unstable as regards corporate investment strategies put in place following the last crisis.
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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Obama Signing Student Loan Reform In Virginia

Finally a redistribution of wealth whereby the get rich bankers making money out of other peoples money lose their control in favour of the poorer people of Virginia and in this case the students. This is great news and the amount saved of $60 billion [that`s right l said $60 billion] will be re-distributed to provide Pell Grants. This is as with all Obama bills a momentous occasion in history and will begin to curb the bankers massive bonuses.
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Monday, 29 March 2010

Obama's Hospitality: A Question of Character

Respect in ones country cost`s nothing more than humility and any leader worth his salt, should be taught if it is not already ingrained in him/her how to address certain leaders of state. In this case l believe certain customs should be adhered too considering that the visit was arranged in such a hurry. I was taught by my father that manners maketh a man and man maketh the clothes that the man wears to meet and greet people in their lives.
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday Roundup

The fact that people can come to their own conclusions based on nothing more than one-up-man-ship is not surprising and makes people start stating that Obama maybe like Hitler and is possibly the Antichrist. The mere fact that Hitler built gas chambers and persecuted the Jews and President Obama is trying to bring into being healthcare for every citizen in America,does not compute.

If you want to bring a President down as he does not stand for what you believe the best and most reliable way is to start a rumour and fuel it wit the help of people hell-bent on making sure that their share portfolios stay well in profit. So l see this as political tinkering with the aim even at this late date of derailing the healthcare bill and leaving President Obama with egg on his face. It is just a political gamble but with enough support even certain people can be persuaded - witness the followers of Hitler.
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Friday, 26 March 2010

Senate Plays Game Of Chicken With Unemployment Benefits

No one should cut the unemployment benefits as one day everyone may need them and trimming costs should start with senators expense claims. This way the money raised would be given to the poor and not the rich, as it has been in the past. The need for a welfare system should be paramount in the heart of any government elected official, because it should be people first and the aims and ambitions of the official should be secondary, not foremost in their minds. It is about time their heart rules their heads and not the other way around.
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Who Will Take Care of 32 Million New Patients?

The fact that over a number of years the US like other countries of the world have with the advent of Private Healthcare for the rich and people in full employment cut-back on primary care practioners. The advent of this bill has brought about a lack of and now the need for more people to have been trained in the past. But like the UK the financial services industry had become a way to make easy money and all people have to do was borrow. This was not putting people first but themselves and now we and the US need to reinvest in healthcare and it will take a longer time and a burden of the small majority of practioners will be put under pressure, so l hope and pray that people will not suffer from the mistakes of years of putting profit first and people second.
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Meg Whitman's Shady Goldman Sachs Past -- Is It California's Future?

This is a case of jobs for the boys and girls all wanting to play at the latest game in town - namely Politics and the first in the ring this time is Meg Whitman backed by no other than money acquired from businesses such as Skype and ebay so now l will try at being a governor well there cannot be that much to the job. Well Ms Whitman their is a very large piece of looking after the people and their needs that firstly you need to have a qualification called being honest and transparent in all your actions. So you gained your training from the board of Goldman Sachs and we all know what happened there and that does not qualify you for the post. So my advice is to try another area of business and see if you can first of all learn how to put people first and your ambitions second.
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Alan Greenspan: The Financial Crisis Was Caused By A 'Once-In-A-Century' Event (VIDEO)

If an economy is built on providing lending as a way to put people into debt then it is doomed from the start as soon or later it will fail, the foundations are in the case of the US and UK built on sand. As was shown by Lehmans collapse and the fact as Alan Greenspan has said that the withdrawal of loans to people aided the collapse we had a such a crisis. I would add a further aspect that without the greed that fuelled house price rises that provided the perfect back-drop for lenders being able to ply their trade in ways that had never been seen before, by lending millions. This led to governments giving us the feeling that the good times were here and everyone would benefit with better lifestyles. But and here is the rub everyone saw their incomes rise and so did raw materials and manufacturing costs eventually leading to retail goods costing more. The result inflation rises and people need more income to pay for this new lifestyle-witness a vicious circle. Next ?
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Housing Prices Fell, But Affordability Remains Elusive

