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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Watch Out Trolls, Your Menacing Comments Could Lead to Big Fines

Watch Out Trolls, Your Menacing Comments Could Lead to Big Fines: "

Image Credit - flickr user tandemracerTwo former Yale University law students have settled their suit brought against some 30-plus anonymous commenters who posted derogatory remarks about them on an internet forum called AutoAdmit. The comments, which ranged from standard insults to those of a more sexually explicit nature, were so vile they prompted the women to sue in order to out the identities of those doing the commenting. According to the plaintiffs, the suit was necessary because the discussion board, a site designed for law school graduates, was often monitored by firms looking to hire. Because the comments were associated with their names, the women claimed that it would hurt their chances of being offered a job.


The Case

This case had been in litigation for years, having been originally filed back in 2007. The problem stemmed from the fact that internet sites such as AutoAdmit are essentially able to operate under different rules than those that apply to TV and newspapers when it comes to libel. This is due to a law called 'Section 230,' which immunizes internet publishers from legal harm. At the time of its establishment in the 90's, however, those 'publishers' were the ISPs themselves - the AOLs and CompuServes that delivered Internet access to consumers. The idea of bloggers, social media publishers, and anonymous blog and forum commenters didn't really exist yet and therefore wasn't taken into consideration. That meant the women weren't able to sue the operators of the discussion board website itself, but had to go after the anonymous posters instead. That, of course, was quite the challenge.

In the end, the women's attorneys were able to identify some eight or nine of the anonymous posters, according to the Hartford Courant and they settled with some of them.

Because the terms of the settlement were confidential, the lawyers representing the former students, Heide Iravani and Brittan Heller, would not discuss them. However, San Francisco attorney Ashok Ramani, whose firm, Keker & Van Nest took the case pro-bono said that their clients were "very pleased with how the case went." The women had sued for monetary damages so a settlement means they were likely awarded at least some of the amount they had hoped for.

Was the Settlement a Win or a Loss? Depends on Who You Ask

Marc Randazza, the attorney for one of the defendants scoffed that if the women's intention were to have the negative comments removed, their interests were very poorly served. 'Now there's even an Encyclopedia Dramatica page for them,' he told the Yale Daily News.

However, David Rosen, one of the women's attorneys and a Yale Law professor, countered that unmasking some of these anonymous posters who were hiding behind pseudonyms and then holding them accountable for what they said had accomplished 'the fundamental goals of the case.' He thinks the suit may even have some internet commenters thinking twice before posting. The possibility of a lawsuit 'may make some people pause before posting comments that are malicious and completely indefensible,' Rosen was quoted as saying.

Will This Really Change Things?

While obviously a major case, this suit isn't the first time a defamation case like this has been brought to court. In fact, only months ago, an anonymous blogger using Google's Blogger.com service was sued for rants she made about a fellow model, one Liskula Cohen, on her site 'Skanks in NYC.' The victim sued to reveal the identity of the malicious blogger. Thanks to a judge's ruling that Google must hand over to Cohen any identifying information they had on the site's creator, the blogger in question was revealed to be Rosemary Port. (She's now suing Google for not protecting her).

Although a slightly different case, the womens' suit involving the forum commenters also succeeded - at least in part - in revealing the identities of those posting the defamatory messages. Combined with the prior example, it will be interesting to see what impact these cases have on the online world. Will this lead to more lawsuits where alleged victims seek to out the identities of their internet foes? Will it lead to more self-policing among the commenting community? Will internet trolls actually think before they type?

It's too soon to say, but it's possible that a kinder, gentler - and possibly more boring - internet may be in our future.

Image credit: Troll - flickr user tandemracer;



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Money Central - Times Online - WBLG: 10 tips to check your tax code

Use these 10 tips from our network news providers and see if you are paying too much tax.

Could this be a way to enable the taxation authorities balance the books for the end of financial year, by charging more tax than you owe?

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I feel angry, disturbed,

I feel angry, disturbed,: "

I feel angry, disturbed, saddened and bewildered about the whole situation. Dr. Israel is a crazy, manipulative and delusional child abuser. The kids under his 'care' are being scarred for life and it amazes me that the law hasn't stepped in yet to stop the center's operations. I am an advocate of children's rights and have already written several custom term papers and term papers on the subject and I'm planning on spreading the word on the center's cruel practices.


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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network

Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network: "Imagine sitting in a rural health clinic, streaming three-dimensional medical imaging over the web and discussing a unique condition with a specialist in New York. Or downloading a high-definition, full-length feature film in less than five minutes. Or collaborating with classmates around the world while watching live 3-D video of a university lecture. Universal, ultra high-speed Internet access will make all this and more possible. We've urged the FCC to look at new and creative ways to get there in its National Broadband Plan – and today we're announcing an experiment of our own.

We're planning to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States. We'll deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today with 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections. We plan to offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.

Our goal is to experiment with new ways to help make Internet access better and faster for everyone. Here are some specific things that we have in mind:
  • Next generation apps: We want to see what developers and users can do with ultra high-speeds, whether it's creating new bandwidth-intensive 'killer apps' and services, or other uses we can't yet imagine.
  • New deployment techniques: We'll test new ways to build fiber networks, and to help inform and support deployments elsewhere, we'll share key lessons learned with the world.
  • Openness and choice: We'll operate an 'open access' network, giving users the choice of multiple service providers. And consistent with our past advocacy, we'll manage our network in an open, non-discriminatory and transparent way.
Like our WiFi network in Mountain View, the purpose of this project is to experiment and learn. Network providers are making real progress to expand and improve high-speed Internet access, but there's still more to be done. We don't think we have all the answers – but through our trial, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to the shared goal of delivering faster and better Internet for everyone.

As a first step, today we're putting out a request for information (RFI) to help identify interested communities. We welcome responses from local government, as well as members of the public. If you'd like to respond, visit this page to learn more, or check out our video:

We'll collect responses until March 26, and will announce our target communities later this year. Stay tuned.

Posted by Minnie Ingersoll and James Kelly, Product Managers


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20 New Anticancer Rules

Interesting and revealing in part as to foods that l was not aware of that are anti-cancer protecting, but l have printed article and given to our Catering & Hospitality Service Consultant and will share on our blogger site. One thing of real interest that l have always agreed with is the 80/20 split between vegetables and meat products as we are animals and herbivores by nature.

So we should not be great meat eaters and this l believe is related to our need to kill animals for their coats to make clothes a long time ago and we used the carcasses as food, l am not sure of the exact way this took place but it is a theory. I would be Interested to hear from anyone studying the subject and can shed light on this particular area.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Loan Modifications: A $4 Billion Con Game

I have been involved in the insurance, finance and lending market for well over 25 years and even now l hold a consumer credit licence giving advice to people on debt problems.

I have studied the market for years and saw this getting worse as we entered the global financial crisis and one thing that is relevant in any money matter is when people lose their way in their lives and incomes get hit then they become like animals, out to save themselves.

This occurred to the greedy lenders and they had to make sure they were not the losers as they had tranche`s of funds supplied by hedge funds and the larger corporate banks and needed to fulfil lending criteria at the expense of the borrower as always.

I read the comments on motherjones and have added these to my blogger site and will also do the same using googlereader as l feel that these lenders need to be taught what l was taught a long time ago. This is that we should have honour in business and always put the customers first and make sure we honour agreements made, even when it gets tough for ourselves, it served me well and to date l have found it works.

Thank you for a great article and l am new to huff post but follow with interest so look forward to more comments very soon.

Kindest regards, Ian Draper - Adam Christian Debt Management Services.
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these guys are scum

these guys are scum: "

I've been dealing with these crooks for three years. My wife and I have been in a battle ... a very public battle with them for nearly a 1 1/2 years. The modification was final after 16 months of fighting, destroying our credit, and still even with a very low interest rate we continue to get screwed.

They are notorious for charging junk fees and fines and have continued to do this with us. In addition they falsely reported charge offs and home values to the IRS.

There is no oversight and no one to complain to and they continue to rape with impunity. Former employees openly discuss their fraud and officials do nothing to change it.

I agree with Trollstein. WE do nothing until they threaten to charge for Facebook. Then we form massive groups on Facebook ironically. But when they threaten to take away our neighbors home we sit and watch

I've written about these criminals here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-zombeck/loan-modifications-a-4-bi_...

And http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-zombeck

Anyone dealing with Ocwen or that has received a mod, I'd love to hear about it.

" Comments are to follow over the next few hours about how people feel about this issue and anyone can visit and add your comments as l will be following on google reader as they arrive. Each article is as it is received and mine was added to the comments as well as we cannot let unscrupulous lenders get away with this type of practices.

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Social networks haven for viruses, spyware, hackers: attacks on the rise

Social networks haven for viruses, spyware, hackers: attacks on the rise: "

Data protection firms are warning consumers to be wary of the increasing security risks involved in using social networks.


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Vice Magazine hosts party to raise money for earthquake-struck Haiti

Vice Magazine hosts party to raise money for earthquake-struck Haiti: "

While Simon Cowell has been dipping into his contacts book to organise a one-off single to raise fund for the earthquake-struck Haiti, the rest of the music community has been hard at work raising funds the DIY-way.