The same applies in the UK at present that the income for any first time buyer is less than the income ratios applied by the lenders, reason why so many applied to US lenders under what we termed as non-status or unable to prove their income. These type of mortgages became what we now term as toxic assets and has led to the present situation of borrowers being unable to acquire a reasonable home at a reasonable price. In the US your system seems very much the same apart from terms used and the citizens of the US are suffering more than the UK - so l feel sorry for these people. As a previous supplier of funds for lending l believed that we should have been lending to the person not the property as back in the early days of starting in the industry l was only able to provide 2 times income for main earner plus 1of the second. Any lending system has to change and soon by putting people first and profit second.
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Obama To Order Lenders To Cut Mortgage Payments For Unemployed

Great news for people through no fault of their own were made redundant and left without any way of paying their mortgage repayments and leaving their family vulnerable to the ravages of repossession and the lost of their home. So l applaud this move and another vote for President Obama from me and will keep a breast of matters as they change. better that funds are allocated to people like this who suffered and not to institutions that have always had it all like the rich and people who never even got phased by the global crisis as they protected themselves, before it happened with the fact they were aware it was coming.
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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Senate Dems Pass Health Care Reconciliation Package

Another step closer and the republicans said we would stop it at next stage well another to the democrats, next step take the package back to the house. As we slowly proceed through this antiquated system l ask the question is it not time to reform the way people have to spend hours of time paid for the US Taxpayers? To enable each bill to take longer than needed and give the opposition time to try and derail it and after each amendment is questioned then it is back and forwards - backwards and forwards to keep people in jobs for the boys.

Anyone know what the cost of their expenses claims are for the time spent on the bill, could it not be used to help offset the cost of funding the healthcare costs and get it in place for the needy sooner?
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What Would You Ask Tim Geithner If You Had the Chance?

My question to Mr Geithner would be if you could help the people of America to get out of debt how would you do it ? I believe he would answer with his usual rhetoric that it was not his fault that people got into debt and that we need to be more aware of how changes take place in the global economy, the only problem with that would be that in the position he holds as Treasury Secretary in charge of administration he should be able to advise all the people of America on the financial changes taking place in the economy, so why did he not do just that as we spiralled into a global financial crisis. My understanding of what took place is just an overview but it is up to anyone reading this to form their own opinions. So here it is as a a man in the position he was elected to serve he has too many other strings to his bow and feathering his nest as history will show was more important, than the people.
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Twestival 2010: LIVE Updates From Twitter Charity Drive

Whenever and where ever l try to support people in need and have for the past 10 years of my life provided my own version of this by offering our organisations services at £10.00 per hour and giving £2.00 per person per hour in providing their property and maintenance services to people in need. This maybe to supply a washing machine, cooker or other white or electrical goods with our own personal guarantee that once fitted it would be maintained each year with a free call-out and parts at best prices and fit -for-purpose.


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Congressional Fundraising Hits Quarterly Climax: Guess How Many Events Today!

As usual it is $ before what the people really want and l agree with Fedup23 that we need Citizen Funded Elections but whereby the funds raised are not held by any department connected to the party in control at the time, as greed always rules over the heart. So by setting up a system like this we would need to have a not-for-profit organisation with a number of duly elected officers with no one able to vote on how the funds are distributed unless at least 3 more of a group of 12 are in agreement. Each of the 12 must have been elected by people in a blind ballot with a duly elected official agreed by at least 60% of the 12 and it must that one that holds sway as in the post of treasurer. So thanks to Arthur Delaney for a great post - sorry off the subject slightly but felt it was important to broaden the comments.
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Financial Reform: Will We Even Have a Debate?

When you allow any financial institution to become too big to fail you are heading down the slow road of financial ruin, as they can do anything and nobody can stop them. As we get told everyday that things are getting better l look at the unemployed figures, that are not increasing by so much but still a lot more people are jobless and l believe that we are being blind-sided with the whole intention of being made to believe that things are better and all we have to do to rectify the problem is spend more money. I was taught along time ago well before l became involved in debt management services that the more you borrow the more you have to pay-back, so if l borrow more than l can comfortably afford l get in debt. So l reason that if l spend more than l can afford l have created a situation of indebtedness brought on by believing the government l elected to rule. So we need to legislate against banks getting too big to fail-NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Obama's "Mission Accomplished" Moment?