The Roving Giraffe says it amazes me when it comes to certain people and fund raising that they are always the ones who have most to give but always have to organise everyone else to be able to say " Look What I Have Done " so great news when it is the people at the sharp-end doing all the work and nobody lording it over them.

Eventually the song is released and what is called ? Everybody hurts - my question is does that include Simon Cowell ?


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Web users beware: top ten countries hosting malware on the internet

Web users beware: top ten countries hosting malware on the internet: "

According to a new report published by security firm Sophos the US hosts the largest number of malicious websites in the world. New cybercrime trends also point to an increase in phishing and DNS attacks on reputed company's websites.

Here is an example from my reader of the type of attack that is more prevalent today than say 2 years ago and relates to my comments on being safer on-line. Also adding an excellent spy-ware and virus package within your broadband facility will help eliminate a lot of problems, but only if you use it regularly. Always put the settings to scan your files when you are on-line by sweeping at regular times, l find it useful to make a cup of tea when this happens as it slows down your loading of pages. Also add times for full scans and if on-line all day make it at least twice a day this is a good time to get a meal or even do so housework, yes a man doing housework.


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Twitter phishing attacks linked to torrent sites

Twitter phishing attacks linked to torrent sites: "

People using the same email address and password on multiple sites have again been cautioned against doing so. Twitter recently discovered phishing attacks on its site have been strongly linked to the use of forums on torrent sites.

The Roving Giraffe says as l have said on numerous occasions to users, clients and followers vary your passwords and change them quite often, using no simple words related to your own profile.

Try to use letters and numbers that are not linked to each other that can cause a security problem, for instance using a1b2c3 will alert anyone trying to get your details as a simple password- you would be better trying a_t345D9_v it makes no sense to you so it is more difficult to break. Just make sure you keep a note somewhere handy so you do not forget and always have an alternative email site other than your main account for the details to be mailed should you ever forget.

Finally use no other persons name like adam written mada as it is easy to break unless you encrypt it with numbers or other symbols - you get my drift and safe searching. G


" The Roving Giraffe News Report " provided by Ace News Services - 7th February 2010

In Paris, the customer is not always right

BBC News - In Paris, the customer is not always right: "

The idea of service is taken very seriously in France where any feeling of subservience is strongly resisted, as Emma Jane Kirby discovered.

The Roving Giraffe says that whereas in the United kingdom we have taken it a stage further by not just believing the customer is always right but that we agree with what a customer says, when they complain, As to disagree would lead to us being hauled up before a Government body of some sort be it the OFT or Trading Standards.

As we become more of a state than a country in that we are more American than the average American by the fact that we are able to claim for accidents that happened a long time ago and sue the council, government or other party and of course receive compensation paid by their insurers we have become a fearful nation of people that moan to get their own way. As we have a penchant to blame someone else that invariably is our own fault.

This l believe harkens back to the days of servant and master and leads me to the conclusion that the roles have become reversed and our vision is blurred as to who really is in charge. Should we not forget the class divide and look into giving a service as a a gift of kindness and not expecting to receive other than our just deserts "In that we shall receive our sweat in the salt that returneth to our brow "

0 comments Source: news.bbc.co.uk


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The Internet Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The Internet Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize: "

The Internet has made the list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, going up against a Chinese dissident and a Russian human rights activist among others.The nomination was made after a petition by the Italian version of Wired Magazine, which cited the Internet’s contributions to “dialogue, debate and consensus through communication”. Signatories include Iranian activist…

0 comments Source: mashable.com

"An interesting selection in that the Internet is plagued by reports of the Chinese invading our web-space with spyware and also the Russians` idea of a human rights is difficult to understand at the best of times, at least it is about " dialogue, debate and consensus through communication". I will be interested to see who wins the coveted title as the past have been people of peace and providers of vaccines, interesting to see if either of the people or the internet win.

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Rate of job loss, Bush v Obama: on Twitpic

Rate of job loss, Bush v Obama: on Twitpic: "

Rate of job loss, Bush v Obama: http://twitpic.com/11qjvz

0 comments Source: twitpic.com

It amazes me how we spend more time analysing how many people have lost their jobs in stead of find ways to help them earn a living.

" As an organisation that provides contracts for people in our local community we have seen a sharp increase in various people that have come to us looking for work and asking for help and guidance, we have managed to provide contracts for 3 people directly, by creating a way to help more people in need ".

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tweetprice: "

あなたのつぶやきは何円?ツイートに値段をつけるサービス「tweetprice」公開しました! http://www.syawaful.com/tweetprice/ #tweetprice

0 comments Source: www.syawaful.com


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