All insurance companies have always since l was working in the industry back in 1975 raised their premiums, the fact that this bill gave the republicans another axe to grind is not unusual. But to use it to derail the healthcare bill is easy to understand as most corporate institutions that have shareholders on the board of directors and also either ensconced within the senate, as their profits will suffer and we all know that is all that drives most people in this capitalistic world.
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Axelrod: Health Care Passed Because GOP Let Down Its Guard After Massachusetts

This is to be expected after the lord mayor`s show is what we say in the UK and l am sure that other readers and commentators have similar such sayings. But now that it has been a signed and agreed everyone comes out of the woodwork with their own take on what really happened ? It is so simple the Democrats won and the Republicans lost and all they can taste is sour milk, so instead of infighting how about working together to make the bill the best it can be for ALL the people of America and let us stop fighting amongst ourselves or is it yourselves, me l am just pleased for those people who can be ill and not terrified of the fact that they do not have " HEALTHCARE PROVISIONS FOR THEIR FAMILY" So what is more important winning or people you decide l have and l am not even a US Citizen?
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Deficit in Logic: Moody's Threatens to Downgrade the United States

The trouble with any organisation or company like Standard & Poor`s who l used back in 1980`s is that they rate and have always rated companies that have certain statistics that suit their criteria. This criteria was and is l imagine rated on the performance of the company, as regards investment or their financial standing in the corporate market place. The simple formula that can so easily cause any corporation or country to be down-graded can so easily be manipulated by so-called investment advisers adding their venom into the equation and people in the senate using such comments as a way to obtain the upper-hand and above all manipulate the economic forecast with the way the investment market is structured. It is all wheels within wheels but the loser can so easily be a country like Greece, they do not know what hit them and now look at their status.
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Budget 2010: minute-by-minute live coverage - contains video

Budget 2010: minute-by-minute live coverage - contains video

" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided through Ace News Service

'Eleanor Roosevelt Tours Coal Mine' -- Obama Still Needs To

This type of article has made me feel that a long time ago and when is difficult to say but l will hazard a guess about 50 years ago, we became more interested in ourselves and less interested in people. It came upon us slowly making small changes in fashion, food and the like, too many to mention. Then one day we seem more interested in what the politicians wife was wearing than the fact she was at a cancer ward or down a coal mine - this is when l believe history was not being made but was unravelling bit by bit. But it is heart warming to look back at people like Eleanor Roosevelt who shunned the new white coat to be like everyone else on that day. My only way to relate this story is the day many years ago when Henry Ford Jnr visited the factory where my dad worked in the UK they took cleared all the black filthy sand off the floor and painted it white - how sad. But this would l am sure not bother Henry Ford but it was all about appearance and all the hangers-on or cronies trying to impress him on that day to get a leg up the ladder.
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Unemployment Extension Takes Backseat To Health Care

As with all matters that need tabling for a motion to be carried it takes time and everyone thinks that their issue is more important, it is a matter of organisation. I am sure that President Obama is as worried about unemployment as he is healthcare but one or the other has to take president over the other. If l was in his position my agenda would say 5 important issues matter to any country to help and guide its people these are in no particular order: Healthcare, Employment, Welfare, Stability, Prosperity. My reasons being that if we are ill we cannot work and no work no taxation for the welfare state to operate correctly making the country unstable and thus by combining all 4 others no prosperity can take place, as a country relies on good leadership to achieve all 5 in whatever order. Give the man a chance l believe he will get their with good honest wholehearted support from the people.
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Geithner: Fannie and Freddie Need To Be Changed... But We Don't Know How

When you allow any institution that becomes the bed-rock of any civilisation to have the sort of control and so-called power to become to big to fail, you are heading for a fall - just and similar to the Roman Empire. They may not have had the same fundamental problems but they had inheirant greed and the banks now have the same problem. It is like a disease that eats away at any civilised society thus increasing peoples penchant for greed and all that it brings with it, such as has been shown with the latest global financial crisis. As history has shown each time a crisis happens in the particular timeline that is applicable at that juncture begins to get worse until such time that either people change tack or eventually a country goes bankrupt. So Geithner either change the legislation in favour of people first and profit second or step down and let someone else more capable do the job, my question is who?
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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Calorie Count Disclosure And The Health Care Bill: Will This Lead To A Food Revolution?

This is great news and has been implemented in the UK for a number of years but as with all these ways of preventing selling food with high fat content it gets manipulated to suit manufacturers and not the consumers. I do hope that when they implement the changes that they make sure it is water-tight to prevent abuse.

Our organisation has a consultancy arm that is dedicated to providing information on this and other matter relating to - " Catering & Hospitality " and you can email your questions to googlemail.comemail.com and our chef of over 30 years will answer all questions or alternatively visit the blogger at http://specialoccasionparty.blogspot.com/ and leave a comment all will be answered.
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Could The Public Option Sneak Back In?

Just as we all are relieved - well so of us that the bill got this far out come the opposition with a round of barracking and comments aimed at persuading democrats that this may not be as good as it sounds. When do people feel in this world and care about the 32 million Americans that now have a first chance at having healthcare that is not reliant on having a job whereby due to an economic downturn caused by some of the people who voted against the bill - being able to take it away their livelihood and medicare with a swipe of a pen.

We did not get this far to back off now and as President Obama said in his speech now the work is just starting - so to all dissenters l say the same.
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A Near-Death Experience, and On From Here

As a Non-Us Citizen and of course unable to vote l can only comment as a person sitting on the sideline and my feelings as to having a child that has no healthcare due to losing my job. No one person of any country should have to watch a child become ill and know that without money that they can do nothing to help but pray. I can only relate the same type of hopelessness to my personal situation l have an elderly mother - please do not be disturbed by my Facebook picture l am not that young any more but a tender 56 years of age. Anyway back to my mother who l have cared for the past 3 years since she became ill after a fall and each time l see her l give her good advice - not to do this or the other, but she is 86 years old and takes no notice. Now three years latter she has had 23 falls and l feel l am unable to prevent her one day having a fatal fall and breaking a hip or something of that type. l feel powerless unable to do anything just like your man with no job and his ill son. So l would wholeheartedly have voted a resounding - YES nothing else to say.
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Lehman Scandal: Where's the Follow Up?

It is all about risk and reward the investment banks risk your money and their reward is they get a pay rise whether you make any money or not they make money. That is the basic underlying problem with banking and in particular investment banking based on the prediction of what will go up. The idea that you can make 127% on that stock is tempting but the truth is that it can go down as well and you try and get an investment banker of or any financial adviser to predict that percentage, no way.

This of course does not affect their bonuses as they have invested your money in stock in a portfolio you have agreed based on their advises with the proviso of could or maybe and as we all know nothing is certain in this world of global crashes.
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Monday, 22 March 2010

Waterloo Sunset: Financial Obstructionism Could Be GOP Political Suicide

As with any bill trying to curb peoples ability and penchant for greed this does not comes as a surprise and thank you Richard for your link to Reuters, l will be adding these details to a pdf at googledocs as soon as possible and sharing. So relating back to Senator DMint and his cronies - sorry followers l always mix these words up when talking about objectionism followers as they have to object as it will affect their excellent renumeration and consultancy packages kindly paid for by the US Taxpayer- hang on l can hear an echo what was that ? sounds like Goldman Sachs really l thought he was guided by God to make a bank in his image.

So bring in the financial regulatory controls a s a p and so say l and the I`s have it.
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Corker: Dodd Will Push For Vote On Financial Reform Bill Monday

it is the time that the financial regulatory authority was over hauled as the need for all financial institutions to become more transparent to its investors, is well overdue. The fact that Dodd has got this to the stage of bringing accountability to the table is a plus point ,but we all know that these institutions have for many years avoided legislation of their monoliths and l wish Senator Dodd the best in bringing this to a satisfactory conclusion for the people of America.

As a UK citizen and having been involved in the financial industry for more than 20 years and still offering people an advisory service for Debt Management Services l will welcome any change with open arms.
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Flashback: Who Wrongly Predicted Health Care Reform's Death

Here we go time for the blame-game and if he had not done that it would have not caused that. Well personally it was half a dozen of one and a dozen of another and anyone speaking against the implementation of the bill was against it and anyone speaking for it was in favour of it. So my question is who really was in full support of it and why ?

My cynic side of my personality says that anyone with shares in certain pharmaceutical companies today will see their shares rise a good reason for voting for the bill - not in my opinion the right reason but we do live in a capitalistic society with emphasis on CAPITAL so not surprised. Keep watching as matters unfold in the next few months as they fine tune the bill.

Hope it sounds as good as it looks on paper.
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Insurance Companies, Hospitals Get A Last-Minute Gift In The Health Care Bill

The idea of a not-for-profit is a great one and should be rolled out across the whole of America and into every corner of the western world, this would enable re-investment to become a watchword rather than bonuses or profits increasing every year for the rich. Then companies and organisations asking for more to enable them to open another company or obtain a grant from a government department to build their conglomerate even larger, thus increasing profits/bonuses even more.
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Obama On Health Care Passage: 'This Is What Change Looks Like' (VIDEO)

At long last and finally after all the wrangling and back stabbing the bill has been passed at 219 in favour of healthcare for everyone. After years of the wealthy getting the upper-hand finally people who really need care in the community of America will get it at the point of delivery.

I send a great big thank you to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi for their tireless work on pushing this bill through and getting enough people to agree it is needed. As President Obama said on Saturday 20th March 2010 on Huff Post News in the video - " Once we have got this bill agreed it is just the start ,that is when the real work starts"

Well now it is in place and the people can receive first and any massive healthcare profits will no longer be paid to the greedy fat cats.
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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Health Care Vote: LIVE UPDATES

Just in breaking news 216 votes and its looking like the finishing post is insight - nearly there and we can thank God.
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Health Care Vote: LIVE UPDATES

Just like everyone waiting for the healthcare bill to be voted into legislation now 18.37pm UK time and here at " Huff Post Live" as it happens and will not be known until around 9pm. More soon as it happens.
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Sunday Roundup

I am not a believer in the fact of using the death penalty as a way to teach society right from wrong, l do understand that many people will not be in agreement with this view. But my view is based on the fact that however bad we feel that an action of any human being is we should look at even worst actions carried out in other countries of the world in the name of progress. Whereby everyday young girls of the same age are raped by soldiers in oppressed countries and nothing is ever done to bring these people to justice.

So l hear you saying that two wrongs do not make a right but the principle is the same the reason we become ever more irate over crimes like this is because we call ourselves a civilised society and have laws to protect people from these types of crime. My question is so do not people in other non-civilised countries deserve the same outrage or is it just too close to home that makes us angry ?
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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Rep Jan Schakowsky: 50 Dems Would Walk Away If Stupak Language Is Re-Inserted

I have enormous respect for people with that type of principles but as President Obama stated in the MSBN News Report will this bill be perfect ? - no he said and many changes will need to be made, so let us get the bill into legislation first and then we can add amendments as we proceed. The sooner the bill is in force the sooner people who are without healthcare due to a number of reasons not all their own fault, will feel safe and secure that their family are once again protected and for those who have never had such a luxury as healthcare it will be a great day. Latest news at 20.28pm 20/03/2010 is " ONLY 10 MORE VOTES NEEDED " so keep on going Nancy and lets get to the finishing line.
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Democrats Won't Use Controversial 'Deem And Pass' Measure To Enact Health Reform

A way to sit on the fence is to state categorically that you will not support a particular part of a bill or in this case a way to get it into legislation - namely the " Deem & Pass " but are we not passed this stage and with the fact that Pelosi states that 6 more votes secured, is this not just sour grapes. My understanding is that we are well passed this stage and maybe someone should tell Engel or is it just he wants to get into the news anyway he can. Is that cynical side of me coming out again or have l hit the nail on the head and Engel is just trying a last ditch effort to stir things up before his shares get a hammering - see it was my cynical side after all.
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Vitter Fundraising Off Suspect 'Doc Fix' Memo

This is about another politician using the media to promote himself with a news worthy item and making sure it leaks as any news is good news. In this case Vitter is looking for donations to support his nomination for the next time he is up for election and what better way than to hijack the Obamacare Plan, as it is today one of the top news articles being followed. Also use it to raise money and at the same time hope to derail the plan into the bargain. What better reason for leaking this memo than that, or is it just my suspicious mind ?
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Cigna Gives $110.9 Million Compensation Package To Ex-CEO

It is a case of jobs for the boys and the word protectionism comes to mind as in they protect themselves against anyone interfering with their income. I look forward to the day when these people are put back into their boxes and prevented from causing any more problem in preventing people that deserve " Free Healthcare " receiving it at a point of delivery.

The men at Cigna and more companies like this one protect themselves by keeping these types of bills at bay and stop anyone interfering with their little world, that is growing ever larger by the day. It appears that all you need is the right connections and you have a job for life even when you are not capable of doing it in the right way.
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Chris Hughes's Act III -- Jumo.com, A Social Platform For Global Volunteerism

Hi Chris and Jose,

Sounds like a great site have become a fan on Facebook - www.facebook.com/pages/Jumo/263249510317510317 to follow your progress and will be interested in what happens next would be interested to know if it will become a not-for-profit site or not ?

But will add to blogger and await with interest.
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Top GOP Senator: We're Willing To Wait Out The Clock On Wall Street Reform

The longer they wait the more that what could be uncovered will be able to be covered up further and what ever legislation is installed, will become ineffective. So my answer would be to apply a little over the period of time that will enable any changes to be made as it can be seen what effect the application of legislation will have as it is being applied, because as we know the financial industry will wriggle and squirm at any control that prevents them from being able to make money through the means of back-door practices.

We all know that this global financial crisis is the making of bankers and how they were able to be masters of their own financial empires but we also know that if nothing is done as with all empires from the days of the Roman`s to this present day all empires built on shifting sand one day collapse leaving devastation in its wake. Then it will not be the ones that caused it but as history shows us - it becomes like Peter the disciple everyone denies it was me and the people that invested their hard earned money by the sweat of their brow suffer for the greed of the few that if not stopped will one day become the many.
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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Too Big to Succeed: Dodd's Proposal Creates a Cumbersome Bureaucracy

The simple question is that if all financial products were not complicated and difficult to understand then we would not need - so-called financial advisers to explain the products that we should have and also need. But the question is are they selling what will provide the highest return for us or them ?

So reading this well written article l start to look at past mistakes that just keep repeating themselves and the reason why is that the words are the same but the products are called by different names, but one thing that remains evident is that greed is always at the forefront of selling and as l was taught so long ago - " The more you tell the more you sell " but this was my reason for leaving the industry as being honest is rare and you never become a millionaire with honest words.

Or am l looking in the wrong place ?
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Government Bank Regulators Got Big Bonuses

These was not surprising as for many years banks had recruited consultants under the guise of giving jobs for the boys. When they felt they could get away with a little they decided it was time to take a lot and millions became billions. Once greed became acceptable as a way of life to pay people more by calling it first expenses and then bonuses so the seed was set for control to be released by the so-called fat cats in government and also enabling their consultancies to get larger and larger contracts to line their own pockets.

If the global financial crisis had not occurred then we would never had found all these hidden ways to make money by using other peoples and calling it a so-called investment strategy. This is not to say that a few are not trying to do an honest job but is is the many that have damaged the reputation of the few as everyone is now tarred with the same brush.
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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Senator Graham's Inappropriate "Kamikaze" Remarks on Pelosi's Health Care Efforts

Nancy Pelosi has my backing and l am as a UK citizen fully behind the implementation of this bill and hope that it does not get derailed at the last ditch efforts of people like Lindsey Graham who must have either an axe to grind or her own personal standing is slipping, so she needs to get some much needed air-play.

Either way this is not about either players in this game but about people getting free at the point of delivery healthcare - so my answer is less of you and more of the people who need this much needed resource.

Go for it Nancy and let no one steer your course but your heart will show you the way.
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Lehman's Bizarro World: Former Execs 'Shrug' At $50B Accounting Trick, Fuld Says He's Vindicated

The actual way that bankers or financiers have disregarded amounts of money that is not theirs has grown since the 1980`s when l was lending funding across the world through offshore funding outlets. Then it was a charge of fees of 5-10% of amount borrowed for a piece of paper that was called - " An Offer In Principle " meaning nothing at all and when the funding proposal went to the board 1 out of 50 was agreed and the average fees were £5,000 per case it meant earning £25,000 per month or allowing for holidays a cool quarter of a million a year. Not bad for sitting behind a desk and saying no to most people who trusted bankers but not people like us as brokers as if we took fees it was classed as " fee fraud " and now it is $50 billion, times do not change only the amounts get larger.
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"Time for the Truth"

This should have been investigated when the collapse of Lehmans took place but once all the raptors had torn a bit for themselves it was difficult to piece the whole story together, reason for 2,200 page report. Now we have an investigation that will rumble on and on costing the taxpayers millions and being stopped at every turn by the fact that the truth eludes even the most ardent reporter.

The facts would seem simple but they have been covered up well before the collapse that it would take a much more uncorruptable official to find the answers we all seek to where did all the money go as it seeped out the back-door, leaving people to lose jobs and investors to pick up the pieces of their lives.
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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Be On Alert for Chile Earthquake Scams

Be On Alert for Chile Earthquake Scams: "

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Santiago, Chile in the early hours of February 27th. Tsunami warnings, encompassing most of the Pacific Ocean, soon followed. These types of breaking news events often spur a surge in social engineering scams which exploit interest in the events.

Commonly, scam artists might seed search engine results (particularly sponsored ads) with bogus links that point to scareware sites. These can appear for any search on keywords such as Chile earthquake, Tsunami, etc. The best way to avoid such scams is to avoid clicking on links that point to unfamiliar sites. In particular, avoid donating charitable funds via unfamiliar sites or as a result of a solicitation received via email, Twitter, instant message, Facebook, or other social networking medium.

Google has prepared a fully vetted information site for the Chilean earthquake, including relief efforts and reputable disaster relief funds: http://www.google.com/relief/chileearthquake/.

Be On Alert for Chile Earthquake Scams originally appeared on About.com Antivirus Software on Saturday, February 27th, 2010 at 18:18:30.

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"This is a typical scam of how people get you to part with your money and how by making us feel sorry for the victims by " Pulling at our Heart Strings" we feel sorry and do not check-out the site properly. Always visit the charity commissioners registration site or " Google It" as you will find there maybe a record of this sites scams and report it to your ISP if you find a site scamming for charity monies. Be safe and sound and check out whether their site is got securitisation from Verisign or other such reputable organisations. More soon - Regards Ian

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No Such Thing as Free or Easy Money

No Such Thing as Free or Easy Money: "

I hate to beat a dead horse, but as I've stated many times on this blog and in various articles, small businesses across the U.S. are being wiped out with the help of gullible scam victims. Every time a scam victim wires money as part of one of these financial agent job scams, they're participating in a criminal money laundering scheme that is draining the bank accounts of small business owners. There is no such thing as free or easy money. If a job offer sounds too good to be true, it is - because it is someone else's nightmare you will be dealing.

For a personal hands-on report with a business owner forced into bankruptcy and one of the scam victims that unwittingly aided the theft, check out Brian Krebs' article: N.Y. Firm Faces Bankruptcy from $164,000 E-Banking Loss.

No Such Thing as Free or Easy Money originally appeared on About.com Antivirus Software on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 at 23:46:54.

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"This is an excellent article provided from our security sources and high-lights the need for not believing what you are being told. Everyone on-line wants to make money but there are many that are scammed and have their money taken and receive nothing in return. After 30 plus years of being involved in finance for business and property some of the scams l have seen are unbelievably complex but are very difficult to recognise until after your money has left your account. Be safe reason out why? If it is so easy everybody is not that so-called millionaire like the ones that are selling you the ideas, why are they not keeping it to themselves - well with out your money they earn nothing as it does not work and the way they became millionaires is by nigh eve people believing there is an easy way to make them rich. The only way is hard work, doing the right thing by helping other people in need is my organisations way. Regards Ian

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